5/17/14 MSH Meeting Minutes

Carol Olsen, Tom Christensen, Tom Kolstad, Colleen Ryan, Michelle Chalin, Rita Olsen, Meghan Goodrich, Jennifer Frew, John Knobbe, Shannon Pech, Molly Kennedy, Tim Headlee, Connie Anderson, Scott Grefe, Amanda Mathiowetz, Mike Homer, Ryan Cates, Eric Hesse

1. Overtime / Injury Statistics
a. No Comments
2. Licensing
a. Colleen Cook is the new Licensing Investigator. There is a new process in place for Vulnerable Adult Investigations. The investigator will be going to the unit the incident occurred to look at staff engagement, what activities are taking place, and they will be asking staff for first names only. Management asks that staff please cooperate.
b. The possibility of having a union steward escort the investigator instead of management was mentioned.
c. Staff should receive a general over view of why they are being investigated by the investigator. Have received word that the investigator is often leaving the beginning open ended by asking, “Is there anything you feel you should tell us.” Carol Olsen stated that that should not be happening and will follow up on this.
d. Management stated that they would let all of MSH know when the investigators are coming instead of only a specific unit. Rita Olsen has been letting the TTS’s know but there have been instances where communication was not extended to Security Counselors.
e. Carol Olsen does share the completed investigation with the TTS who should be communicating to the staff that their investigation is closed.
3. OSI Training
a. A training will be offered that will talk staff through when an incident occurs. OSI will speak on what is most helpful, how decisions are made, what information is required for a County Attorney.
4. Open Outeryard
a. Management plans on making an open outeryard common practice. They plan on notifying the staff in advance that they will be covering so that staff can prepare for hours outside.
1. Forensic Nursing Home scheduling and vacation
a. Because of being unable to receive time off, some staff have collected an excessive amount of vacation hours. Wondering if this has been brought forward? Management stated that both of their scheduling options require additional Full Time Employees but nothing has been approved yet budget wise. They are looking at meeting with staff but it has been difficult finding a scheduled time that works for everyone. Meghan Goodrich is hoping that a day works the week of May 19th.
2. Forensic Nursing Home safety and security (Electronic Doors)
a. Once notified that the exterior doors unlocked themselves, management looked into it. The company is still investigating what happened with the protocols in this system and do not have answers yet. Management stated that this has not happened since and only know about this happening two times. This is not a staff liability/error. The Nursing Home doors were triggered once by Pexton conducting testing. Two data wires were crossed.
b. Would like to see all interior doors as badge readers. The goal is to get rid of hard keys.
c. There is a log currently being built into the software. If doors are found unlocked again please complete an incident report.
3. CRP/100 YAAP reassignments (schedules, training, patient moves/other)
a. There will be two full time low control positions for LPN’s, 10 hour nights. MSH has downsized, CRP is expanding. This will be good for jobs.
b. Management is hoping that AFSCME will have an updated schedule May 17th or 18th and a copy will go on the SharePoint site. Please send an email if you are interested in a reassignment. The reassignment will go by seniority and if no one shows interest, the least senior will be bumped. The schedule will be posted for 7 days.
c. There was a meeting about the updated schedule the morning of May 17th. AFSCME reminded management that they reserve the right to bring who they want to meetings.
d. There was a meeting May 13th about the concerns about liability when it comes to training. Those working in this area please provide lists of concerns to Tim Headlee who will forward this to Rita and Carol.
e. Once the patient who is on a 2 to 1 turns 18, his plan will be revisited.
f. Unit 100 staff were told that when patients from CRP are back during the day, they will be in their room unless there is a request to staff to, for example, use the bathroom. This seems very restrictive. Management will take steps to make sure staff knows the expectations and how to redirect these patients.
4. EAP, Investigations, Common Entry Point (Confidentiality)
a. AFSCME has received a lot of complaints about confidentiality when it comes to EAP. Things being said to EAP are coming up in investigations. Everything is supposed to be confidential with EAP. Let HR know specifics on these situations. Management will follow up with this and is concerned it is happening.
b. Carol Olsen has taken action on Common Entry Point.
5. MSH Admissions/Crisis 800 and 900 (Immediate Risk, 1:1’s, real life expectations)
a. Have gotten approval at commissioner level to create an admission unit. This will be by the med core area if you walk past ECT. A wall has been installed. This unit has 1 bedroom being used as a bedroom and the other bedroom is now a dayroom. This is a 4 bed admissions area. There is a door that goes to the outside and a small fenced in courtyard. The next step is for an engineer to come in. Soon those beds in that area will be licensed. There will not be a seclusion room because if someone comes in, it will then be determined if that patient will be placed on Unit 800 or 900. There are still many details that need to be worked out.
b. When it comes to putting a patient in a locked seclusion room before staff can go hands on, it is because a licensed staff’s approval is needed per Joint Commission standards. Management encourages staff to talk about the definition of imminent risk in debriefings or shift change.
c. How to create calm on these units are being worked on. Management would like to see consistent psychiatric and nursing coverage. Carol Olsen put out a message to Dr. Sharon to provide clinical support to Units 800 and 900. Specifically to help staff on what is going on clinically and what expectations can be done. This will start May 19th.
d. 1:1’s have a new performance improvement project that talks about how to handle them better, make sure patients do not become dependent on a 1:1, how staff should engage the patient, and what target behaviors staff should be looking for. Frank Schwartz and Rochelle are heading this up and are looking to get patients involved.
6. The program “START” – Staff wanted to know whether or not they are qualified or should this be handled solely by the Behavior Analyst?
a. Security Counselors are qualified to contribute and management would like them to. It is recognized that some may need more training than others. The idea is for all team members to contribute. Some units are doing this as a team, some on their own. Counselors are also concerned that some questions are very clinical. This will be forwarded to Elise.
b. RCA training has not yet been rescheduled.
7. The ability for LPN’s in MSH to see schedules
a. The current agreement is that there is 1 vacation spot per work area, 1 program wide on the weekends. Will this stay the same when some LPN’s are dropped from high control? Management will look into this.
b. LPN’s have been told that the ability to mutual with different work areas if there is no vacation would be considered. LPN’s do not have access to different work area’s schedules. It seems that this would encourage a sick call instead. AFSCME asked why they do not have access to all area’s work schedules because they can be inversed into another work area. Management will follow up on this.
c. Management is hoping to enhance the scheduling office. The next area after Campus Security and Control Center will be Bartlett Nursing. How many areas can be added with the staff is a concern.
1. Vocational 1 & 2 safety and security (ICS/Radios)
a. A fire drill was conducted recently and things are being looked at because of this. Door alarms have been requested.
b. If staff would like additional training, please contact Tom Christensen. He has not heard anything.
c. A shortage in radios has not been indicated to Tom Christensen. He said that there are some available if needed.
2. NASHBID Review and feedback
a. Have not received anything. NASHBID is putting a report together.
b. MNOSHA was on campus 3 weeks ago but have not heard anything back.
c. Joint Commission review: received 10 citations, 5 needed a 45 day response, 5 needed a 60 day submission that is due next week.