12/9/10 MSH Meeting Minutes

Present: John Knobbe, Scott Grefe, Ann Sullivan (Recorder), Chuck Carlson, Molly Kennedy, John Collins, Anne Mehltretter, Connie Anderson, Jill Gorman, Tom Christensen, Denise Gardner, Larry TeBrake, Jasmine Bohnert, Colleen Ryan, Charles Johnson

Old Business:
1. Meeting with HR
a. The union was anticipating Tudy to return for a discussion about re-interpretation of the contract and morale. Nancy was to be contacting Tudy to set up dates.
• Larry got an email from Nancy stating that she was going to contact Tudy to line up meeting dates and contact Chuck.
2. Safety
a. Current injury numbers- rating index revision.
• The proposed rating index was not liked by Central Office. Larry and Safety Administrator Melissa Jensen have met to discuss other ways of tracking this information and came up with a plan of tracking by number of days out. One problem with this format is that the information could not be compiled until the person returns to work resulting in an incomplete form. One solution would be to have the last column of this sheet be “still out”. Other issues such as data privacy will need to be addressed.
• Injury numbers for October were 2 in MSH and 5 including CRP and Transition with 1 resulting in lost time.
• Staff in CRP has expressed concern regarding a patient that has repeatedly assaulted other patients in last 2 weeks. Staff were told that this patient is not assaultive enough to be transferred to unit 800 because he has not assaulted staff.
b. Planned training for Support plans- Security counselors and nursing.
• Denise stated that Dr. Anderson began training this week starting with unit 800. He will be attending the morning meetings on all units and conducting this training.
c. Creation of an Admission Unit- U100 remodel for YAAP - Clearing North for CRP move.
• Bill Olson has submitted the drawings for the remodel of unit 100 and now is on Allan VanBuskirk’s desk for approval by the Department of Health. If this gets approved, it will take 6 – 8 weeks to complete
• Currently cleaning the Bartlett 1S Unit.
• Larry signed a request today for Bartlett 1S beds to be re-licensed by Department of Health to Supervised Living Facility (SLF) from NH license.
d. Charlie Cook and Dennis Benson project reports – Will they be made available to staff?
• Charlie Cook’s report is expected to be done by the December 15th. This information is intended for public consumption including local legislators. It is unsure how this information will be sent out- possibly share point. The hope is that this report will help eliminate confusion about data tracking numbers and processes.
• The report from Dennis Benson will first be sent to the Commissioner. Larry is unsure about the roll out of this report but Chuck Carlson was told by Mr. Benson that this would be a public document.
3. SOFS Budget numbers – plans
• Larry had no new information regarding the budget. Overtime numbers have decreased in MSH- short notice vacation has been available. Management is now going to be looking at the scheduling of part-time staff that is currently being scheduled full-time hours. A computerized sign-up sheet for part-time employees wanting to sign up for additional shifts has been compiled and information will be sent out regarding this. Employees will be assigned these shifts when the need is known and will be paid straight time. These shifts will be assigned to part-time staff before intermittent staff. This is expected to be implemented with the schedule beginning December 22nd.
4. SCL Leveling-
a. Projected finish date - how often this will be done in the future?
• Nancy Draves wants this to be done every quarter. Denise has agreed to try this but explained that this can be very labor intensive. Denise asked how often the union would like to see this done and Chuck responded, “6 months minimum”.
5. Christensen Home move to MSOCs
a. We need the work rules in order to begin. Progress on Hennepin County waivered spots.
• Larry spoke with Dave Campbell about this and they are trying to have the work rules done by next week. Chuck sent him the MSH work rules to help him cover all the bases. When the work rules are completed, Larry will set up a time to meet and go over them.
6. LPN Holiday Requests- signing up for wanting to work Holidays and posting it for each work area.
a. John Knobbe gave a proposal to Denise for security counselors and this same proposal was submitted to Colleen Ryan for nursing.
b. John Knobbe gave a proposal to Denise and she and TC discussed it. They may use the same format as the overtime sign-up sheet. Holidays will still be based on seniority and unit based but this sheet would make it easier than just submitting 101’s and may allow more people to get holidays off.
• Some LPN’s have contacted John Knobbe stating that the program is saying accepted and when the schedule comes out the LPN is scheduled. John asked to work this out with nursing supervisors to eliminate the need to grieve these issues. Colleen Ryan agreed to meet with John and Anne Mehltretter to discuss.
• Tom Christensen and Denise have met to discuss vacation slots and holidays. Management is trying to come up with a unit based process being careful not to over grant due to bidding. Tom will be taking a look at next Christmas in order to further discuss and make an informed decision on how to proceed. This discussion is also needed regarding LPN’s.
7. Vacation Rescind vs OT during same shift
a. Management followed up with this by talking to the OD group. Night staff is able to work overtime on days because they are a fixed shift. Day shift (16 hours) cannot sign up for overtime when scheduled vacation. The union suggested that staff be entered in as vacation for the specific 8 hours they would have been scheduled or need off and be able sign up for overtime for the other shifts. Management stated that for the day shift vacation is for the day which is 16 hours. Discussion was tabled.
• This item was removed from the agenda at this time.
8. MoU for Vacation request period-
• Management is still working on the language for the proposed MoU. Larry, Tudy Fowler and Jim Yates have discussed this along with Moose Lake and they believe this needs to be worked out in contract negotiations. Larry mentioned the possibility of this including just MSH and not MSOP. Problems may arise with people bidding from MSOP to MSH but this could be included in the language (to read MSOP transfers can only bring 6 months of vacation). Chuck will contact the union from Moose Lake and we will work together to get this to go through.

Current Business:

1. Video Evidence- Policy needed
a. In order for the union to present grievances where video evidence has been used, the union feels that there is the need to view the video.
• Management stated that Karen Ochsendorf has the video that the union has requested. Chuck will contact her to set up a time to view this. The union stressed the need for a video evidence policy for future situations. The current policy is confusing and seems to be changing with each circumstance. The union feels that resolution is needed.

2. LPN mutual exchange of shifts across work area (High-Low Control)
• This item was removed from the agenda.
Management Issues:
1. Purpose statement
• Larry distributed and there was discussion about the new purpose statement.
Promoting recovery and hope in an environment that is caring, respectful and safe.
2. Nursing Home
• The Nursing Home opened yesterday and the move went well. There is plenty of space and the patients currently have single rooms.
3. Work Rules
• Several work rules were deleted October 1st.
• A work rule about ICS substitution procedure has been drafted and will be presented to the safety committee.
• The work rule regarding handicap parking permits is being reviewed.
• The 2 way radios work rule has been eliminated as it was no longer needed.
• Work rule about intermittent staff is being looked at to see if it is needed.
• The language will be changing in the work rule regarding religious services.

Step 3 Grievances: 1 step 3 grievance presented.