4/13/17 MSOP Meeting Minutes

Present: Tim Headlee, Adam Castle, Matt Stenger, Tim Lokensgard, Michelle Breamer, Krystal Kreklow, Tim Benesch, Zack Swieja. Eric Hesse, Matt Stenger, Jessica Miller



New Agenda Items:

  1. LPN Weekend Scheduling-Michelle, this pay period she has moved some staff but in the past 2 weeks there have not been any inverses.  Only voluntary overtime. We are full for LPNs.

  2. .08 LPNs to FT- Can .8 be full time? Michelle- We would have to reclassify the positions but there are no plans at this time to do that. Matt-Could we do an MOU for anyone interested? Zack-we would have to take this to a different group but it’s something we can take back. .Jessica-Still just being reviewed for the 10 hour shifts

  3. CERP-GRWs-Eric-There is interest of GMWs and other maintenance getting into SERP. Tim L-we can take it to senior management to weight in. Zack-AFSCME can take this to the legislature. Eric-there is legislation in right now and said they would like to get support by DHS.  Commissioner would pursue this after senior management looks at it.

  4. Permanent Reassignments to 1st Watch-why is there another batch of 4 staff? Tim-they were dead bids again. We are only placing people into dead bids.  Since we have done this, there are two more now. Eric-staff are getting off probation and they have bidding rights so they are bidding out right away and it is a vicious cycle. Tim L-yeah they have been.  Eric- new hires and temporary assigned people. Tim L-we have been and it was following contract and it gives us this language.  Matt-yeah, continue to follow contract. Eric-it’s going to continue if you aren’t hiring for positions. Tim L-We aren’t hiring because we are following bumping procedure.  Krystal-why not hire into the spot? Tim-we were hiring into them. The issue was that they have to train on days first and then probation so that is 3 to 4 months on days and the hole on overnight sits there. It takes another month and a half to hire new staff. Then we are talking 6 months and have to backfill.  We just go back to contract language and it’s a vicious cycle either way. Tim-this has been the cleanest way to do because we have done this many ways so we just need to follow contract. Stenger-ever looked into 4-10s because that has worked in MSH. Tim-we have looked at other options for something desirable.  Hesse-letting people know didn’t happen that were on the bubble. Krystal-we were supposed to let the 4 least senior people know and then post the roster so they knew. Zack-this is how it was presented. Hesse-just letting people know would be nice. There are people in day care and takes a month to reschedule these. It takes a lot of routes to get to the roster on the homepage. Tim H-Does that sound fair? There is a lot for new staff, I realize its more work but is it something we can do? Jessica-we can take it back. Tim H-I would rather be prepared if I was a new staff. Hesse-people were telling me they weren’t told at all. Tim L-when I started you knew where you were.  You kind of just paid attention to where you were at.  When we bumped every month, as it becomes routine this will play out more smoothly. We will look at it and figure it out.

  5. A-Team Training-Hesse-The concern is there are no specific duties trained during the training. Like zones or duties during shift. Where things are if something happens. Tim L-I understand, it’s only the training not just what we do. Will follow up and let the supervisor know.

  6. Steward Contacting-some OD’s are not going through Hesse, Molly, and Mike before less experienced stewards. Especially if there is a non cert or discipline. If we are on duty then get us. Tim L-you can bring back to stewards to tell you they aren’t comfortable as well but I will try to tell od’s to please try to get an experienced steward with non certs and investigations.  Matt-this is how care and CBHH do it. An email goes to all 4.  Jessica-do you want us to send these to more than just Eric and Matt? Tim-this is a problem if people are off and such but we will touch base with MSH.

  7. Inversing Rules-Hesse-When an incident happens at end of shift and goes past shift, OD’s are saying it’s not an inverse. Tim-that is an expectation to fill out report and pay overtime. Matt-per contract, if required to stay any amount it is inverse.  Zack-I don’t think it is an inverse in Moose Lake. Tim L-we will follow up on it-Matt-(reading from contract) says required to stay is contractual Tim L-they are required but it says least senior and this isn’t a least senior issue. Hesse-any time required to stay beyond is an inverse. Tim L-I will look into it. Hesse- it was an ICS.

