4/22/10 CBHH/CARE Meeting Minutes

Present: Chuck Carlson, Scott Grefe, Molly Kennedy, John Knobbe, Bonnie Sack, Sam Arneson, Kevin Graves, Ann Sullivan (Recorder), Linda Miller

1. Staff Morale: Separate standards for how clients treat professionals/Nursing staff in regards to language and physical aggression.
• There are some concerns about a different set of standards regarding how patients treat different staff members. Bonnie stressed that this is not true to anyone! The policy now (and will be as long as she is Program Manager) is zero tolerance toward threats or violence. Law enforcement is to be called and the patient gone. Bonnie must be made aware of any situation.
• Bonnie asked for some clarification and follow-up on this from Sam and asked that the issue be tabled until more information is available.
2. Update on redesign of CARE
• There has been information on the I-net and via email about the makeover/re-design of CARE. Bonnie said there is no redesign that she is aware of. The information on the I-net has been about SOS, not specifically CARE. Job vacancies being on hold may have caused some of this confusion.
3. Update on Intermittent LPN in bargaining unit- 6 month agenda item.
• LPN has been working enough for insurance and benefits but is not yet in the bargaining unit. She would like to pay retro dues and get retro insurance, vacation and sick time. Bonnie will follow up and let Scott know where this issue is at.
4. Update on parking lot reflector lights
• Bonnie is waiting on an estimate.
5. Request by staff for a Deferred Comp visit.
• Bonnie will contact Carol and co-ordinate with CBHH on this. She will try to have it scheduled over shift change so that more people would be able to attend.
6. Shared overtime pool across programs
• Scott Grefe and Tudy Fowler have worked this out. There is a provision for overtime across programs. This could avoid inversing staff. Bonnie is in agreement with this and said there has not been an issue in the past. This is covered under Adult Mental Health and Special Populations.

Next Meeting July 15, 2010 at 1:30pm