12/9/10 CBHH/CARE Meeting Minutes

Present: Molly Kennedy, Kevin Graves, Scott Grefe, Chuck Carlson, Marlowe Grau, Pat Marcus, Ann Sullivan (Recorder), Kristine Wahlberg (ITV), John Knobbe
AFSCME Agenda Items
• Did the PT Night LPN position get filled?
o This position was first posted internally with no bidders. It was then posted on the web and they had applicants- unfortunately none of these applicants cared to interview. It is currently posted on the web again and the state recruiter is also working on filling the position.

• Update on communication with Union leadership for organizing orientation for new hire’s. (Making sure no one is slipping through) follow up from last meeting - 2 HST Intermittent’s that have been hired.
o Pat Marcus agreed to contact the union when new AFSCME staff is hired so that they may be oriented and receive the new hire packet. The union reminded Pat that this needs to be done within 30 days of hire.

• Has there been any need for supplemental/agency staff?
o Pat stated that they have not utilized any agency staff since the last meet and confer.

• Inversing #’s?
o From 9/22/10-11/30/10 there were 21.75 hours of inversing. This occurred on 4 separate occasions; 2 of them were due to sick calls on the night shift, 1 of them was due to an FMLA that began sooner than expected, and the last instance (1 ¼ hours) was due to acuity.
o There was a discussion about the work rules when inversing staff due to a situation where a staff was recently going to be inversed before his days off. The RN that was filling the need stated that she was unaware of the AFSCME work rules. Pat will remind RN staff of these work rules.

• Census #’s?
o The census has recently been between 9 and 15 and is currently at 14. Admissions were 25 in September, 10 in October, and 26 in November.

Management Agenda Items

• State Wide Sick Leave Policy
o Management asked that staff be reminded of this policy stating that many staff (5 of 8) already have 3 instances. Staff can have up to 6 sick instances in a rolling calendar year. The 6th issue will not result in discipline but should trigger a review of expectations. At this time, the supervisor should be having a discussion with the employee to see what is going on- perhaps there a pattern of abuse or FMLA is needed? Pat stated that some staff is going off the books due to excessive sick usage. Kevin will be sending out a reminder to staff regarding this policy along with a reminder to read the meeting minutes which will be posted on the union bulletin board.
Next Meeting: March 17th @ 1:30pm

• 3rd step grievance- 1 grievance presented.