5/10/12 MSH Meeting Minutes

Present- Labor: Scott Grefe, Chuck Carlson, Andrew Jones, Connie Anderson, John Knobbe, Molly Kennedy. Management: Carol Olson, Tom Christensen, Adam Anderson, Rita Olson, Thomas Kelly, Colleen Ryan, Elizabeth Blomberg, Tudy Fowler, Jenn Frew.

AFSCME Agenda Items:

1. Overall responsibility for positions and bidding – 3 Program Directors. Who is responsible for tracking open positions and submitting 1768s?

Rita Olson will take the lead for submitting and tracking 1768s for MSH Residential - Security Counselors and Security Counselor Leads. Tom Christensen will continue to submit and track 1768s for Security Services - SC and SCL. All other position tracking will continue “as-is” – Nursing/Clinical/Vocational/etc. will complete their own 1768s and tracking.

2. Required training for bidders between programs – MSH/MSOP/CRP. Is there different training required for a SC bidding in or out of CRP?

Chuck Carlson, John Knobbe, Carie Archer and HR met Thursday morning to discuss CRP training needs due to the current SC job postings. The intent was to be proactive about expectations for employees bidding into the work area. HR will work with Staff Development and Carie Archer to get the training checklist for CRP unit specific training.

Follow up 5/17/12: Staff Development sent the following guidelines for bidders- • An MSOP transfer must attend SOS orientation unless she/he has worked for SOS in the last 12 months. • An MSOP transfer must attend most, but not all, of SOFS orientation. SD collaborates with the receiving supervisor on the schedule. • An MSOP transfer who used to work for SOFS must attend a unique schedule as worked out by the receiving supervisor and SD, based mostly on the employee’s training transcript.

3. Nursing Meeting and Mou discussion – Work Rules.

Tudy Fowler noted that first we need to find out what work rules are out there, then figure out what is current or obsolete and at that point we can start to prioritize. Chuck Carlson said that we all have access to the same work rules found on the iNET or idrive. HR will search for the work rules and compile a list. Molly Kennedy mentioned that MSOP now has a single source for their work rules. Forensics could also work on combining work rules so as not to have the same information in multiple locations. Follow up 5/17/12: HR compiled a list of work rules from the idrive (I:\Programs\Forensic\GEN\Forensic Shared\Work Rules). Chuck and John will review the list and get back to HR with any additional known work rules.

4. New SC Lead List

Chuck Carlson stated that he received a copy of the most recent Security Counselor Lead list. There were questions in regards to how often lead leveling would take place – 3 months, 6 months or longer? The recommendation was every 6 months. HR will follow up on this question.

Follow up 5/17/12: The list will expire after 6 months. If the list is exhausted prior to 6 months, we may need to complete another round of leveling.

5. IOD update.

Dave Olafson was out of the office so an updated OSHA300 was not available in time for this meeting. HR will send a copy next week when it is available.

Follow up 5/17/12: A copy of the updated OSHA 300 was sent to Chuck Carlson and John Knobbe.

6. Schedule Anywhere – time off requests and other concerns.

HR has been in contact with Shelly Hochstein who suggested a Schedule Anywhere Work Group. Shelly is the Business Analyst who worked on the implementation of this tool. She will help troubleshoot the current issues and assist with questions. The intent of this group is to make sure we are utilizing this scheduling tool properly and to its full capacity. HR requested 1 or 2 AFSCME members to join the work group – Chuck Carlson and John Knobbe were nominated. HR will send out an invite for the initial meeting in the near future.

Follow up 5/17/12: The Schedule Anywhere Work Group has been compiled and the initial meeting is set for Monday, June 11th 2:30-4:00 PM. Members of the work group will begin gathering questions, suggestions and ideas for improvement.

7. Dress code update.

There have been questions from the Nursing Home regarding the requirement to wear scrubs. Michelle Chalin sent out a communication to the Nursing Home staff clarifying that they are not required to wear scrubs but may choose to wear them. Carol Olson stated that the Campus-wide Procedure is gone and that the SOS Policy is in effect. Direct care may wear jeans. This was also brought up at the recent Town Hall meetings. Carol noted that she will send out the Policy to the St Peter campus and will include clarification points in that communication. There were also questions regarding the ability for staff to wear shorts. Carol said that under special circumstances it may be allowed but only if requested and granted by the Program Managers.

8. Investigations – where are they at?

Chuck Carlson mentioned that there are open/ possibly closed investigations and some employees are wondering the status of the investigation. These employees are the subject of the investigation. Chuck noted that Tim Headlee will send HR a list of open investigations where follow up is needed. Tudy commented that the expectation is that employees will receive a notice regarding the investigation outcome in a timely fashion.

Follow up 5/17/12: Tim Headlee sent the list of employees to HR and received an update on the status.


1. Roll out of the Security Counselor and Security Counselor Lead PD’s and possible working titles.

Carol Olson is working on a planned rollout of the updated Security Counselor and Security Counselor Lead Position Descriptions. We are still in need of a final Working Title. Ideas included Clinical Support Specialist, Security Support Specialist, Residential Support Specialist, Recovery Support Specialist, and Treatment Support Specialist. Labor endorsed the Counselor/Lead Counselor Working Titles since they are already used around campus and it keeps it simple. There was also a concern regarding the confusion with name changes as well as the philosophy behind the idea.

2. Tuesday’s incidents

Carol Olson reiterated that everyone did a great job on Tuesday with the critical events. She was very impressed by all! An official debriefing will be held on Friday, May 11th.