12/14/17 MSOP Meeting Minutes

Present: Bonnie Wold, Troy Sherwood, Tim Lokensgard, Paul Rodriguez, Michelle Sexe, Zack Sowieja, Tim Headlee, Eric Hesse, Matt Stenger, Mike Homer, Crystal Kreklow


Follow Up Items:

1. Lower Access and Patrol: Eric asked if there was any update on Lower Access. Tim L stated that they is no update at the time but are working towards starting covering the Lower Access booth in January. They just finished the post orders and need to get training done. There will be no patrol as well.

2. Outings Meals: Eric asked about if there was any follow up from last month regarding meals on outings. Michelle stated that she had followed up with the Finance Department and staff that are on outings outside of 35 miles and are eating with the client will get reimbursed without being taxed and have to use the code OEI for that. Staff that are on trips that are outside of 35 miles, such as a hospital trip or Pathfinders, and not eating with the clients will be taxed. Staff are to use the impress cards if it’s within 35 miles and if the card doesn’t work, bring the receipt to Mel in Banking and let Michelle or another CPS supervisor know.

3. Staff Searches: Eric asked if there was any follow up on his request and conversation with Tim L regarding moving staff searches to an area that is a little more private instead of areas were other staff can see, such as the Pexton lobby. Tim L stated that searches coming in and going out will be conducted in the Pexton Visit Sally Port to provide some privacy. New Agenda Items:

4. Restraints/Staff Safety: Eric stated that he heard that a directive has come out that staff cannot put restraints on a client unless chemical has been deployed. Tim L stated that was not the case. Tim said that people are not to use restraints on a client if they are complying with staff, such as agreeing to talk in a Team Room. They need to follow the Use of Force Continuum when applying restraints. As soon as a client complies with staff, they are not to use restraints. If restraints are applied, that means lesser means of restrictive measures are not working and will end up in a High Security Area placement. Eric stated that there are some staff that feel that this is increasing their chances of injury. Tim responded that it’s been shown that going hands-on right away can lead to injury more often. Eric asked if staff can use their discretion if they feel their safety is at risk and Tim stated no. Bonnie stated that this is the way Moose Lake has been doing it. Tim then added that they’ll see how this way of doing it goes.

5. Staff Victimization: Eric brought up that there is staff that are viewing the recent happenings with clients targeting staff and then see that nothing is happening, such as the recent incident of staff being targeted on 2W and a client actively offending against staff on 1S. Eric said while management may be doing something, it is not communicated to staff, thus giving the impression that nothing is being done. Troy stated that the team had met with the client and person on 2W and they can go to OSI again and see if law enforcement can be involved in the case of the client on 1S. Paul stated that they could do a better job communicating with staff but if staff feel this way they can certainly ask the team to see what is being done.

6. Investigations/Confidentials: Eric stated that there has been an increase of investigations and staff being forced to write confidentials that the union believes could be handled on a less formal measure by a conversation with their supervisor. Mike brought up that if they are being forced to write a confidential on themselves, they could then think that their mistake could be a bigger deal and could get disciplined. Bonnie stated that they aren’t trying to get people in trouble and it’s more of a way to have the information documented for them and a way to cover themselves. It’s also a way of fact finding.

7. Lead List: Eric brought up that there was a recent case of someone not getting a Lead due to technicalities on a guideline that staff don’t know about. Eric stated that there is a dispute in the time frame and Zack said they are still discussing internally what to do with that case. Eric asked that at least the guidelines be put on the e-mail that is sent out to let staff know that HR will not call them at home and only sends out an e-mail, that staff only have 4 days to respond, and that if they are gone they can e-mail HR with their acceptance of a spot. Eric stated it seems demoralizing for someone that is trying to better their career out here and seeking a promotion to deny them that promotion due to a technicality that no one know about since it isn’t listed anywhere, such as the guidelines for bidding are laid out in the contract. Zack stated that they can just change it to where the most senior person that expresses interest will get it and that it would solve all of this and would make it easier for them. Eric brought up that the union would like to still see a decision period since some people could have talked to their family after expressing interest and find out that it would not work for them. Zack said that they will discuss the process internally and will bring it back to the union.

