1/13/11 MSH Meeting Minutes

Present: Connie Anderson, Anne Mehltretter, Scott Grefe, Ann Sullivan (Recorder), John Knobbe, Chuck Carlson, Molly Kennedy, Jill Gorman, John Collins, Charles Johnson, Denise Gardner, Nancy Draves, Jasmine Bohnert, Colleen Ryan, Larry TeBrake, Tom Christensen

Old Business:
1. Meeting with HR
• Work rules have been resolved for the most part- management is working on some including inversing, tardy and the part time process for signing up for overtime. AFSCME would still like to meet with Tudy to discuss grievance procedure and contract re-interpretation. AFSCME and management will work together to set up a date.
2. Safety
• Current injury numbers- rating index revision.
• Injury numbers were as follows: November = 3, December = 4 and January (so far) = 1 patient related and 1 other. We currently have 5 staff out IOD.
• There was a brief discussion about vacancies. Management stated that they are holding off on filling positions as they feel that the needs have decreased.
• Melissa Janzen has been working with Central Office on the injury rating index; however Central Office wants to stay with the OSHA #’s so that we are on the same page SOS wide.
• U100 remodel for YAAP - Clearing North for CRP move.
• The architect is currently reviewing the plans. They will then be sent off to the Department of Health for approval. Upon approval approximately 6 weeks will be needed for project completion
• Charlie Cook and Dennis Benson project reports –
• Charlie Cook’s report was completed and they are now working on a second version of the “dashboard” report. An ongoing monthly report is expected.
• The report from Dennis Benson has been sent out and is now on the Commissioners desk to be reviewed.
3. SOFS Budget numbers / plans /OT tracking
• An equipment purchase budget is being worked on. Otherwise there are no new budget changes.
• There was a spike in overtime hours due to a snowstorm. Otherwise there is a nice downward trend in the numbers.
4. Part Time SC scheduling
• Management said that we are not yet down to scheduling part time SC’s part time hours. Supervisors have been told to start scheduling .5’s down to 8 shifts and .8’s down to 9 shifts per pay period.
5. Christensen Home move to MSOCs
• Scott, Chuck, and John Knobbe are going to meet and go over details and research to see what is needed and then a meeting will be set up.
6. Vacation / Holidays Unit based Process
• Management is trying to come up with a unit based process being careful not to over grant due to bidding. Denise and TC have a meeting next Tuesday where this is to be ironed out. Information will be sent out.
7. MoU for Vacation request period
• Held up by Moose Lake MSOP- Chuck and John Knobbe will be meeting with them to see what the status is. Larry mentioned the idea of just having the MoU be for forensics.
8. Video Evidence- Policy needed
• In order for the union to present grievances where video evidence has been used, the union feels that there is the need to view the video. Management agrees- a central office issued policy is needed.
New Business:
A. BH Med trip coverage – 1 staff has been taking patient to metro for treatment.
• The union asked for directive or a policy for 1 staff escorting a patient on a med trip. The policy should discuss bathroom breaks; use of hospital security for breaks and/or use of restraints during breaks. Staff support assurance is needed otherwise the union feels that 2 staff would be needed for all med trips.
B. Bartlett 2N Quarantine Status
• This past Wednesday, quarantine was put in place on B2N due to an outbreak of Norovirus. This was reported to the Department of Health and deep cleaning procedures have begun. B2N will be treated as a separate work are and minimums/ staffing patterns will be adjusted as needed until all clear from the Department of Health.
C. Nursing Home A team response
• MSH will not be expected to respond to Nursing Home ICS’s unless instructed by the MSH SOD. The SOD will handle any additional needs they may have. If this should include MSH A-team, the MSH OD will be responsible for instructing MSH A-team members how to proceed.
D. Possible CBT for new bidding process
• Management agreed to come up with a checklist to be posted on the I-net that would help staff with the bidding process. Responses that staff are getting when bidding, eligibility status, and promotion bidding process are some of the items that will be covered on this list. Before being posted, management agreed to send the checklist to Scott Grefe for review.
Management Issues:
• . Management issues were covered above.
Step 3 Grievances:
2 step 3 grievances presented.