8/14/17 MSOP Meeting Minutes

Present: Adam Castle, Matt Stenger, Jessica Miller, Bonnie Wold, Zach Soweija, Troy Sherwood, Michelle Sexe, Molly Kennedy, Tim Headlee, Jason Anderson, Jessica Langhorst, Tim Lokensgard, Nancy Johnston, Kevin Mosser, Steve Sayovitz


Follow Up Items:

1. Injury Packets: Molly-Staff injured on duty packet for any info to show them what they need to do. Troy-Moose Lake has one they use through the OD. St Peter is looking at putting one together. Pulled information from MSH and we will work with OD and the work comp director. Jessica L-Does it go to staff or just for supervisors? Mosser-Its for the checklist and has EAP information.  We would like to see what St Peter has to enhance ours as well to make it consistent.

2. Step Increase Held Back: Molly-Basically we have a problem with the “case by case” comment. What is the criteria for it to be withheld and what is the criteria for it not to be withheld, whose choice is it to do this? Molly-Let’s say someone serves their suspension and then the review comes up and you say you will hold the increase as well? Is that a formality? We are thinking it kind of is a double reprimand because you have already served the discipline once. Mosser-some things progress very quickly sometimes. We are trying to correct it. We have said that it could be withheld for 6 months and then can request to have that replaced. Matt-the next one would take place on the anniversary? Zach-yes, it would, then someone could actually have 2 raises in a short period of time. Mosser-sometimes we have things happen very quickly. But sometimes people correct their behavior quickly and this is why it is on a case by case basis. Bonnie-we wouldn’t withhold that. Jessica-you can always grieve it. Zach-it is grieveable. Mosser-the goal is to correct the behavior.

3. Advanced notice OT: Jess-They are giving advanced notice to our transport team only, for hospital coverage, it is only subsequent shift OT. Jason-members of transport receiving advanced notice as opposed to being offered at roll call. Mosser-this is addressed at our meetings in moose lake, we can talk about it there. Molly-actually this has been happening at St Peter. We can talk about it after as well.

New Agenda Items:

1. Drastic Increase in discipline affecting moral: Molly-This is causing bad moral. In some cases warranted but some stuff seems a little tedious. Why increase? Jess-seems like members are afraid to make a mistake. Mosser-we did hold confer with leadership and talked about process how they are initiated. We have had conversation and we are good at this site. Matt-how often are pre disciplinary being handed out prior to investigations? Mosser-that came up as well, you guys aren’t always notified about these. When we do fact finding, we try to resolve at lowest level as possible. It’s the more egregious situations that end up that way. Matt-staff usually contact us when these happen. Molly-we do have access to the files and see the chains. Matt-usually there is not any prior corrective actions like verbals and coachings. Bonnie-we also follow what moose lake does. We look at prior coachings and these are being done. Nancy-we haven’t changed our process in the way we do this. If there is an uptick, we can’t say why that is. Molly-members say they get the letters put in their file without being spoken to. I think they should be talked to if this happens. They should be notified, not just a passing conversation. Tim-last I looked at contract..Headlee-The union has access to all data collected for these disciplines. If we have to request all info we can but I think we should be afforded that stuff. I’d rather we do this as contract suggests to share in forefront. We can look it over. Tim L-we are only asking what is in their supervisory file. Side note: I would be willing to talk to you about what you think is tedious.  Molly-so it’s agreed that staff be notified? Troy-yes

2. MSOP Policy #115-5005: Staff Employment Expectations-C1-Staff have to notify the appointing authority within 24 hours of being incarcerated-Only get 3 minute calling card when put in jail-Expected to use the 3 minutes to call the employer, not family to notify them where you are or a bail bondsman to get your freedom back. Molly-I’ve been told that we can have input on these policies. It’s my understanding you get a 3 minute calling card. I’m wondering how realistic this policy is. Bonnie-we have allowed others to call in for staff, I don’t know where you think this is coming from. Matt-I know exactly a time where you guys fought us on this in the past. Bonnie-it says we must be notified. Not the staff must notify. Nancy-we can note that in policy to reflect that so it is more clear.

