11/16/17 MSH Meeting Minutes

Present: Antonino Guerrero, Matt Stenger, Carol Olson, Cindy Jungers, James Hemshrot, Marvin Sullivan, Kurt Crosby, Colleen Ryan, Alli Kuhlman, Stacy Mueller, Melissa Grau, Gus Grau, Mike Homer, Joann Holden, Elizabeth Tranum, Colleen Ryan, Michelle Schweim

1) Construction is underway- staff forums taking place
Earth work- Prairie view/ transitions 3/2019 (B3)
2nd floor summit center- PT Suites
900/800/700 Partial Walls 5/2018
Shepard Road is moving
2) Why merge Master control and campus security?
Conversation lead by David Vetter who was invited to come in to speak to management about concerns with the merge-
The merge is due to small work pools, making it difficult to maintain staffing- Dave pointed out this only started with the Rover position, which Matt pointed out could be avoided if the Rover was coming from the Utility pool.
Dave- expressed concern with people not being able to do the job and wanting to go back to which ever position they had before they bid to Master control or campus security-  Crystal- will this be allowed?
Carol- we will look at each person on an individual basis-
TC – “I’ve got a lot to say but I’m not saying anything”
3) CRP LPN’s and Security Counselors - Moving to 8hr shift 6-2, 2-10, 10-8 no date yet
4) Aspen/Kitchen Camera- Unplugged- request to move
5) Snow Removal- Ally is writing up an MOU which will be the new language we negotiated in the Supps
6) MSH Vacation updates- too soon to tell, so far no issues
7) NOC 26/48 – Scott “not taking it away, allowing it to sunset, don’t want to limit the ability to inverse” “The MOU is causing OD hardships”.  “I am not asking you to explain this to membership, have your members reach out to me if they have questions or concerns”
Carol “the MOU is sun setting, it’s not going to change, We will not come to an agreement”
Kurt- this is poor management decisions, tell me where this hurts anyone to leave it in place. You can’t because it doesn’t and you are not limiting your inverse pool, you just have to select the next person in line.
8) NOC days off- will revisit and figure it out
9) TSS Training- IOD Language- Carol- No IOD pay if injured during training, trainers should not be going at 100%, we don’t want anyone hurt in training. Scott/Carol will look into it-