8/13/15 MSOP Meeting Minutes


1. Searching employees in the front lobby of the facility at the end of the shift. • Bonnie Wold stated that if an employee is kept beyond their shift, they should be paid overtime per the contract.

2. A-team doing the searches • Management stated at July’s meeting that they would follow up with this item. Tim Lokensgard told the OD’s to be available during searches.

3. Getting the divot in the concreate fixed in Zone 10. • This is getting fixed tomorrow (Friday, August 14th).

4. New scheduling system and updates ( go over how vacation is requested and accruals) • Management stated that we are getting closer. AFSCME asked for an approximate roll out date and said that with the current scheduling system going down, the sooner the better. Management said that there are no tentative dates but they will know more next week. They are working on getting some issues resolved with the vendor. • The current scheduling system went down because of IT and server related errors. • The new program will be hooked up with sema4.

5. Supplemental/Master contract getting voted on. How some items will need to be discussed if voted through? • There is a tentative agreement on the master and supplemental contracts. Is there a final version of the supplemental? Cindy Jungers thought that the final was completed between Melissa Greszcyk and Jo Pels. AFSCME 404 said that they have not seen it yet for final approval. • Molly Kennedy asked about the new language with mutualing to doubles and if language states an employee can use a half hour of vacation. Without having the new language in front of them, Cindy was not able to say with certainty as this part of the supplemental language is not yet in effect. Matt Stenger believed it was in the language.

6. Voting Aug 19-22 • There will be different voting sites across the state for the master contract.

7. AFSCME Convention Oct.1st – October 3rd • Molly Kennedy talked to the scheduler to see if there is any extra room with staffing on these dates. Molly has not received that answer yet. So far all delegates going have approved vacation.

8. Lawsuit • AFSCME asked what the climate has been like and how the facilities look. Bonnie Wold stated that it was discussed at an earlier meeting with Moose Lake. There was one client in Moose Lake that did some mumbling. It has been surprisingly quiet. • The Judge came out with some new dates and deadlines today. Bonnie thought but was not for sure that two dates were September 18th and 21st. The Judge would like to know then what the plan is going forward and what changes will be made.


1. Employee Appreciate Day • This will be on September 15th. Things are going to be done differently this time. The Employee Engagement Committee has been going around taking a survey of what staff would like to see. If you have any ideas please contact someone on that committee.