9/9/10 MSH Meeting Minutes

Present: Tom Christensen, Nancy Draves, Colleen Ryan, Denise Gardner, Larry TeBrake, Scott Grefe, Chuck Carlson, John Collins, John Knobbe, Molly Kennedy, Connie Anderson, Ann Sullivan (Recorder)

Old Business:
1. Work Rules Review- Nancy and Larry will be setting up a meeting with Tudy Fowler to go over these as some new ones have been created and some may be eliminated. Denise will send them to John Knobbe before they are officially eliminated.
2. Safety
a. Current injury numbers-
• There has been some confusion when looking at the injury numbers as there are several different ways injuries can be reported (1st report of injury, initial report of injury, medical only, and lost time). Management will be working on injury reporting so that these numbers are consistent. In August, there were 3 lost time injuries and 7 initial reports of injury. So far for September there is 1 injury plus 1 additional tentative injury. There are currently 10 people IOD, 5 of them being from Unit 900.
b. Use of cameras for staff/patient monitoring; Cameras at Master control-. Larry TeBrake requested more information from Tom Christensen regarding the logistics of this industry standard.
• Cameras will not be installed in Master Control.
c. Implementing Support plans for high risk patients on all units
• Denise and Adam Anderson have gone around to many of the units and have been communicating this information. These support plans will not go in the patient charts and can include information regarding seclusion and release from seclusion criteria.
d. ICS debriefing improvements- MSOP Control Centers to contact the SOD for ICS’s on Shantz 1W via the SOD cell phone.
• MSOP management does not want MSOP control centers to be responsible for calling the MSH SOD. Shantz 1W staff will need to make this phone call.
e. Security Level policy: is the responsibility with the right position? Management had a meeting to discuss who should be making the final decision
• Management met to discuss this and would like this to be a team decision not just the treatment lead, security director or program manager although the decision will still end with them.
f. Social Learning: Management stated that the goal of this program is to be cashless. They are working on getting the software program figured out.
• A consultant is working with IT staff writing the program into avatar. This is estimated to be done within 1 month followed by additional training. They are still working some of the bugs out in order for the program to involve just tokens- no money.
g. Creation of an Admission Unit-
• There will be a meeting on Tuesday, September 14th from 2:00pm-4:00pm that will involve background information and brainstorming to get a preliminary plan. The location of this meeting is yet to be announced.
3. SOFS Budget numbers – plans
• The budget is currently going to the governing board and includes a $200,000 deficit. $500,000 was eliminated out of the medical director budget. Other positions that have become vacant are not being filled and early retirement is being offered. A reduction of 13 vehicles has been made on this campus. A key element in meeting the budget will be a reduction in overtime.
4. Units running short for observation coverage- It appears that this problem has not been rectified since last month’s meeting. If further problems arise, management and the union will discuss at that time.
• We need to have enough staff but need to look at where and what times of day we can cut. Management is looking at shifting staff where the needs are and better using our resources.
5. Christensen Home
• Nancy will follow up with Jim Yates for scheduling a Labor Management meeting and who will be involved.
6. Filling Vacancies- Due to repeated violations of contractual requirements on filling of positions.
• Moving staff within 4 weeks is not happening and the MoU to change this to 8 weeks was not accepted by the union. Central office will be taking over the bid offering within the next couple weeks. Central Office HR will be posting and offering out the bids instead of the current practice of the unit supervisor offering the bids.
7. Schedule Posting- Unit staff are asking for a paper schedule and there is a contractual requirement for “posting” and a record of the schedule changes and schedule as posted.
• The union and management came to the agreement that any changes made in Schedule Anywhere would need to be tracked. Management will make notes along with the changes made and date and time them. This issue will remain on the agenda and any issues that come up will be re-visited.
Current Business:
1. LPN Vacation-The LPNs are all .8 and do not have “set days off” we remain flexible with having to work .8, .9 and 10 days a pay, depending on how management needs us, however if we are requesting a day on an upcoming pay period as a regular day off during the week, because someone has vacation, they deny it stating “we don’t take requests”, however, some people have signed 101’s that the request was granted. Why can’t they grant requests? Why do they OK it for some and not others? We have copies of each type of request one that was accepted and one that states they do not accept requests signed by the same supervisor - but on different employees.
• .8 LPN’s vacation + days worked should = 64. LPN’s should not have to total 80 hours per pay period. Vacation hours should = 64 but still be marked as VAC on the schedule so everyone else knows there is no vacation available. John Knobbe will meet with Jo Blaschko and go over this.
2. MSH- MSOP Start Dates Determining start dates for SCs as the programs are starting orientation classes 3 days apart.
• MSH and MSOP management will meet and work this out. Nancy will contact Jim Yates and Melissa Gresczyk.
3. Labor /Management Taskgroups There were two taskgroups identified at the Joint FD M&C. Members and names are being discussed.
4. Inversing Part Time LPNs
• This is clearly written in the supplemental. If a LPN has 1 day off, they are inversible. If they have 2 days off, they are not. Nursing supervisors will be re-explained this information.
5. Oral Surgery
• There have been issues when taking patients to the oral surgeon in Mankato. The policy states that staff is not to leave the room until the patient is sedated. If the Dr. instructs staff to do anything other than this, the Dr. should be told to contact Larry TeBrake.
Management Issues:
1. Laundry
• Management is working on an agreement with DOC that they hope to have finalized by Monday October 4th. If this plan goes through, laundry staff will be re-assigned. 2 laundry staff will go to GMW’s- they will still be classified as laundry staff and remain on that pay grade. The sewing machine operator will remain and the manager will be re-assigned to the warehouse due to an early retirement. This will result in no layoffs.
• Laundry service will go from 5 days per week to 3 days per week. There was a supply audit performed which showed that we have plenty of towels and other supplies on hand. If a specific unit runs short for some reason there will be extra supplies on campus.
• Patient clothing will still be washed.
• There is expected money savings in this plan.
• Issues will be worked out as they come up.
• Management is looking into using the laundry space for vocational.
Step 3 Grievances:
2 step 3 grievances were filed.