8/11/16 MSOP Meeting Minutes

Attendees: Bonnie Wold, Tim Lokensgard, Troy Sherwood, Jessica Rhodes, Tim Headlee, Matt Stenger, Molly kennedy, Tim Benesch, Adam Castle, Joann Holden, Eric Hesse



  1. Role of RT on Community Outings

    Reports of RT’s not participating in scheduled groups, then covered by security staff.

    Wold-Spoke to the RT Supervisor, she is unaware of it happening and will keep an eye on it.  Please report occurrences to Karen Doran as they happen.

  2. Construction Update

    CPS is on track for clients to move in on September 6th. Clients from Moose Lake will be coming down on the 25th of August.

  3. Scheduler able to see from home.  No update yet. I.T. and the scheduler are working out the issues.  Let know Lokensgard know of any specific issues. The contract with the vendor is expired as of October 1st. Then the maintenance phase will be underway.  Tim Lokensgard updates Storkamp of the scheduler issues. Send him specific issues you are having so they can be addressed and write a level 2 Incident report. 

  4. Kitchen being a vocational placement and covered by vocational. Sherwood-There is no funding at this time but will look at moving duties with the growth of the program.

  5. Dialysis. Wold – The staff was chosen to provide the escort of the client due to having good rapport with the client.  The client was not participating in Dialysis which was life threatening.

  6. Timeliness of notification to the employee on the results of an investigation. Rhodes-Apologizes for anyone who this affected.  The processes are changing and will be mindful of the issues.

  7. No response to emails regarding temporary assignments. Rhodes-Was a misunderstanding of the process and will work to fix the issue.

  8. Advanced Overtime taken away to inverse instead. Lokensgard-This should only be happening when we are running out of people and it is necessary to not violate the contract.

  9. Update on increasing uniform allotment.  No update until the 18th or 19th of August. Mosser-other agencies have been increasing the allotment. We will probably be doing the same.

  10. Dialysis-Notification to employee if put on extra shift/why change from 2 staff to 1? Management will follow up with Haller to make sure of notification and will also look into reasoning the minimum went from 2 to 1 staff for the trip.

  11. Training-Notification to employees if signed up for training. Sherwood-Training department is going through shortages and are working out the issues caused by this.

  12. New Employees-Not getting assigned primary job coaches. Sherwood-They will be assigned primary job coaches from now on.

  13. Awareness-Council 5 AFSCME Convention September 22nd through September 24th-Delegates will be decided at next membership meeting.  Send interest to Adam Castle before the next meeting.  You must have the days off in order to attend.

  14. Quarterly Operations Report-Moose Lake-Security Counselor Interns in Moose Lake is in the works. (not St. Peter)

  15. ½ Hour Breaks and Short Notice Vacations- Moose Lake- Staff are being forced to go on break before they leave if taken 3 hours into shift.  Mosser-will look into the issue.

  16. Uniforms- Shipping Charges being billed to staff allowances-Shipping does not apply to staff. Send email to Katie Hildebrandt if you have been billed.  This will be credited back.


        There has been a lot of ETL being used by staff lately.  Please pay attention to your accruels. ETL will be investigated if you go over your sick hours!

        Bonnie would like to thank membership for the 5 volunteers who agreed to move to 1st watch.                 No one was forced to switch.


        -AFSCME would like to make an MOU for the 24 in 48 rule which would change the rule for staff who work 10 hour shifts.  Change the rule to be no more than 26 hours in a 48 hour period.  Management agrees and will bring this to Cindy Jungers.

        -Staff is wondering if the 8-430 shift and the 12-1030 shifts are being utilized for inverses. Management will look into this.  These shifts are irregular and cause scheduling issues when pertaining to inverses.  Will look into it.

        -Staff whom are inversed would like to be released at the top of the hour at end of shift instead of staying for the half hour overlap.  Saves overtime and also helps staff.  Management is open to the idea and will look into it.