8. OT Texts/Call-ins to see if cancelled: Eric stated that he is still receiving reports that people are receiving texts for overtime from the OD. Bonnie stated that she followed up from last month regarding this and has learned that some people prefer to be texted rather than get called. Eric stated that there would be no guidelines on how long the OD’s then have to wait until they moved on, when if they called, they would leave a message and move on to the next. Plus people are more apt to hear a phone ringing than a ping for a text. Trim L said he would like to see it limited to just calling and the union agreed. Eric also brought up that he has heard that OD’s are requiring people to call in to see if overtime is cancelled. Tim L said that the OD’s should be calling the employees to notify them if an overtime shift is cancelled.

9. Late calls: Eric said that he would like to see the language shored up when an employee calls in late and the OD tells them what to do. He has heard that some are saying “When you come in, you can write a report if you want to, I don’t know, do what you want to.” By this, people are thinking it is optional. Bonnie stated that there is a policy that states they need to file a Level 2 Incident Report when they arrive to work. Eric said he understands that and it is the duty of the employee to read and know policy, but employees have faith that when a supervisor tells them something, they know what they are talking about and not leading the employee down the wrong path. He said he would like them to say “when you come in, follow policy” or “when you come in, you need to write a Level 2” so there isn’t any confusion. Tim L said that they can’t force someone to write a report. Eric said he understands that but if you tell them to write one and they don’t, then it’s on them. Tim L said he would follow up with the OD’s.

10. Elections: Eric informed management that there will be elections in January and all gathered here would be at the next Labor Management meeting, but afterwards, there could be a change of who’s sitting at the table. Eric also asked if they could set up a table in the lobby instead of being in the Visit Office in the Pexton Lobby. Bonnie said it would be okay as long as it doesn’t interfere with visitors.

11. Sectional Searches: Eric said that he would like to see the process for sectional searches shored up due to what happened a couple days before. Eric said that no one was notified that this was happening and random people were called to a conference room. Eric said that one staff was alone on the unit for 3 hours and didn’t know what was happening. Management will look into this.

12. Tomlinson Coverage: Eric asked that he heard that staff will be posted in Tomlinson and asked when they are going to be starting this, what the post will look like such as if CPS will just cover it or if it would be a bid position. Michelle said that it will begin in January, more than likely January 2nd. They discovered that they have numerous staff at CPS and their staff are getting pulled to cover elsewhere so this post is within their numbers. It will be a 12-8 shift there and whomever works at CPS will rotate in and out. They will not be a designated post area and they would walk around the building. She stated that CPS is going to start holding Education and Rec activities and have open gym times.

13. Bid Calls: Eric said he had heard that a staff was offered a bid only by e-mail and by contract that they are supposed to call someone and then leave a voicemail and e-mail if no contact is made. Bonnie said that it could have happened when JR was away. They will look into it.

Management Agenda Items:

1. Internet Usage- Bonnie said that she has asked multiple times that staff limit their internet usage, especially in post areas, but they are still receiving reports about staff misuse of the internet and are personally seeing it themselves. Paul stated that he had it happen the other day where he walked up to a staff on the computer and they didn’t know who he is and continued to be on the internet. Bonnie said she’s seen people on Facebook, YouTube, and MSN Games. She said that this isn’t just security either. She stated that they are having the same issues at Moose Lake and the staff up there are open to having the internet taken away. Bonnie said she doesn’t want to do that, but things need to change and staff need to limit their internet usage at post areas. If things don’t improve, they are looking into removing the internet from all computers or possibly going back to the tier system, where staff will be ranked in tiers and given access to sites needed to complete their jobs.

2. Transport Days Off Changes: Tim L said that they had recently announced to the Transport Team that their days off will be changing and they will be scheduled Monday thru Friday with different shifts (6a-2:30p, 7a-3:30p, and 8a-4:30p) to better meet the needs of the facility. Eric said he hasn’t not heard of any issues with this from any of the staff.

3. Positive Support Rule: Troy stated that all the clients that are affected by this are on the 1st floor of Pexton. They have worked on a policy on how this rule will fit in with MSOP and to fit it alongside of what other agencies are doing. They have been required to do mandatory training on this and they have to do it pretty aggressively. They are developing the training now on how to apply it and documentation of interventions and the least restrictive measures taken beforehand. The training will roll out on January 2nd.