4/12/12 MSH Meeting Minutes

Attendees: Andy Jones, Molly Kennedy, John Collins, Chuck Carlson, Tim Headlee, Scott Grefe, Tom Christiansen, Melissa Gresczyk, John Knobbe, Jen Frew, Carol Olson, Coleen Ryan, Connie Jones, Elizabeth Blomberg, Tudy Fowler

AFSCME agenda items:

1. Update of Reorg: Carol O. will be discussing the org chart at the Joint Labor Management meeting on Friday and Town Hall meetings are scheduled for Wednesday, May 2nd.

2. SC Leads and RN partnership – steering committee? The union would like people in those roles to help organize this. What is the status on the 11 upgraded positions? HR is not sure if this will be happening yet. Will follow up.

3. Nursing work rules – Inversing confusion Tudy has the “go-ahead” to start working with management and labor to clarify the work rules. She has started by gathering and reviewing the current work rules.

4. Vacation requests - can be deleted without reply and there is no trace back to employee. There is a programming update request that has been submitted (Sept 2011) that would allow supervisors to also be able to archive time off requests. This update is overdue. Do we need to go back to paper 101's? Melissa followed up with AMRTC who uses the vacation request feature in Schedule Anywhere. They indicated that “if the employee wants a copy of their request, they should right click on the request prior to sending the request.” I am working with TC to test out this solution and I’ll follow up to let you know if it works.

5. IOD – Injured on Duty data for March 2012 OSHA – _4_ IOD AFSCME all of forensics Medical treatment Medical treatment and lost time Medical treatment and resulted in restrictions IOD information: Mark Tabara/David Olafson will send Elizabeth a copy of the OSHA 300 information that can be provided at the monthly M&C. This gives a more detailed look at the numbers compared to the information listed on the SOFS Performance Improvement Dashboard.

6. Tim – SC’s are being inversed, but it is not being indicated anywhere on the schedule. The local is asking that OD’s get clarification about the inverse process, and to follow contact. If employee has to stay past scheduled shift, it is treated as an inverse.

7. B2N & B2S are counting/including Military Leave into the distribution of vacation time for the unit. If someone is on Military Leave, the union insists it should not be counted against vacation the calendar.


Management agenda items: 1. Security Counselor/Security Counselor Lead seniority roster – used for determining OT and inversing at MSH. HR will run a monthly report and sent to TC to place on the MSH Staff Workplace site. HR is going to work with MMB to get a more accurate roster. Want to make sure this is current, especially with new employees starting.

Next Meeting – Thursday, May 10th 12:30 p.m.