6/10/10 MSH Meeting Minutes

Present: Chuck Carlson, John Knobbe, John Collins, Molly Kennedy, Connie Anderson, Jill Gorman, Scott Grefe, Ann Sullivan (Recorder), Denise Gardner, Tom Christensen, Colleen Ryan, Nancy Draves

Old Business:
1. Work Rules Review
a. Update: LPN’s have business casual dress code and they are expected to do things such as change colostomy bags, give baths, feed patients, etc. AFSCME asked for LPN’s to have the same dress code as Security Counselors. Colleen Ryan said, “No”. She and Nancy Dillon feel strongly about this stating that the perception of competence is higher with the business casual dress code. She also stated that dress does not have to be fancy and that they make washable business casual clothing. The union asked about LPN’s wearing scrubs and Colleen also said no to this. It was brought up that MSOP as well as the Nursing Home wear scrubs. Colleen stated that they have a differently appointing authority, not Nancy Dillon. Scott Grefe will contact Nancy Dillon.

2. CRP:
a. Included in Forensics Supplemental Agreement as a Forensic Program but not mentioned or included in the SPRTC MoU
i. CRP falls under the forensics supplemental- beginning on p. 270 of the contract. Colleen Ryan will pass this information on to Carrie Archer.
3. Safety
a. Follow-up on Violence Prevention PI Project
i. Larry and Nancy Dillon are working on a task force to review situations/incidents. There is some concern that this project is over with even though Denise Gardner continues to talk about it in the week in review notes and other correspondence. There is nothing new to report at this time.
ii. There was a handout given out at the safety meeting that spoke about culture of discipline, punitive repercussions, and communication. Anyone interested in reading this handout should contact a Chuck Carlson or John Collins.
iii. Management will be talking with supervisors about investigations and communication. Denise sends email notification of investigations and supervisors are to follow up. There was also discussion about coaching sessions as a means of addressing issues instead of an official investigation. Tom Christensen stated that coaching sessions do happen, and that the union is not always aware of them. AFSCME is open to sitting in on coaching sessions. Members can refuse to have a rep, but it would be helpful to avoid misinterpretation. AFSCME requested that management send email notification when issues are resolved without formal discipline.
b. Follow up on Joint FD Labor Management Meeting
i. Treatment Director vs. Clinical Lead
A. Management has announced Adam Anderson as the new Clinical Director. Now that he is in place they intend to work on the clarification of roles and organizational structure.
B. Management will talk with Larry TeBrake about having a joint labor management meeting with all SPRTC unions. (AFSCME, MMA, MNA, SRSEA, and MNA.)
ii. Current injury numbers – number of IODs and OT pattern
1. We currently have 16 staff out on IOD. There are 5 people are working light duty. Management had hoped that by the end of May we would be down to 3 people out, but none of these people have returned to work yet. Denise will send this information to Chuck.
2. May Injuries – There were 9 injuries due to patient incidents. There have been 5 so far in June.
c. Safety needs and three extras
i. The scheduling of 3 extras on the late shift and 1 extra on the early shift will continue for safety reasons.

4. Campus Security/Control Center cross training
a. The mandatory cross training was recently suspended. Management instead asked for volunteers for training and 8 Master Control staff expressed interest. Tom Christensen will be working with Lance Voegele-Allore and Stu Douglas on this project. Cross trained staff will be used to avoid inversing in this small work area.
b. Construction coverage- will Master Control be covering this too? Management is looking for options for construction coverage such as IOD people or work hardening staff depending on their restrictions.

5. Overnight training OT
What was the outcome of this discussion?
At last months meeting, management said the overtime was going to be paid. Nancy Draves spoke with Tudy Fowler about this and she said they should not be paid because they were not on the unit/in the building and had the option to leave campus. The union standpoint is that they were called in to work at 6pm and they should be paid from this time. John Collins will forward emails to Nancy Draves and they will try to come to an agreement. The union will hold off on filing a grievance if an agreement can be met. Denise Gardner asked Nancy Draves to look at Pathlore and see what the schedule of the training was. If scheduled 6-10pm, staff should be paid. For future reference, supervisors will find something for staff to do when training is done early- such as CBT’s or unit coverage.
6. SOFS Budget numbers – plans
a. There was no new budget information due to Larry TeBrake being absent from today’s meeting.
7. OD’s Tracking Staff
a. Staff has observed OD’s coming on the units and writing down information. The union asked if OD’s were tracking staff location on the units. Tom Christensen said they may be writing things down, but they are not officially tracking staff locations.
Current Business:
1. Vacation hours count as hours worked in the OT 24 in 40
A. Denise Gardner will communicate this to staff.

2. Offer out NOC shift partial OT - 2-10 inversing
A. The union asked that when there is a known need for partial overnight shifts (such as 10pm-12am) that this could be offered in advance to help ease up on inversing. Management brought up the fact that a volunteer staff may have to stay if something “unforeseen” should happen. In this case, the overtime volunteer(s) would be inversed to stay in order of seniority. Tom Christensen will talk to supervisors and ask them to try to offer this overtime in advance.

3. Reassignment offer to MCC
A. The union position is that this position should be posted. Management is trying to move people in a timely manner. People could be temporarily reassigned while going through the recall process. The union asked if some people have already fallen off the layoff list. Nancy Draves will check with Central HR on this. Anyone on the layoff list is an eligible bidder on open positions. This information is available on the MMB website. AFSCME asked HR that this be included in the lay off letter and HR agreed.

4. Breaking up FT positions to PT positions
A. FT positions on Unit 300 and Unit 800 were split into PT positions. The union disagrees with this practice. Denise Gardner said this was done because Unit 300 needs PT positions and the supervisor on Unit 800 asked for positions to be posted as PT.
Denise stated that no other breaking up of FT positions is intended.
Management Items:
1. Recall from layoff list process
a. Management is going to need to hire new staff soon. They intend to hire 5-.2 intermittent NOCS positions and 6- .5 staff for the daytime shift. Management will be scheduling intermittent staff to help with budget numbers Non-retirement intermittents can work more than 67 shifts. Intermittents working more than 67 shifts enter the bargaining unit and earn bidding rights.
2. FT staff becoming PT
a. See Old business number 4
3. Cameras
a. The installation of additional cameras in MSH has begun. This will allow for more efficient use of staff. The union asked about a camera being installed in Master Control. Management said this is common standard practice in corrections and law enforcement and is used for staff protection and safety. Cameras are not used for watching staff at all times, they are used to look up incidents and to keep staff safe. Tom Christensen stated that their purpose is to “catch staff doing things right” - Concerns, questions, or fears can be brought to Tom Christensen.
4. Work Rules
a. Management asked for timely union feedback before work rules are sent out to all staff.
5. Schedule Anywhere
a. Management stated that this will not be the real schedule until they say so. Work areas may have to run both schedules for awhile until all the bugs are worked out.
6. U900 Scheduling The union asked what can be done to help with scheduling on Unit 900. They currently have 5 IOD’s and will soon have 1 Military Leave. Denise Gardner said she has been working with Tim Stowell on this. They have 7 PT staff that they may be able to use to balance out shortages amongst early and late shifts.

Step 3 Grievances: Third Step Grievances presented