5/16/13 MSH Meeting Minutes

Present: Elizabeth Blomberg, Tom Christensen, Molly Kennedy, Shannon Pech, John Knobbe, Rita Olson, Thomas Kolstad, Tudy Fowler, Colleen Ryan, Carol Olson, Chuck Carlson, and Connie Anderson

Follow up Items:

1. Workman’s Comp Return to Work Committee Working on setting up a meeting with this committee. Should hopefully have something scheduled by next week. Waiting on MMB at the moment.

2. Lead Leveling Process Last month, a suggestion for changes to the lead leveling process were discussed. At this time supervisors are not in favor of changing to a new process. Mel spoke about reviewing the minimum qualifications for lead leveling, making sure employee’s meet these qualifications, and offering jobs based on seniority. There would not be a change to what employees are currently being evaluated on, but the employee would show in their resume and bid on postings for leads. This is a cumbersome process for everyone involved, and looking for new ideas for this process is welcomed. Management Items: 1. Dates for Supplemental Bargaining June 5th is the date that was discussed. Goal is to get the supplemental done before Master. John will get back to Melissa on this.

2. HR Contact for AFSCME M&C – transition to Jenn Frew With Elizabeth leaving, Jenn will take over HR contact duties for Labor/Management meetings. Interviews are currently being conducted to fill Elizabeth’s position. Hope to have a new hire starting by July 1st.

3. PPX Update Professional Portable X-ray (PPX) Company will start servicing Forensic Division July 1st. No longer the need to report to Pexton for X-ray’s. PPX Company will be reporting to all different work areas. AFSCME Items: 1. Scheduling Decision Day June 19th 2. SCL Postings Labor asked how many Security Counselor Lead postings were processed. HR stated 13 were posted, and 2 Utility Pool have yet to be posted. 3. SC hiring – process is going slower than anticipated Labor is concerned about the lack of new hires. Intermittent and Temporary staff are being used often, and the overtime numbers are still very high. Many staff are wondering where the new hires are, as employee’s are getting burnt out on the constant overtime.

4. April/May staff injuries April was not a good month. A lot of injuries happened when dealing with a patient whom was a new admission on unit 800. Was observed at 2:1, then 1:1, and currently all observations have been dropped.

5.  Recreational Program Assistants – Employee Condition and CERP status All Recreational Program Assistants are Full-Time, and are covered under CERP.

6. Carry Blanket vs. Scoop The SMEC (State Medical Executive Committee) is reviewing and looking at all the different options for transporting aggressive patients from point A to point B. What has become of this? Carol stated that many committees have evaluated both tools. We are continuing the training with the Scoop, and will no longer be utilizing the carry blanket. Carry blanket is no longer an option, but we are continuing to evaluate all other options for tools to assist us.

7. Supervisor’s decision to allow patients at Bartlett 1 South and Johnson Hall to sign out a small paring knife’s. The local questions the safety of this decision. Greater questions being: What is the contraband policy for these units? How does open movement work, with many patients going back and forth between buildings. Many staff have expressed safety concerns. Management will look into this more and follow up.

8. Scheduling – intermittent staff being scheduled 8-4’s John spoke to how intermittent staff are being scheduled. Have intermittent staff fill the holes in the schedule, and keep unit staff on their designated units.

9. Resume work on Forensic Division Work Rules So many work rules hinge on the creation of 4/10’s and the utility pool. These will have to hold off until after decision day.