8/9/12 MSH Meeting Minutes

For AFSCME: Andrew Jones, Molly Kennedy, Scott Grefe, Shannon Pech, Chuck Carlson, Tim Headlee, Connie Anderson, and John Knobbe

For Management: Elizabeth Blomberg, Melissa Gresczyk, Tom Kelly, Jennifer Frew, Tom Christiensen, Coleen Ryan, Carol Olson, Tom Kolstad, and Michelle Chalin

Follow up Items:

1. Tomlinson Pool Update The decision was made to close the Tomlinson Pool. At this time the cost to repair and maintain is far too expensive. An email was sent out to all staff to inform them of the news.

2. Possibility of re-opening St. Peter AFSCME supplemental/MOU Elizabeth commented about being denied every time they ask MMB to open the forensic supplemental. She said management isn’t able to open up the entire supplemental, but would like to look at the possibility of some MOU items.

3. Status of Conditional License Management is waiting to get another update. The goal is to get licensing another draft by tomorrow (Aug. 10).

4. Light Duty Employees Requesting Vacation – Light Duty Coordination The local previously had concerns about how an employee that is on light duty may request for vacation. Should the request be submitted to the employee’s direct supervisor or someone else? Management stated that this would be handled on a case to case basis. Management will have an update after a meeting next week. This is an action item.

5. Unit 800 incident – HIV precautions There have been numerous meetings with the unit staff, as well as treatment team supervisors to put together a protocol to handle situations. Kim Bakker has addressed, and supervisors were instructed to inform their staff about new protocols in effect. Chuck expressed that facility wide education should be done since this has been such a hot button issue. This information is often not communicated to all unit staff. Carol will ask Kim to inform all employees via email to make sure all staff are aware.

6. MSH response team The idea of having a response team similar to MSOP’s A-Team was talked about previously. This is still in consideration, after talking with supervisors and management. Management encourages staff to express thoughts on this. Language, intent, training, and use would be tailored to meet MSH needs and procedures. The local mentioned that many staff has expressed a response team concept would be a positive entity.

7. CRP MOU Management has put together and sent out an MOU proposal for CRP describing how overtime/inversing would happen on the unit. Management’s proposal would blend the pool of LPN’s and Security Counselors. John expressed he has no intention to sign this anytime soon, and states the proposal he put forward stays contractual and uses a work rule. The local feels there is no need to create an MOU for this. This is an action item.

John’s proposal when overtime is needed at CRP: If nursing license is required….. • Offer overtime to LPN’s • Inverse least senior eligible LPN

If nursing license isn’t required….. • Offer overtime to Security Counselors • If no Security Counselor takes the overtime, offer it to LPN’s • If no LPN takes the overtime, inverse least senior eligible Security Counselor  

8. Tardy Policy This was discussed in length at last month’s meeting, and the union wanted to get some more clarification what possible changes is happening with this policy. The application of the unforeseen emergency language has been at the supervisor’s discretion – in conjunction with management - to allow room for staff in unforeseen situations. The new language would speak to authorized/unauthorized tardiness. Human Resources reiterated that they are taking this seriously. Although attendance is a performance issues, leave use is always looked at individually in order to best view the whole picture for that particular staff. This is an action item.

9. Work Rules Review Both Management and Labor agree work rules are scattered throughout facility and many are very outdated and need to be reviewed. HR and Management have recently been trying to gather all the work rules to remove or revise. Melissa suggested that a committee should be put together to go through these. HR, Management, and Labor would be included.


1. July OT/Injuries/Incidents – vacant Safety Officer position Carol informed that 1 interview was conducted for the Safety Officer Position this week, and another is scheduled for next week.

Injuries – OSHA reported – 11 July OT – 4981.38

2. Vacant TTS and Forensic Director positions Management indicated there is no update at this time.

3. Issues from members concerning safety, security, and program direction. The local talked about the current staff morale at MSH being extremely low. Carol commented that she was aware of this and with the change of philosophy within the program this can happen. She still encourages everyone to come forward with ideas.

FNH items:

1. HSSS and LPN are sharing the same vacation calendar. 2. No physical place for LPN's to sign up for overtime. 3. Union contracts not being allowed to be out in the work area. (Meeting with FNH management will be scheduled to address these items.)