12/15/16 MSH Meeting Minutes



AFSCME  404 & Management


Ryan   Cates, Marvin Sullivan, Kurt Crosby, Matt Stenger, James Hemshrot, Crystal   Kreklow, Colleen Ryan, Carol Olson, Lisa Vanderveen-Nagel, Scott Melby,   Rochelle Fischer, Sarah Christenson, Elizabeth Trandem, Alli Kuhlman, Tom   Christensen



Meeting   Called to Order


Approval of Minutes






Reflection   / Celebration


Kurt   noted that the staff appreciation event was a nice meal from management and   the union members very much enjoyed it. Scott noted the success and that   management enjoyed it as well. Carol and James noted Michelle Chalin has a   follow up meeting scheduled to provide additional feedback.




Carol   made note that during  November there   were incidents where staff deescalating issues prior to use of restraint or   seclusion and/or without injury.  This   has been great, we need to continue to focus on this as it prevents injury .




Standing Agenda Items






Old   Business





    1. None




    1. Campus security “NOC”        positions.
    1. BH staff & pt. ratios.
    1. Kitchen Interm staff        scheduling.
    1. Inversing (time between        assignments).
    1. Omni cells (BH-unit 300).
    1. 1:1 assignments & Unit        safety.
    1. Critical incident debriefings.
    1. Grievance process.





Matt   noted the majority of old business items did not need to be addressed again   and were resolved at the last meeting.




2.   Bartlett Hall 1 South Staffing: Marvin noted A-team members from the second   floor was down on 1-South and this put on hold activities over the weekend   because of lack of staff. Scott will review with Unit Directors.  Staff however expressed that with the current   population on BH 1-S, it is hard to manage and they believe the staffing   complement would have to be increased. Marvin stated that Saturday and   Sundays were the days that were short, their compliment of staff is full but   utilization of staffing is being used elsewhere. Acuity has increased, Sa/Su   morning goes down to three staff and can be hard to manage when ICS’ occur.   Marvin to discuss with Jenny and Scott will take a look at this as well.   Carol noted the increase of 1:1 ratios is being critically evaluated by   Rochelle, Scott & Dr. Hirachan and this could help this issue as well.


6.   Unit Safety and 1:1 assignments: Scott and Kurt met separately to discuss.   Kurt mentioned more staff is not necessary, unique conditions for the night   shift exist and adjustments will need to be made.


7.   Critical incident Debriefings: The two CIR’s (Critical Incident Reviews) have   been assigned out. Roxanne Portner, Infection Control, is assigned to review   the incidents that occurred on the weekend of 11/11 and 11/12. Scott Is   reviewing the incident that occurred on Unit 800 on the night shift. He is   reviewing the totality of the incident that occurred. There is a lot of work   to be done before he can get the people involved together. He has been   gathering info, etc. Scott has identified members involved in events. This   process is not about performance, but to look at process to ensure getting   through incidents occurs in the best way possible. They will only use video   limitedly so as not to re-traumatize those involved, will only be used with   them carefully and not in critical incident review. Mgmt. wants to work in   smaller groups (6-8 people) to lessen impact on gossip. Mgmt. wants to ensure   the process is done right. May not be scheduled until the first of the year,   a small group is scheduled for next week. Matt just wanted to confirm it was   still happening since they hadn’t heard anything.


8.   Grievance process: Union stated that overtime signup/calling those that have   signed up though not required, is not happening and people are getting   inversed. Matt stated people are getting inversed against contract and   referencing that it was an emergency, but no one who signed up was called.   Therefore not all resources are being utilized which is against the contract.   Kurt stated that they understand it can be busy but they talk about it every   meeting.


Scott   stated that when there is time they do call, but they are not required by   contract to do this. Kurt stated that he’s been on duty when it was quiet and   calls were not made and MAPE staff have gotten OT. Matt asked if mgmt. would   consider supplemental language for next contract year and mgmt. stated it was   something that would need to be discussed at bargaining.  Kurt stated when call outs do not occur it   doesn’t feel like mgmt. is trying. Scott stated that they try to do the   person-centered thing but still get grievances so they have to follow contract.   Kurt stated that they are not asking for the contract to not be followed.   Scott stated that when supervisors have time they do call out for subsequent   shift overtime, typically they have time on the night shifts to do so versus   the day/evening so that is when they are made more often. It can get   complicated when making call outs as people don’t answer depending on the   time of day, how long should they wait to let the employees call back?   They’ve received grievances for continuing down the call out list as well.   Matt stated that forced overtime is the issue, not calling and that the union   will be having a conversation with the legislature. Matt stated they had   submitted a request for data regarding OT and OT call outs and have not   received it. HR stated they requested an extension to deliver data by 12/16/16   which was approved by the Union and they plan to send by that date. Kurt   asked that mgmt. just try to recognize the human factor of individuals who   have lives – animals, kids, family, calling out is not something that has to   happen but it’s a nice consideration.












