11/18/10 MSH Meeting Minutes

Present: Charles Johnson, John Collins, Chuck Carlson, Anne Mehltretter, Connie Anderson, Molly Kennedy, John Knobbe, Ann Sullivan (Recorder), Scott Grefe, Denise Gardner, Tom Christensen, Colleen Ryan, Nancy Draves, Jasmin Bohnert, Larry TeBrake

Old Business:
1. Work Rules Review- Second meeting?
a. The union was anticipating Tudy to return for a discussion about re-interpretation of the contract and morale. Nancy will be contacting Tudy to set up dates.
2. Safety
a. Current injury numbers- there were 2 October reports; one involving lost time. Management is looking into using a staff injury index. They are working out issues, details and tracking based off initial reports of injury. Management is open to suggestions on how to use this tracking system- please send them to Larry. There was discussion at length about the rating system and the seriousness of the mid rated injuries(2,3,4).This information is needed in order to get a good picture of what is going on and will be tracked by the safety officer.
b. Planned training for Support plans- Staff need to know how to use them and what to do with them. The treatment leads and operations directors were trained by Dr. Adam Anderson but no training has been offered to security counselors. Denise will follow up and make sure that the rest of the team is trained including nursing.
c. Social Learning: Management stated that the goal of this program is to be cashless. They are working on getting the software program figured out. When?
Larry has been working with Shirley Jacobsen on this. He is also trying to find out what is being done in Fulton. As far as the software program is concerned, the consultants are scheduled to be here on December 9th and 10th to help track the token program and help answer questions such as what would be done with the patients monthly allowance.
d. Creation of an Admission Unit- Clearing North for CRP move:
Larry is working with Dan Storkamp on funding. Once the funding is there this should move quickly. Larry stated that the hope is to be started by the 1st of the year.
e. Charlie Cook project- This is a project that will compile and grade the tracking processes in MSH including PI, seclusion, injuries, discharges, overtime, inversing, etc. These items are currently being tracked but this would put them all on one report. Management is open to suggestions and feedback.
3. SOFS Budget numbers – plans
a. Through October we in the black by 1%- below budget by $700,000. However, in all of forensics we have already exceeded overtime $’s for the year.
4. SCL Leveling-
a. Currently 14 of the 29 on the list have excepted lead positions. The other 15 have denied multiple offers. There is nobody left that wants these certain positions and spots are being filled with work out of class. The last leveling was done in December of 2008. Nancy will coordinate this with Gary Grimm and determine how often this will be done in the future.
5. Christensen Home move to MSOCs
a. Nancy spoke with Jim Yates this morning and there is no new information to report. They need the work rules in order to begin. They are moving forward in Hennepin County with waivered spots.
Current Business:
1. LPN Holiday Requests- signing up for wanting to work Holidays and posting it for the year on each work area.
a. John Knobbe gave a proposal to Denise for security counselors and this same proposal will be submitted to Colleen Ryan for nursing. Colleen will meet with the other nursing supervisors and go over it.
2. Vacation Rescind vs OT during same shift
a. Management followed up with this by talking to the OD group. Night staff is able to work overtime on days because they are a fixed shift. Day shift (16 hours) cannot sign up for overtime when scheduled vacation. The union suggested that staff be entered in as vacation for the specific 8 hours they would have been scheduled or need off and be able sign up for overtime for the other shifts. Management stated that for the day shift vacation is for the day which is 16 hours. Discussion was tabled.
3. MoU for Vacation request period-
a. The 1 year vacation request period is disliked by both MSH and MSOP. A MoU is needed to change this. Management will take a look at this and Nancy will write up language.

4. Mutualing into doubles-
a. AFSCME is working on a proposal for this in MSOP and will bring it back to MSH and propose it.

5. Holiday request period-
a. John Knobbe gave a proposal to Denise and she and TC discussed it. They may use the same format as the overtime sign-up sheet. Holidays will still be based on seniority and unit based but this sheet would make it easier than just submitting 101’s and may allow more people to get holidays off.
6. Video Evidence-
a. In order for the union to present grievances where video evidence has been used, the union feels that there is the need to view this video. Management stated that this video is not able to be seen until the Laudermill due to very specific data privacy when patients are present in the videos. The union questioned why certain state employees are able to see these videos and others are not. The contract states that the process of getting the video should be in a useful timely fashion. This process has been taking too long. Scott Grefe asked management for an idea of when we will get the video. A statutory citation was also requested both orally and in writing. Tudy Fowler is drafting a policy on viewing video. Nancy will see what she can get on this.
7. Warehouse Expectations-
a. Larry stated that the warehouse will still be sorting mail and packages and that the DVD’s will still be delivering to each building. The post office will be delivering it to campus. He also stated the he is unsure about the future of the sewing department.
Management Issues:
Dennis Benson and his team will be on campus interviewing people including Larry, other management and staff. They will be looking at the organizational structure, communications, policies, and overall operations of MSH.
Step 3 Grievances: 2 step 3 grievances presented.