8/18/16 MSH Meeting Minutes

Present: Adam Castle, Tim Headlee, Molly Kennedy, Matt Stenger, Eric Hesse, Antonio Guererro, Ryan Cates, Stacey Mueller, , Michelle Chalin, Carol Olson, HR, Cindy Jungers, Rochelle Fisher, Joann Holton, Kurt Crosby, James Hemshrot, Marvin Sullivan, Jodi Culver, Scott Melby, Tom Christenson, Lisa Vanderveen-Nagel, Tom Kolstad,

Standing Agenda Items



  • Private Security Company Usage-Nursing home used for 20 hours. June 2 hospitalizations and used nursing home staff.  First time used private since March. Only used when needing inversing.        

Old Business




  1. SC/SCL MSH Vacancies- 14 vacancies including the hiring pool. 6 openings in hiring pool.  LPNs have 15 throughout campus.

  2. MSH MOU 26/48-Incorporate MSOP into the MOU? Cindy-should separate MOU for each program since different Appointing Authorities and each has their own section of supplemental language. Cindy said she would send the draft of the MOU to JoAnn Holton for her information/review.

  3. MSH Hiring Pool. From 1

New Business


  1. Update on CRP-CBHH will be closing in St. Peter.  Likely the plan will be, beginning in October stop taking new clients.  After a period of time, those not discharged will move to other CBHH. This building will then be licensed similarly to the current CARE License and then that population will transfer to this building.  Next step will be to License the current CARE building as a Supervised Living Facility with a DHS License as Rule 36. It will be licensed at 36, but budgeted to provide care for 32 clients. It will serve CRP patients from Anoka and St. Peter campus in need of current CRP but not  needing a secure environment.  Important distinction, not a secure building, but will be a locked building. Staff who work in this program will fall under CERP similarly to the campus. The CRP census on this campus, will be reduced;  1 unit on this campus and 1 off campus. 2 units total and one program.  Aiming for January. Meet and confer to be determined after September 8th to communicate with the local and share with unit staff next steps for staffing of the Community CRP. Management will try to accommodate the staff.  Other decision made is that the non-licensed direct care staff will be security counselors, not HST’s.  We will use a different working title than security counselor.

  2. Construction Phase 1-TC-building one phase one is transition. Punch lists currently being completed mid to end of October.  Building 2 punch lists. Substantial completion one month from now. Building 3 _Contractor working on some modifications we asked to have done, substantial completion likely 2 months from now.  Construction continues to proceed.

  3. Celebrate Us-September 7th  patients and staff

  4. Policies-How to find—Olson-have asked AFSCME leaders to show their co-workers how to find. Supervisors will continue demonstrating to all their staff also. (At meeting a demonstration  was given on policy searching.)

  5. Dept. of Health-Nursing Home-Survey completed. 2 deficiencies. 1 with hygiene and one with family notification. —cleared. We are expecting Department of Health for the rest of the campus.

  6. Licensing full survey-October 3rd through 7th.

  7. Attendee List for AFSCME Convention-Would like to have a list of all members. Hope to have space for additional attendees.

  8. October 12th - 150 year celebration and Open House of the new facility. Will install time capsule.  Anything union would like to place in capsule get to Scott Melby

  9. Holding off on staff appreciation until December.  Will be looking for staff to help plan.



  2. MSH Overtime and ability to rescind-Stenger-practice to give away overtime after it was given. Denied ability to give away overtime to another staff due to an emergency. Management was clear rescinding assigned OT will not be allowed except for individual emergent circumstances that will be reviewed case by case. AFSCME said to table issue for later. Bring to membership for vote on how to move further. Bring issues with inversing to Scott or TC right away. Fair amount of people taking OT then rescinding the OT and causing more scheduling issues.  Causes problems with scheduling and also with following contract. 

  3. MSH Vacation vs Days Off-Stengers discussion was accurate.  If staff notice problems go to Jodi Culver.

  4. Days off upon bidding to new unit-2 months movement day. Looking for mutual agreement for splitting days off when moving to new days off.

  5. Tour request (new MSH construction) Tours available after full completion. Possible for union leadership to receive photos to share with staff? TC-absolutely

  6. Double Inversing and Inversing part time employees (LPNs)-3 timing an inverse.  Understanding OD bases inversing on what is going on in facility and is not required to split up an inverse 3 times.  2 times is max in MSH . Nursing is not allowing them to give away inverse. (Crosby) Melby-Bring up as it occurs. LPNs being inversed and not having a full 24 hour day off.  Nursing supervisor is helping on the floor. Thank you

  7. Interview/hiring process internally-Staff feeling they are not being promoted.  Speculation it is to keep numbers in their position.

  8. There were questions about the new Employee Personal Property policy. Employee personal property-Has to be supplied by physical plant .  Some things are considered hazardous and must be removed. Keurigs are allowed.  Must have a “UL” on the item for coffee makers.

  9. MSH/Campus LPN Vacancies-15 campus wide

Reflections.  There were No OSHA reportable injuries as a result of patient aggression in July-Melby. Would like to continue the partnership with AFSCME.  Enjoyed working together communicating with legislators.


  • Hesse-notification to union when a staff is non certified.  They should know their rights.  HR cannot notify ahead of time because it is not public information.  Can tell the staff to call a union rep at time of notification.

  • Crosby-intermittents being offered units and staff being misplaced to another unit. Recent occurrences of it happening. Continuity of care?

  • Definition of emergency definition. Dictionary definition. Discrepancy in interpretation of emergency between AFSCME and Management. Management noted that this discussion occurred in a previous Meet & Confer.

  • Hemshrot-Using light duty staff to cover certain positions based on their restrictions. How does management decide which duties follow guidelines of paperwork outlining restrictions.  Management noted that light duty placement is based on individuals being capable and qualified based on the restrictions from their medical documentation Melby will be advising OD’s to take safest course of action when applying.

  • Noc’s supervisors moving to a 5-2 instead of 4-10s? Is this because moving rest of nocs staff also? Melby. No, constantly evaluating scheduling patterns. Melby also noted it helps provided better supervisory coverage on nights.