2/10/11 MSH Meeting Minutes

Present: Chuck Carlson, John Knobbe, John Collins, Connie Anderson, Scott Grefe, Molly Kennedy, Ann Sullivan (Recorder), Denise Gardner, Tom Christensen, Colleen Ryan, Jasmine Bohnert, Larry TeBrake

Old Business:
1. Safety
• Current injury numbers- rating index revision.
• In January there were 8 injuries including 1 running to an incident. There has been an increase in injuries in CRP due to a new influx of admits from jail. The option of closing wing doors to decrease fighting was discussed.
• U100/BH1S remodel and moves
• The architects were here yesterday to look at Unit 100- the plans need to be signed off by the Department of Health. The time limit is unknown. B1S is now licensed and ready for the patients from S1W however there are many things that need to be considered. Having CPR/S1E isolated is one issue that needs to be considered before moving S1W to B1S.
• Space utilization issues are being looked at. CRP is running around 40 patients and is in need of more space. There was some discussion about the space utilization work group and how to come up with a solution to the space issues. Anyone with ideas or suggestions is asked to call or email Larry or Denise.
• Charlie Cook’s second version of the “dashboard” report.
• The second version has not yet been seen by management. Melissa is looking to omit Central Office and formulate this report using just our info.
2. SOFS Budget numbers / plans /OT tracking
• There has been an increase in overtime this week due to sick calls.
3. Part Time SC scheduling
• Full time scheduling is still needed- .8 staff is being scheduled .9 where possible.
4. Vacation / Holidays Unit based Process
• Management is trying to come up with a unit based process being careful not to over grant due to bidding. Denise and TC had a meeting last month and decided that the way this process is currently being handled is the best way. Holidays will be granted like vacation days per unit and additional holiday requests will be granted by seniority as available.
5. Video Evidence- Policy needed
• Management is still awaiting a policy from central office.
6. Possible CBT for new bidding process
• Management agreed to come up with a checklist to be posted on the I-net that would help staff with the bidding process. Responses that staff are getting when bidding, eligibility status, and promotion bidding process are some of the items that will be covered on this list. Before being posted, management agreed to send the checklist to Scott Grefe for review.
• Jasmine came up with this checklist and sent a copy to Chuck. Chuck had one addition and will forward it on to Scott Grefe for his review. Upon his review it will be posted on the I-net.
New Business:
1. Use of e-mail for vacation requests vs. continued use of 101s.
• Some units are using schedule anywhere, some are using email requests and others are using paper 101’s. Management stated that all units will be using schedule anywhere for vacations. An email notification will be sent out to notify security counselors of the date this will go into effect. All units/work areas will have vacation entered 1 year out on schedule anywhere. Anyone denied the ability to use this system or request vacation on schedule anywhere should let management know. It is each employee’s responsibility to go into schedule anywhere and check this out. The default process if this system should go down would be paper 101’s. There have been no problems noted in the test pilot areas (security services and transition).
• Denise will check into the process that is being used for NOCS.
2. Written Record of approved vacation Requests pg 279 requirement
• Management stated that time off requests are time stamped when submitted electronically.
3. Bid Award Process 34 no contact e-mails in one month
AFSCME receives notification messages of no contact. There have been 38 in 26 days. Management stated that the contact information from SEMA 4 (employee self-service page) is being used. An email is also sent out after phone contact failure. Staff should make sure their preferred # is updated- it can be home, work, or cell. The contact people for questions are Elizabeth Bloomberg for MSH and Kari Olson and Kathy Bisser for MSOP.
• Bidding staff should do their homework as far as days off. This will help speed the process along. Supervisors can help but things can change and days off are not written in stone.
4. Physical plant holidays
• AFSCME asked that the process for handing out holidays for the laundry and DVD’s be looked at. Management will check into this.
Management Issues:
No issues
Step 3 Grievances: 2 presented
Meeting adjourned at 2: