5/11/17 MSOP Meeting Minutes

Present: Tim Headlee, Adam Castle, Matt Stenger, Tim Lokensgard, Crystal Kreklow, Tim Lokensgard, Bonnie Wold, Zack Swieja. Michelle Sexe, John Haller, Jessica Miller, Molly Kennedy, Mike Ghoeglin



New Agenda Items:

6. Transports-Policy about male and female staff. Feeling discriminated due to this being their bid area. Bathroom issues, volunteering, there is a new policy coming out. Bonnie-looking at it and making changes. Sexe-we will also be coming out with new forms that will clear things up.

1. SERP GRW’s-Hesse-We are wondering if management will support getting them into SERP. Bonnie-I will check with Kevin in Moose Lake. Hesse-there are requests from GMW’s, SDS’ getting into SERP as well.

2. Hospital coverage and right to know. Hesse-There was a client in the hospital and no one would tell staff why. It is concerning. I don’t see why we can’t know. Molly-some staff may have compromised health issues. We should know this stuff.  Ghoeghlin-at that time there weren’t any diagnoses so we didn’t have anything to share. When we did find out there wasn’t an issue. Molly- just for in the future. Mike G-we requested to have the clients wear a mask if there is a cough. Looking at other options for staff safety. Hesse-there are a lot of rumors. There was no specific info to share. Crystal-can we share that? Tim L- that’s what we did. Molly-it wasn’t shared. Hesse-it was asked by 1st watch staff but was told we can’t tell you that. Staff have the right to deny the work based in not feeling safe. Mike-we checked with the hospital to make sure staff was safe. We will share whatever info we can share. Molly-we understand HIPPA-but can we just share what we can please.

3. Bidding Errors-Staff recently offered a bid position and 5 days later it was taken back. Hesse-staff are rearranging lives based on these things and we realize there were meetings about this. Tim L-yes we have had meetings. Molly-its HR this is coming from St. Paul for order of bid. Any way we can have a safety net for the list? There is complicated language around it and not sure they know the parameters. Jessica-I will take that forward.

4. Scheduler Access from home-Hesse-Concern that if OS is newer than the state’s, it doesn’t work. Molly-JR said he hasn’t had many people come forward. Come forward to JR and give specifics on what is going on. Tim L-I haven’t heard anything for 6 months. I asked earlier about MAC’s and it’s difficult but there are ways. Send any issues to JR and he will give you instructions. Cell phones access. Tim L- it was originally proposed but it hasn’t been talked about. It is more money. Nothing has been mentioned at forensics either.

5.  Vacation calendar-Names pop up twice on the calendar and WOOC’s aren’t taken off before the pay period. Jr-WOOC end at any time so we can’t remove until just before I post the schedule. And double names don’t take an extra spot. Molly-didn’t we agree one posting ahead of time for WOOC? Tim L-if someone is saying that, let JR or anyone else know right away so we can contact the vendor. Stenger-is there a way we can set up to test it? Tim-we have a testing session set up. But in the moment contact JR or myself. JR-we just had an update that was supposed to fix some of those issues. Molly- we had talked about 2 weeks out from the posting WOOC taken off so staff can get that vacation from the posting. 2 weeks prior to the 28 days.

7. Inversing-Hesse-talked about 12 to 830s and 8 to 430’s being utilized when less senior people being inversed. 2nd watch people being inversed and seeing 830 staff leaving. Bonnie-so splitting the inverse? Hesse-if you were to get inversed till 1030. Tim L-only for inverses that are forced? Yes. If you find a volunteer, you still go home. Mike-so depending on that inverse is on a medical…Hesse-no, it’s not per contract but just throwing it out there. Bonnie-we will let you u know. Tim L- it’s one of those things that when you are inversed and staff come back and ask how long? Molly-and you don’t have to tell them. Mike G-OD may not have time to figure this stuff out. Hesse-Also for incident reporting is it considered an inverse. Required to stay after shift we agreed at negotiations last week. Bonnie-we will let you know after we discuss further. Molly-it does say in contract if you are staying after your shift. Headlee- so it’s mandated if you have to write your report.  Hesse-can we get the numbers of overtime and inverses? Tim L-I don’t have the information on hand. Molly-MSH has these numbers at our meeting so if we can get that from MSOP also. Tim-We can try to get that put together.

8. Non certification process-Hesse-it’s not a question but just how the process works-staff was handed a non cert and then allowed back and told “here are 3 jobs you can choose.” Tim L-we can put staff back into a vacancy. We were trying to be nice and gave options. Hesse-it was more of “you have to choose now.” It would be nice to have been given some time to decide.  Bonnie-this doesn’t happen very often but we are open to improving the process. Tim L-we can put them into any vacancy. Bonnie-if we offer a choice, we can allow until the end of the shift. Molly-could we have them do their watch at that time on a unit and then give them an option? Tim L-but we need to have them fill a vacancy and they are always changing. Stenger-what was the rush? Tim L-he chose to move to the shift. We knew he came from second but he chose the 3rd. Hesse-it was more of a shock due to the non cert then he was forced to make a hasty decision. Bonnie-we will try to figure out a process but if you guys have ideas we are open to that as well.

Add On-Hesse-A-team-asked about reviewing their duties a while back because they feel they have a lot on their plate. Since then there have only been additions after asking for a reduction. There are ICS’, room searches, coverage, other things that come up unexpectedly.  I have a list of duties A-Team thought could maybe be delegated. Also, the post order about Tomlinson walk through for every shift. Now there is a section on having to know all residential post duties also? Seems kind of overwhelming. Fire-fighting in Johnson hall? Mike G-basically the fire safety class we had years ago for First responders. Hesse-it’s part of the rumor mill. Mike G-Basically there’s a fire and an extinguisher and how to use it. It will be the A team for sure to start.

Bike patrols-Hesse-Middle of summer and they will be all geared up and very warm. Mike G-They don’t have to ride them, just a way to get from here to other places more quickly. Bonnie-they have been asking to use these.  Mike G-This isn’t for the shift. It’s if you want to take a bike to facilitate movement if desired. Hesse-they feel there are a lot of duties and a lack of morale. Mike G-ill look into it. Hesse-They have to go down to check bags in training room and being audited for this but it isn’t in the post order.  They heard they are being audited on it. Mike G-I’ll go through the post order but it’s part of making sure the equipment is ready when it is needed.

No items from management