10/14/10 MSH Meeting Minutes

Present: Connie Anderson, Charles Johnson, Molly Kennedy, John Collins, Scott Grefe, Chuck Carlson, Jill Gorman, Ann Sullivan (Recorder), John Knobbe, Nancy Draves, Denise Gardner, Tom Christensen, Larry TeBrake, Adam Anderson

Old Business:
1. Work Rules Review- Second meeting?
a. The union was anticipating Tudy to return for a discussion about re-interpretation of the contract and morale. Management will be contacting Tudy.
2. Safety
a. Current injury numbers-There has been 1 first report of injury filed thus far for October. There are 3 key ways injuries are being tracked: Initial report of injury or illness, first report of injury- OSHA medical expense, and lost time. Treat to competency and transition numbers are included in the numbers given at the safety meetings.
b. Implementing Support plans for high risk patients on all units
• Planned training? Dr. Anderson spoke about this issue. He stated that these plans cannot end in seclusion but should include information about what has happened in the past. Dr. Anderson feels that the entire team should be included in writing and having input for these plans and this would help with the training and knowledge of these plans. If staff is not seeing results they should contact him or Denise. These plans are intended to go with patients upon transfer so that the new unit can look at this plan and adapt or change it as they see fit.
c. Social Learning: Management stated that the goal of this program is to be cashless. They are working on getting the software program figured out.
• A consultant is working with IT staff writing the program into avatar. Estimated completion date? Initially this was supposed to be done in 30 days. IT is still working on this. Dr. Anderson will have more information on this after discussing with Fulton State Hospital. Having the entire hospital be cashless has also been discussed as a way of eliminating gambling, black market, and assaults. Issues with vending machines arose.
d. Creation of an Admission Unit-
• Has morphed into a hybrid idea including vacating Shantz and moving YAAP. Plans for this? A follow up meeting is to be scheduled.
3. SOFS Budget numbers – plans
• Larry had no new information. The forensics budget is similar to last years in that there is to be no impact on residential. The newly elected administration will obviously determine the next biennium budget.
4. MSH- MSOP Start Dates Determining start dates for SCs as the programs are starting orientation classes 3 days apart.
• MSH and MSOP management will meet and work this out. Nancy will contact Jim Yates and Melissa Gresczyk – done? This month the start dates were the same- the union asked that management consider this with future new hires.
5. SCL seniority MoU?
• Do lead dates go by state or class seniority? Promotions are to go by class seniority. AFSCME and management will work on this.
• The union asked if management intends to do lead leveling again. Denise stated that there are no foreseen lead vacancies but that she would check with MSOP as to where they stand.
• In order to have more consistency, MSH and MSOP are holding shared interviews. The union asked that a thorough explanation of the campus and shift expectations be included when interviewing.
6. Units running short on coverage- It appears that this problem has not been rectified since last month’s meeting.
• The union stated that this has largely been rectified on the late shift but problems are now arising on the early shift. Units are expected to rely on MAPE staff to help cover but on many units there is not a plethora of MAPE staff. Unanticipated things such as visits and quarterlies are creating problems. Management encouraged staff to use their resources and contact the OD when necessary. Management will ensure that night OD’s are keeping enough staff for coverage also. The goal that we are moving toward is to have enough staffing to have 3 extras per shift with no overtime.
7. Christensen Home move to MSOCs
• Nancy will follow up with Jim Yates to see who will be involved. – Still on the agenda? Nancy will prompt Jim Yates for information.
8. Filling Vacancies-
• Has Central office taken over the bid offering? This is estimated to begin on November 1st, 2010. An email will be sent to staff with explanations.
Current Business:
1. LPN Holiday Requests- signing up for wanting to work Holidays and posting it for the year on each work area.
• John Knobbe will follow up with MSOP nursing to get this process in writing.
Management Issues:
Management is still shooting for getting patients moved into the new nursing home facility in October. They are working out final issues.
Step 3 Grievances: will be presented on the 21st