5/21/15 MSOP Meeting Minutes

Present: Cindy Jungers, Melissa DuChene, Zacharie Sowieja, Bonnie Wold, Troy Sherwood, Tim Lokensgard, Scott Grefe, Matt Stenger, Molly Kennedy, Amanda Mathiowetz



1. A thank you to AFSCME for supplemental negotiations last week. Thought it went very well.

2. Lawsuit

a. There was a memo posted on the homepage May 20th about the pending lawsuit. Management stated that they know there is anxiety among staff. They are looking at if it would be helpful to go to some roll call meetings to talk to staff.

b. Management asks that if anyone hears or over hears anything from the clients about the lawsuit or any behavioral issues to let senior management know ASAP. Stated that it is good to be prepared.



1. Job description responsibility, transports

a. Due to a larger client regularly being transported for medical appointments, word was received by the transport team that it would possibly be an expectation for them to be able to push 500 lbs. AFSCME stated that pushing that amount of weight in a wheelchair on a smooth surface is not a problem. AFSCME asked that there always be 2 staff on these transports because getting in or out of the vehicle will be a problem for 1. Currently this client is not a phase 3 so there will be 2 staff but if that should happen, AFSCME would like to make sure that this specific client still have appointments with 2 staff. Management stated that they will reassess if this client reaches that point in treatment.

2. Breaks

a. There was a tentative agreement with last week’s supplemental negotiations that would allow staff to mutual to doubles. Molly Kennedy mentioned that getting rid of the half hour unpaid breaks could make this easier. AFSCME said that it seems we have gone to great lengths to make these half hour breaks work. Stated that we understand roll call is an important piece and that it would be great to manage a way to do this without an overlap. Bonnie Wold stated, “Duly noted.”

3. Overtime and inverse notifications

a. AFSCME has received complaints from the members stating that they are taking someone’s inverse or pre-assigned overtime but on their way in receive a call from the OD saying they are no longer needed. Some of the members have made a 30 mile drive. This has happened to one staff 3 times. AFSCME asked that when staff are inversed if the OD could give a heads up at what time they may be done. This, of course, would not be a guarantee. Management stated that they are unable to do this because it has not gone favorably in the past. Sometimes the needs of the facility change or staff go home sick. Tim Lokensgard said that when they have tried to do this before staff have been upset if they are not out at that tentative time. There are no guarantees for overtime. Cindy Jungers said that she gets why it makes sense to give a heads up but because this has not worked out before management will need to brainstorm.

b. AFSCME suggested using the call in language in the contract. Management stated that they will talk about it.

4. New scheduling system update

a. Tim Lokensgard said that there is a kick off meeting scheduled for June 16th that Scott Grefe is invited to. Due to Scott retiring the beginning of June, he suggested Molly Kennedy take his place at this meeting.

b. Starting June 22nd fit gap meetings will begin. This is when the vendor comes and will want to know if the product is meeting what we would like.

c. The program will be loaded with the new supplemental language and old. The rules will be in the software but not implemented.

d. There will be a testing phase and pilot phase before fully implemented.

e. The timeframe according to the vendor is by the end of this calendar year the software will be live for MSOP. This will be for AFSCME, MAPE, and MNA.

5. Update on MSOP vacant positions

a. This has been a staple on the agenda because it is forever changing. AFSCME would like to get a scope of where we are at. Cindy Jungers will be emailing a list to Molly Kennedy. Cindy asked how often she should send this list, Molly said that monthly would be fine. There has not been much movement lately.

b. The RTA (Request to Announce) got posted on the DOER site for Security Counselors. This gives the opportunity to go through the interview process before July. AFSCME asked if they plan on hiring a lot in July. Management stated that they would like to hire into our dead bids but are waiting. There are now 9 dead bids.

6. Impress Card

a. Molly Kennedy had spoken to Liz Barbo about this before the meeting and Liz stated she was unaware of any issues.

b. Molly presented one example she had just received from staff. Approximately 3 months ago there was a trip at Olive Garden. The staff took 2 Impress cards in case one did not have enough money. Both cards were declined and Olive Garden comp’d the meals. Management stated that there should have been Incident Reports done on this so they can fix the issue. Management encourage staff to let them know of situations where they have had issues with the Impress cards.

c. 3 of the coffee shops the clients visit do require people to purchase something otherwise it is considered loitering. AFSCME requested that staff be able to use the Impress cards at these vendors. Management said that they are trying to get a list together of places who have a purchase requirement.

7. Supplemental negotiation agreements

a. AFSCME asked if anything will be posted about the changes coming with the tentative agreement on the supplemental. Right now the supplemental negotiations are in the drafting process with the tentative agreement language. Both sides must then approve the draft. Bonnie Wold said that she is ok with putting something on the homepage but Cindy Jungers will need to ask the questions regarding when they can do this. AFSCME can inform members but management is not sure they can make an official announcement without a signed final copy. The agreement right now is tentative.

8. ETL

a. Recently it has come up where an employee was found to have abused their sick time a while ago so they were told they had to use ETL. The employee received an oral reprimand without being told as well. AFSCME pointed out that this is essentially giving the employee an oral reprimand and a 1-day suspension. AFSCME has been seeing this in MSH as well. Our contract is very prescriptive about what to do if someone is abusing sick time and it does not say anything about taking time away from them on Page 18 of the contract. Scott Grefe said that in this case and all cases of this, you have disciplined the person twice. 8 hours of time away is one of the major disciplines used, aka a suspension. In this case it is done without an investigation. It is a back door way to get to a discipline. If we are going to say that policy supersedes contract then why have the contract? If the employer doesn’t like something in the contract and then writes a policy that goes against, that is not ok. This is organized labor. The order is law, contract with the employer, then policy.