7/18/13 MSH Meeting Minutes

AFSCME: Andrew Jones, John Collins, Chuck Carlson, John Knobbe, Molly Kennedy, John Ewaldt, and Jeremy Tubbs Management: Tom Christensen, Tom Kolstad, Carol Olson, Rita Olson, and Colleen Ryan HR: Jenn Frew, Melissa Gresczyk (Vidyo), Tudy Fowler, and Meghan Goodrich Guest: Lauren Gilchrist (Governor Dayton’s Office)

Follow-up Items:

1. Scoops Tom C - The plan is to still go forward with the scoop. Waiting for some scoops to arrive, but they are on back order right now. A second device was also ordered that doesn’t separate.

2. Fire Drills Fire drills are going to be conducted better than the past and more often. Management is looking at getting some of the local firefighters whom also work at the facility to help in the organization of these drills. It was talked about at the safety meeting this morning, and will be organized soon.

 3. Summer OT Jenn spoke to how overtime is being scheduled, with the addition of AFSCME non-residential employees and MAPE employees approval to work overtime shifts on the units. Security Counselors would be offered the OT first, with AFSCME non-residential employees being offered next, and finally MAPE employees. All non-unit based staff working overtime shifts’, will act as a Security Counselor when working units, and in crisis situation they will assist, and should not be in their offices during this time.

4. Implementation date of staff planning John Knobbe asked that all employees are rolled over at the same time to make for a smoother transition. Management does not have a set date yet.

5. Vacation Availability @ MSH John - Vacation availability is unit based and members are tired of getting denied vacation requests when openings are available on their unit.

AFSCME Agenda Items:

1. Safety – Incident/Injury Rate and numbers Carol – This beginning of this year things were starting to look better, but injuries have increased recently. Workman’s Comp claims are rising in 2013, and trending similar numbers to 2012. Many of these injuries occurred dealing with one particular patient. It also seems that more these injuries have occurred while restraining patients. Chuck – What other options do we have instead of the spit towel? Employees are continuing to get bit and spit on. The new yellow gloves that are available are not being used often, due to employees having trouble holding on to items or a patient. Carol stated that management is open to trying new tools, but everything must be vetted and approved beforehand. John Collins – Why are we not using seclusion? If a patient is putting him/her and the community in imminent risk and or danger, why aren’t we using this more? Can we change the look of what seclusion is? The new training for employees haven’t been fully completed, but working on filling all vacancies, and getting all employees through the trainings. Also working on second year on MANDT training. The current Workman’s Comp coordinator on campus is Nancy Draves, but will be Meghan Goodrich in the near future.

2. Vacation Availability @ FNH The local has concerns about the amount of vacation being granted at the Forensic Nursing Home. It appears to be 30:1 for vacation slots. The local asks that management please pull vacation accruals and see what numbers look like. This is primarily the HSSS classification, but please look at LPN’s as well. Coleen stated she would look at this and get back to Jeremy on this.

3. Investigations There are a number of licensing investigations still open, and it would be nice to get these closed. Carol stated this concern is shared on both sides of the table as to how long these investigations are taking to close.

4. Electronic OT sign-up at CRP Chuck – Can we implement an OT sign-up for CRP. Some staff bid off the unit, but are still competent. This would allow them to sign-up and help with the major OT issues CRP is having.

5. Kitchen staff scheduling and overtime Kitchen supervisor is not following contract language when it comes to scheduling intermittent staff, and not giving part-time employee’s the hours. Tudy asked to get some more info on this including seeing some schedules so she can follow up after the meeting.