10/9/14 MSOP Meeting Minutes

Present: Bonnie Wold, Troy Sherwood, Cindy Jungers, Scott Grefe, Molly Kennedy, Mike Homer, Matt Stenger, Tim Headlee, Amanda Mathiowetz


Follow Up Items:

1. Vacation proposal a. This would not be contractual per management because vacation would be requested over a year in advance. b. Right now blocks of 40 or more hours are held for 7 days. If someone requests part of those 7 days, it has been being held for an additional 7 days. AFSCME requested that the additional 7 days stop because in some cases vacation approvals have been held up for 3-4 weeks. Management stated that they would pass this along.

2. Physical requirements for new hires a. The union asked for an update on the progress of functional job descriptions, specifically if there is yet any outcome. HR explained the contract work that began at the end of Septmeber will likely take several months to complete. Security Counselors, Security Counselor Leads, and A-Team are in the process of being evaluated. Things like pushing a wheel chair and lifting a fire extinguisher were looked at. The contractor continues to gather measurements right now. It will be a few months before any draft functional job descriptions are presented for review.

New Items:

1. 1st watch control center inversing and training a. There are two staff on 1st Watch Control Center that are the same rotation. With only 4 staff in Control and 1 residential the union presented this could be a problem. Management agreed to look into this. b. A light training is being worked on to cover the breaks for Control Center. These people will only be used for training. They will not have to work full shifts and will not be inversed to 2nd Watch Control Center. c. 1st Watch staff cross trained in Control Center have been inversed when there are Control Center trained staff scheduled to work 2nd watch. Management stated that they would pass the word to the OD’s that the least senior should be inversed in these situations to cover the 2nd watch cross trained staff.

2. 1 radio per office – look at different options a. Some areas (i.e. Count Office) would benefit from having more than one radio. Staff have been checking out radios from Control Center leaving them short. Control has been holding on to one radio and should continue to do so. b. Management stated that they would take a look at the different offices and who needs two radios. Clinical staff should be using these during their groups and share within their office. The plan is to get more radios the next fiscal year. c. Please submit any ideas to Tim Lokensgard. Will continue to problem solve.

3. Update on new scheduling program a. There has been word that MSH and MSOP may pilot a new scheduling program. Bonnie Wold stated that per Tim Lokensgard they are still negotiating prices. Has not heard of a program being piloted nor has anyone on the Management Team received an email about this.

4. Accommodations for people who have physical restrictions (IOD) 5. If someone is trained in an area that would meet light duty can they work there until the doctor clears them? Per Human Resources this is very individual and depends on the restriction. They are always in favor of keeping people at work by following the Light Duty Policy, which provides different guidelines for workers’ comp versus non workers’ comp injuries. It is different if the restriction is determined as ongoing or permanent. HR stated they would not discuss further at this table due to medical documentation being protected health information.Mentioning disciplines in our annual reviews

5. AFSCME has received word that a few Security Counselors received annual reviews mentioning disciplines. Per Human Resources this should not be happening because discipline can be removed per contract.A coaching session is not a discipline. If this is in a review it is encouraged that the supervisor words it as, “this was addressed” to not identify what method. b. If staff have concerns please contact your supervisor or HR.

6. Approved Sick Leave – Doctors’ appointments a. Recently a doctor’s appointment obtained within the pay period has been unexcused. In the contract it is not stated that appointments have to be scheduled outside of the posted schedule. This should not be in the same category as calling in before your shift. HR said they were aware this is AFSCME’s position and would again share with DHS HR Leadership.