  8. Taking Inverses/Hospital Coverage-There are discrepancies with inverses with least seniors and hospital coverage. Some staying all night and some not. Hesse-I know it’s not per contract, but it would be nice for OD if there are times when they will be at hospital later to inverse a least senior for that. Tim L-I can touch base with OD’s to try to send the person scheduled later but we sometimes don’t know. Some OD’s are saying when you are inversed after a double it is ok because you mutualed voluntarily. Tim L-okay I will look into it as it relates to 24 in 48. OD is saying only a short shift but when staff gets back they have to stay. Tim-we should be saying this is for the entire shift. Hesse-just clear up the confusion. 

  9. CPS separation?-Tim B-We cut down on clients in the perimeter by offering more modules outside except for 3.  This has cut down on traffic.  For total separation we need bonding and this is quite a ways away. Tim B-mentoring is a big deal and providing support but we recognize the pain it causes staff in the perimeter.

  10. Coaching Conversations-Hesse-These are being emailed to an employee by a supervisor. If it’s important for the file it should be one on one. Tim L-I agree and will let them know. We are trying to have more of a relationship with our staff. Unless it is a follow up, emails shouldn’t happen. If it rises to that point, what we can do to help has to be face to face. Tim B-Is this in cps or inside? Hesse inside.

  11. Staff Morale-Hesse-talking to membership they feel they are not being supported and supervisors are not taking accountability and shifting issues to staff. Only time they see their supervisor is if they are being talked to or disciplined. CPS is constantly changing policies. The level of dead bids maybe speaks to this. Encourage management to get out and talk to staff. Tim L-if you have ideas to improve, let us know. I know we work in a difficult environment and the difficulties with where we work. We are all for listening to solutions. Hesse-we need to feel like more than just numbers. Walk around was consistent all over. Tim H-we have done questionnaires.  Tim L-we can bring to employee engagement?  Tim L-committee has been working diligently on check in meetings other than just “how you doing.”  Be there to say more than just work related. Tim L-Any ideas I am all ears. Bonnie is on board and we get the more people engaged and the more they enjoy the more they will stay. Makes for a better work environment.

  12. Meet and Confer-Hesse-we don’t have our full embodiment because people are not being released. What’s the issue? We know what day it is every month. Matte-JR has the calendar of who needs to be here. Tim L-OK. Tim H-Do we know it’s up to 7?  Management in MSH requested we go to 7. I don’t get it. How can we make it work? Tim L-I know when I was scheduler. She sent out full year and you still do that? Yes. Ok.  It just helped out for dates within the full year. On the hill they even said 8 not just 7 staff.

  13. Cameras in Staff Areas-Matt-we gave you the conversation they had that staff areas are negotiated.  When can we sit down and talk about these and where are you on this before they go in? Every meeting when you guys are at the legislature asking for money. Cameras are stated as they are for patient safety. Work areas are not part of that when you are asking.  Tim H-we have the right to negotiate that. We can all take a look at that and find best way to situate cameras.  Not very cost affective not to. MSH gave us blue prints and there was only one problem because it doesn’t accomplish the safety piece. Common courtesy. Let’s avoid it beforehand. Tim L-We will talk about it and figure out.

  14. PX1S VA Incontinence-Hesse-There is a concern with Pexton 1 South that they have to lift up the mattress to check for incontinence. They are not CNA’s and this doesn’t sound like a counselor duty. Written in IAPP that staff have to check the mattress to see if he was incontinent during the night. Tim L--I will talk to Michelle about it and can talk to clinical about it as well.

  15. Rec visit audits-staff is concerned with supervisors knowing that the staff are other places before they get audited so they know what is going on before any type of reprimand. Sometimes staff are other places helping out and OD’s might not be aware of it. Tim L-audits are done just to see what’s going on. But if an issue comes up we will ask.

  16. Response to assaults-Hesse-It has been brought up with concerns about watching the video twice. Once by a non-supervisor who also said they wouldn’t critique anything but did. And again by the supervisor. Once is fine but more than that is overkill. This was basically the straw that broke camel’s back. The staff actually found a different job due to this. Tim L-We will look into it.  Tim H-There is not a feeling of being singled out if the team is brought in like MSH. Tim L-we do debrief and do incident reviews. A team will do them along with Moose Lake together.  We don’t have as many as Moose Lake. Tim H-If it’s a feel good thing, we can project to safety committee. Hesse-the indirect supervisor was one on one with the staff involved.


    Management Agenda Items:

  1. Nothing

    Meeting adjourned at 11am.