3. Uniforms-clothing and shoe option limited since new site, why? Jess-some members struggling to order pants. Went to sue she instructed to contact gulls directly. Backorders are excessive. Mosser-ill follow up with sue. Molly-this company was bought out by uniforms unlimited? Mosser-yes. Molly-why isn’t there the same selections. Mosser-maybe this would be better served in uniforms committee.

4. MSOP website-we receive phone calls at facility asking visiting hour questions, how to look up sex offenders to see where they are located, and other general questions. Could the website be enhanced for the public to access for general information, not only info about our program but general info about sex offenders in MN. Jess-wondering if the public site could be updated with information on visitor info, phone numbers, etc. Things that they won’t have to call the control center for. Nancy-we are updating this soon and we will look at doing this as well. Jess-a lot of other programs have the property policy on the public site also. This would be nice to add as well. Nancy-I think it’s on there but we can look at it.

5. But it now program-seems to never get updated. There are many items filling up shelf in ML and SP, not being advertised: Molly-people tend to forget its there. Mosser-I went to Charlie and this is the first he has heard of it. Matt-the reason we bring these things up is so membership can read it and have this info. Mosser-we can ask your assistance so we don’t have to wait until this meeting. Solutions for someone who is not at the table is kind of tough to do.

6. Training and staff developed/Staff here want to improve our skills in dealing with difficult situations, especially after recent assaults. We have no access to details into why or how these assaults occurred, emphasizing things that we could have done differently, or that we should do differently in future: Matt-we have developed a training fair and use real life situations through the safety committee. Training is developed around these. We would like to do this here for MSOP. Is anyone interested? Mosser-your safety membership committee meeting could be a good avenue for this. Matt-I’ll get more information on how this was developed.

Items Left off of agenda

1. Kitchen Post: Molly-Brandy is now the kitchen post? Troy-yes hours established to cover lunch and supper. Molly-ok, so that takes care of 2 as well.

2. Rec/Visit-3rd staff pulled to cover a lot. Interferes with ability to take breaks. Sharps being checked so many times. No access to printer or fridge in activity building.

3. Parking Lot and CPS lighting-staff have concerns over the amount lighting in the parking lots and outside of CPS: Michelle-I brought this up to Artman and he is going to look at those and I have requested funding to improve this. Nancy-we will follow up on that.

4. CPS Placements. Staff would like to get assigned to either East or West or Sunrise to avoid confusion at roll call: Molly-they just simply call off cps and its becoming a mess. Michelle-we would like the leads to manage that. I wanted to run that by you guys and we can talk about how at our next meeting. We don’t want to micro manage.

5. Trail Cameras: Tim L-There are a couple of them to monitor access down by the concrete barrier by 169.  They are MSH’s. We go back and forth to review. Just there. Matt-any plans on MSOP taking over access booth. Bonnie-yep, we are working with carol on a timeline. Looking at staffing to fill the area. Matt-ok, I know I heard you were looking at A-Team filling these. Bonnie-yes, but are looking at staffing.

Management Agenda Items:

1. OSI Briefings: Mosser-These are briefings on what has been going on for the month. Phones, etc. It’s a good forum to get up do date information every 30 days. This is a new venue. Its good info and erodes assumptions that some things aren’t being addressed with client accountability. Nancy-OSI is doing this for forensics as well.

2. CPS Cameras in visit room: Michelle-we have the cameras and Jesse is looking into putting those in.

3. Inverse numbers for July: Tim L- 45 inverses for 183 hours on first watch 2nd watch is 114 total hours. 3rd watch is 20 staff for 123 hours. 3rd watch has most vacancies. Bumping to 1st watch is helping. Not as many staff inversed but staff are usually there for the full 8 hours. It’s getting better. A lot of counselors starting in august.

4. Bonnie-The date has been set for staff appreciation for September 6th at Tomlinson. We have extended the hours. Headlee-are you guys going to join in on the job fairs. Tim L-yes.

Meeting adjourned at 1040am