7/20/17 MSH Meeting Minutes

Present: James Hemshrot, Adam Castle, Matt Stenger, Ahli Kuhlman, Carol Olsen, Lisa Duchene, Michelle Chalin, Carol Olsen, Scott Melby, Ryan Cates, Mike Homer, Krystal Kreklow, Zach Sowieja, Colleen Ryan

 Reflection/Celebration: Melby- We had a difficult situation on Tamarak. Patient with containers with feces and urine. Able to have him exit without incident. James: moved into cedar and everything went well.  Carol-this is the last of the moves for phase 1.

Standing Agenda Items-

1. OSHA Logs: Presented by Ali and will share at membership meeting.

2. 2017 Overtime Data: Presented overtime data and will share at membership meeting.  Scott-focusing on point of inverse in CRP. We will try to call MSH staff at home but a glitch allowed CRP staff to sign up online. We won’t allow it because then it limits the staff for CRP. Shifts are in various lengths. Average is 6.5 hours.

Old Business: Management 1. Construction Update: Carol-Will keep posting info as they happen on campus. Scott-taking a breather for maintenance. Looking at policy and procedures to see how they fit. If you notice anything let us know. Cates-will you be running more responders from spruce? Scott-original plan stays in place. If it’s not working let us know and we can make changes.


1. Staffing & SC/SCL Schedules/Vacation: James: we have a meeting next week

2. 2017 OT/Inverses: Scott-looking at the graphs doesn’t show latest pay period. We have actually had a reduction this pay period which isn’t reflected here.  Carol-things spiked up and now have come back down to the norm. We staffed a little different during the move which contributed to this. Scott-people are signing up but if we have high rates it could result in a decrease of inversing. Tough to say what some discrepancies are from. Overtime has lots of drivers. Overtime is reflective to sick and vacation. Inversing relates to other things like weekends etc.

3. CRP/CCRP Issues and Concerns: Lisa-I feel like this has been addressed since the meeting. Tim-is there other areas? Lisa-not complete resolution. Working on this and the merger has caused conflict and we are working on it.  Tim-how do we respond to this? Carol-as for specifics and if comfortable go to Lisa.  Please bring up specific issues. Tim-we really don’t know how to reply when we are getting fresh input.  Lisa-I feel this was brought up a while ago with that one issue and I feel we addressed it. If there are other issues we can talk about those as well. Scott-it is helpful if direct supervisor knows. Depending on who staff is they may not feel comfortable. You can bring another staff member in with you as well.

4. LPN Inverse List: Matt-LPN utilized in 3 different inverse pools. We asked that LPNs only be reduced to covering own work area. We haven’t heard from you.  CRP and transaction specifically. James-no one knew anything about it before. Handout with each time this happened was presented. Colleen-we need to take a look at it and get back to you.  Matt-can we get a date? Carol-Fair to say 2nd week of August? Matt-That’s fair. Ahli will set up a meeting for that week. Cates-LPN going to Bartlett. Colleen-hired an LPN at Bartlett and working on getting another one there. Hopefully something that will come to an end. Nurse starting in this one and one in august as well. Working on filling those without moving out of area.

New Business Management:

1. Legislative Approved additional Staffing: Carol-We got additional positions trough legislation. Looking at numbers that were budgeted and came up with where to strengthen and where we have resources. Identified 10 to 12 areas and will bring to joint management meeting in case we missed something. Exec team will make decision. We got 52 FTEs and looking at direct care employees. Also looking at behavior support team. 3 year review and others on a huge list. Goal is to clearly define positions by two weeks to get 1768 out. Job fair last week of September. When it comes to the categories. If we have more people show up than we have available we will pull from that list for future openings. Group met with staffing for job fair and advertising. Job fair on campus on 3rd floor of admin. Carol-the hope is we have those incentives. We will have rooms set up for interviews. Offer job pending references and background checks. Colleen-goal to have people there for salary offering as well. Talk to the program directors because we will need to get people lined up to interview them and hire on the spot. Advertise to make people aware of all other areas as well such as GMW and kitchen also. Can possibly open up the museum as well. Scott-hiring is a lot of work. Carol-some through BMS we need to strengthen HR on campus. Already completed a 1768 for this. Goal is to have on board so they can help things move faster on campus.  Colleen-in addition we will see if there can be some videos to see what work areas are like to demystify people’s ideas of this. Matt-MOU ends tomorrow. Whether membership is approving the incentives. 

