8/21/14 MSH Meeting Minutes

Carol Olsen, Tom Christensen, Michelle Chalin, Meghan Goodrich, Jennifer Frew, John Knobbe, Tim Headlee, Chuck Hottinger, Scott Grefe, Amanda Mathiowetz, Ryan Cates, Eric Hesse, Connie Anderson, Shannon Pech, Rochelle Fischer, Cindy Jungers, Lynda Klersy, Tom Kolstad

1. Overtime/Injury Statistics
a. Mentioned by AFSCME that there is one client on Unit 100 that has 2 MSH staff and 1 CRP staff. CRP has been inversed 3 – 4 times a pay period. Is the 3rd CRP staff necessary? Carol Olsen will take this back to Lisa Scott.
b. There were 13 instances in July for the OSHA log compared to 9 in June. 4 were on the same unit on the same day. Scott Grefe mentioned that the days away from work on the log do speak to how serious the injury was in an informal way. There is a noticeable spike.
2. 3rd Annual Celebrate Us – 8/20/2014
a. Carol Olsen said that this went off very well and a ‘thank you’ to all of the staff. There was a lot of work on their part and a lot of inversing. The patients really appreciated it.
b. This year the event was shifted to August because of construction coming up in September that will require the Outeryard to be temporarily shut down. Next year the event will be in September when there are not as many staff taking vacation.
3. 2nd Annual Staff Appreciation Event – 9/11/2014
4. Ground Breaking Ceremony for New Building Construction – 9/11/2014 at 2pm
5. Staffing Update
a. Currently 10 dead bids. Finished interviewing last week with a result of 28 candidates, 21 being called offering positions. MSOP only has 2 dead bids currently so most of these positions will be given to MSH. 1 position on Unit 900 and 1 on nights have been accepted so far and will start in September. There are more full time positions to offer which will help. There are 2 - .5 positions being offered that are least likely to be taken.
b. Are part time positions being combined to create full time? Management stated that there are none at the moment but this has been done in the past.
6. Restraint and Seclusion Data
a. http://workplace/sosinet/sofs/SiteAssets/Lists/Announcements/NewForm/201...
7. Camera Update
a. http://workplace/sosinet/sofs/Lists/Announcements/DispForm.aspx?ID=212&S...
b. Plans to begin camera installation the Tuesday after Labor Day on Unit 800. This will take about 12 weeks to roll out to every unit.
8. Temporary Admissions Unit
a. http://workplace/sosinet/sofs/Lists/Announcements/DispForm.aspx?ID=212&S...
b. No start date but the goal is to complete the 1st or 2nd week of December.
9. Weekly Clinical Review Process
a. http://workplace/sosinet/sofs/Lists/Announcements/AllItems.aspx
10. OSHA Citation
a. http://workplace/sosinet/sofs/Lists/Announcements/DispForm.aspx?ID=219&S...
b. The citation is posted on units and on the SharePoint site. Clinical Review- do a quarterly report to put on the SharePoint. AFSCME mentioned that only 1 has been posted. Carol Olsen said that she would update this.
1. MSH, SC, and SCL vacancies/shortage
a. Will people be getting forced to overnights to fill vacancies? Management has no plans to do this. The intention is for new hires to do half of their probationary period on days and half on nights. John Knobbe will be supervising all new hires on probation so there will be one contact person. Those getting hired are being told that part of their probation will be on days and part on nights.
b. Human Resources will be talking more about leaves of 6 months or more leave behind.
2. MSH, ITP’s, and Ancillary Meeting review
a. Most of the concern is with the night shift. Utility Pool and A-Team debriefing hand off to be part of this. Units feel that the meetings are good for them.
b. Rochelle Fischer spoke of the small group meeting to discuss Ancillary Meetings and how to improve them. This will go to a group of four people for clinical review with Sharon this week. It is being discussed how to better accommodate the nursing schedule with this meeting. Can there be a standardized time for the meeting? Make an announcement of when certain units will have their Ancillary meeting. These ideas will be formalized, submitted to Carol, and then presented to licensing.
3. MSH, Security Cameras, and Monitor Placement
a. There have been many complaints from staff that there are going to be cameras placed in the unit stations. What is the benefit of this for staff safety? Management stated that they are working with a company that has installed cameras to help provide safety and security in environments. They are experts on this. The cameras are geared towards looking from the door by the commons area into the nursing station. There are currently camera’s facing nursing stations all over CBHH, CARE programs, and the Forensic Nursing Home. This is about protecting staff per management.
b. There is a Labor Relations Board ruling in 1997 that speaks directly to this. It was ruled that installation and use of video surveillance cameras is a mandatory subject of collective bargaining and is an unfair labor practice if bargaining does not occur prior to their installation. This would be a change in working conditions and would need to be negotiated. If anything gets installed that is monitoring the unit stations prior to this AFSCME Council 5 will file a complaint with the NLRB for Unfair Labor Practice as that would be violating our right to negotiate.
c. Management states that their interest is staff safety and security. If something were to come up, this could protect staff. It would also hold the patients accountable. When asked by AFSCME to state that a discipline would never come as a result of the cameras, management could not state that this would never be used with a result of discipline.
d. These cameras will be recorded and no one will be monitoring them. Some of the
cameras will be monitored from the unit station but the majority will be record only.
e. Unit Monitoring Sheet- RN’s brought AFSCME staff the sheet they were given to write down a moment snapshot of what is going on on the unit. This is one of the conditions of Term 8. Management stated that this is not focused on a particular group of staff and they are not there to see what AFSCME staff are doing. Labor pointed out that the monitoring sheet only tracks AFSCME staff. The union pointed out that having members of MNA “monitor” AFSCME staff creates a decisive environment and damages the team/direct care staff team building effort. Management stated that they need to clarify the message.
f. This has begun on Unit 800 and will eventually roll out to all units. The reason the SOD’s are not doing this is because they are already busy. They do complete rounds but the observation sheet requires a randomly computer chosen time that this unit must be visited. Union stated that the SODs are already tasked with visiting units and we feel that this is a supervisory duty being handed off to the RN’s.
4. MSH, A-Team briefing/shift changes
a. This was taken to the Staff Advisory Committee and no one supported it or saw any benefit to this so it was let go. There was talk about expanding and utilizing the shift report better with a different reporting mechanism. Nothing has moved forward yet and this is currently with Tom Rossler.
5. MSH (Term and Condition #9) review
a. Forming a committee and would like the name of a rep from AFSCME by Friday, August 22nd and bargaining units. The first meeting will be the 2nd week of September.
6. New lead leveling (Sept. 1 – 15)
a. The announcement will be sent out before September 1st.
b. AFSCME requested that leads seniority go by the date the lead position is accepted rather than the date they begin working in that position.
c. Human Resources agree that when the business needs make sense, the movement can occur this way. However, when business needs require a promotional move to occur sooner than other candidates, that will happen. AFSCME stated that there is a supplemental in the contact that would make the date offered the correct seniority date. HR said this would not be their interpretation but would take the info back to DHS HR Leadership for follow up.
*The follow up for MSOP on this issue is as follows: The Appointing Authority interprets the definition of Class Seniority on page 2 of the contract to apply to positions in Unit 4 since the Forensics Supplemental Agreement states Article 4, Section 1, of Master is changed as follows: . . . Security Counselors and Security Counselor Leads in St. Peter only will refer to Class Seniority.
7. Inverse LPN’s on night shift
a. It has happened a couple times where an LPN on NOCS was inversed before their days off. Management will be giving a reminder that this can not happen.