2.   Marvin to discuss with Jen and Scott will take a look at this as well.
























6.   Management is asking the union to encourage their staff to work with their   supervisor on case to case basis in the moment. Mgmt to review. Union   suggestion - scheduling department assisting with OT Call outs.








































































New Business





    1. Licensing Update
    1. Construction Update
    1. CRP Update
    1. Policy Process – How to know        what policies are coming up for review.




    1. First report of injury.
    1. Supplemental reports.
    1. Questions about scheduling        dept.
    1. Early retirement HIMS.
    1. Length of time paying out a        settled grievances.
    1. Time entry Codes.
    1. CRP transition update.







1.   Licensing update: Carol shared there are 2 additional citations. She wanted   labor to know that mgmt. reviews and attempt to articulate to licensing what staff   do and give them information they do not have. She wants the union to share   with their members that mgmt. does fight for them. Currently working on   corrective actions for licensing, conditional license ends 12/22/2016 and   will get results of full survey. Kurt stated the union got a lot of feedback   from staff that they enjoyed speaking with Carol when she did rounds and that   she appeared open, honest, frank and upfront when meeting with them. Carol   stated she wants staff to know mgmt. supports decisions staff make in the   moment but reviewing for improvement is needed.


2.   Construction Update: TC stated work continues every day, currently working on   punch list, electrical, HVAC, etc. Building 1 is essentially completed,   licensing and fire marshal through, transition tours, and signage is being   posted. Building 2 is 99% done and building 3 is 95% done, doors, hardware,   lighting, working on punch lists as well. Substantial completion date is   January 3rd, which is tentative. Scott shared they are currently   reviewing potential candidates for the co-ed living spaces. ICS information   can be found on the Safety committee SharePoint site.


3.   CRP Update: Lisa shared that staff have completed in class training and that   January 4, 2017 is still the target date. Will close unit 100 and transfer   10-12 patients that day. Will notify patients that are transferring a week   before. This is information that has been shared in the weekly clinical   meetings so staff are aware. ICS drills to be run next week. Community   location will be using same radio station and will route through Master   Control.


4.   Policy Process: Policies at the DCT and local level are posted on the   SharePoint when they are coming up for review. It’s the employee’s   responsibility to stay informed and check the site.






1.   Kurt stated that on first report of injury reports supervisors ask for   specifics on where injury occurs. Incidents where workers comp has been   holding on to those specifics, will only support/cover what is written. For   example the report states knee or elbow is injured initially, so if the hip   is what is submitted to worker’s comp they have stated it’s not covered and   questioned if it’s really a work injury. There was a case an employee won   after work comp denied by using their attorney and suing. Employees also feel   pressure to stay at work versus going to the doctor/hospital right away, but   then are being questioned by work comp why they went after the fact. Kurt   stated the union feels like workers comp is denying to deny, since   supervisors are giving employees direction to be specific. Mgmt. is only   aware that specifics are encouraged by safety to look at how they can be   prevented in the future.


2.   Supplemental Reports: Matt stated that the drop down box on the Share Point   site makes it very hard to find the supplemental reports.


3.   Scheduling Questions: Union asked if the scheduling department can make   Overtime Call outs. Mgmt. stated that the department is not fully staffed yet   but when they are mgmt. will be reviewing tasks to pick up. A situation   occurred where someone’s days off were put as vacation and it wasn’t changed   on the schedule which prevented others from requesting vacation on those   days. A concern regarding vacation requests was also raised, when vacation   requests are being submitted before 28 days but being denied based on   scheduling practice of reviewing vacation requests on Tuesday-Friday only so   requests are being denied based on language that the schedule is already   posted, when the request was made before posting, but scheduling dept. isn’t   looking at them until after posting schedule.  Colleen stated they have to have a cut off   in order to post the schedule in a timely manner and granting one vacation   request can have a domino effect on other employee’s schedule and they need   time to complete and prepare the schedule in order to meet contractual   obligations. Contract indicates they have 10 days to review requests which   scheduling follows. Union suggested this practice not be used, mgmt.   suggested staff to put in their vacation requests before the Tuesday-Friday   time frame.


4.   Early retirement HIMS: Matt stated this is an individual issue and could be   taken of the list.


5.   Grievance Payment timeline: Union questioned the timeframe it takes for   grievance settlements to be paid. Cindy shared the internal HR team has been   process changes to speed up the process as much as they can on their end. MMB   then has to work through their approval process and payroll can only submit   on off weeks vs. pay weeks so these are contributing factors to length of   time it takes to receive payment.


6.   Time Code entries: For military leave – can it be looked at to use something   other than ETL as not to effect accruals? Cindy stated there was a long term   code that was being used that disappeared and as a work around ETL was   approved. There is a new code that can be used – MLU. Carol can add this to   the Share Point site.


7.   CRP Update: already discussed by management.


Add   on: Instance at B1N where a light duty employee had a 12 hour shift   approved/scheduled. Union stated light duty employees should not be getting   overtime. Mgmt. stated that light duty employees are worked to what their   medical statement provides, and if they are capable and qualified to work   overtime they can, however overtime procedures in the work area should be   followed.
























































































1.   HR can take this information back to workers compensation coordinator.




























2.   Review committee is coming up and this will be looked at.