2. Job Fair Update:

3. Newest Initiatives: Carol-Rolled out on/off unit programming. Same work group is working on program description and handbook. They mirror each other and captures person centeredness culture. This is coming soon. Scott-this will lay out for our regulators on what we do. For staff as well. Attachments to this will have specific job related duties. Carol-core programming and elective programming. And what are enforcers. Licensing viewed café as require programming, but we don’t. We believe they should earn this by going to core programming. Clean it up more. Program description and handbook is consistent among MSH and looking to clear it up among other programs. a. On/Off unit programming b. Program Descriptions c. Patient Handbooks

4. Years of Service Reception and Awards: Michelle-Lunch for august 30th 1 to 3. Work with the committee. It will be in Tomlinson. 113 people from 5 to 45 years of service. James is on the committee as well. Butcher, Archer, and Waller. Looking at leadership team doing a grill out. Staff Appreciation will be separate from this. Looking at December for this again.


1. Kitchen: Tim-Frustrated with this. Trying a lot of things. Self-operating area and now it’s constant. Things got worse and is erupting over last year. How do we respond to this now? Not seeing any improvement. James is going to bring up more vacation and I know there is a 10 to 1 ratio. But that has not improved at all and starting to not being able to use it based on 1 to 17 or 18 ratio. Homer-one thing is that coordinators were told that they are there on holidays because supervisor shouldn’t be there on holidays. They are now fielding sick calls etc. AFSCME is not supposed to supervise AFSCME. They are feeling like more is being piled on more. In charge of ordering food. Never had training. Given title. Now getting in trouble for not doing correctly or on time. But never had training or guidance. Asks for help and they keep pointing to job duties. Extra duties but yet is also supposed to be there to help with regular duties. Feeling of overwhelm and goes to the line workers as well. They don’t have the extra bodies when there is an extra busy day. Tim-the more senior staff feel their experience is worth nothing and they are losing their weekends off. The vacation pool is so much smaller. No incentive to improve. Retaining and retention is an issue. Ali-would you like to set up a meeting? Krystal-I keep hearing a problem with the kitchen and everything is going to be worked on with scheduling etc. it seems nothing is going to fix the issue, I feel that management is the issue. It went from calm to implosion. To me that is a management issue. Something needs to happen, it’s on the agenda every month.  Carol-I don’t have a solution right now. There was a meeting scheduled but only one afscme showed up so we couldn’t have the meeting? Homer-yep that’s true. Tim-yeah, but this is constant

2. Kitchen Job Duties:

3. FMLA Inversing: Matt-people worried about new practice about not being able to request until you have an occurrence. 21 days then need to have a doctor figure it out. They feel this is an infringement on the ability to apply for FMLA. And OT used against them. Zack-this is an MMB direction. Issues should be taken to them. MMB was told they were doing this wrong by department of labor, so they went through and changed it. Homer-did you find anything about the timeline stuff? Zach-I haven’t yet. If individuals have concerns, talk to your leave management rep. Matt-someone’s hours were deducted from FMLA for hours that weren’t needed in the first place. Should only be applied to inversing. Shanna Howard out of MMB. Zack-CC me on that issue with her.

4. Add Ons: Cates-intermittents and overtime. Anything change? Got a call they cannot get OT if they work a double. Ali-contract gives more generous. If they are working overtime and not getting it they should talk to the intermittent supervisor. Tim Witty. This is under FLSA. Only accrue OT after the 40 hours. Cates-if they work 2 shifts in a row, are they given OT? Ali no. intermittents can’t be mandated. Only more than 40 hours in a 7 day work week. Carol-we should make sure we are consistent on campus. It has been done wrong in the past.

Adjourn at 130pm.