8/14/14 MSOP Meeting Minutes

Present: Tim Lokensgard, Bonnie Wold, Scott Grefe, Molly Kennedy, Troy Sherwood, Amanda Mathiowetz, Tim Headlee, John Knobbe, Cindy Jungers, Kari Matson


New Items:

1. Items placed in your supervisory file and paper copy being available. Items being placed in your file without employee being notified. a. There have been a couple instances reported to AFSCME by staff where they have had items pulled out of their supervisory file to find that the items were not removed when the file was reviewed a year later. These instances were done in error and a reminder on the process will be given to supervisors at the next daily Supervisor Meeting. b. It was reported to AFSCME that some staff have found items in their supervisory file that they did not feel should be in there or was that serious and they were not notified situation would be documented in their file. Human Resources stated that anytime a supervisor has a conversation with an employee it can be a coaching session and the supervisor is not required to make the employee aware of this. It was agreed that it is good for the employee to know this information. c. The process to view your supervisory and personnel files begins by contacting Human Resources to have both emailed to you. If anything is found that can be contractually removed the employee should make that request through HR. The contractual items will be removed if the request is alignment with contract language. Items that are will have to be approved by the direct supervisor. When approved, the items that should be removed will either be returned to the staff or shredded (which the staff can witness upon request) by the supervisor depending on staff preference.

2. Promotion dates, did the new A-team lead get moved to a lead spot faster than those offered prior but waiting to move? Is there a way to move people together or in the order they accept promotion? a. AFSCME would like the date a Security Counselor gets offered and accepts a Security Counselor Lead position be the start date. The class seniority date has been the date the SC starts working the SCL position. The reason AFSCME would like this change is because if SC A accepts a SCL position August 14th and SC B accepts a SCL position August 15th then SC A does not get moved into the SCL position until September 15th but SC B gets moved September 1st. Now SC B has more seniority. b. Human Resources agrees that when the business needs make sense, the movement can occur this way. However, when business needs require a promotional move to occur sooner than other candidates, that will happen. AFSCME stated that there is a supplemental in the contact that would make the date offered the correct seniority date. HR said this would not be their interpretation but would take the info back to DHS HR Leadership for follow up. 1. Follow up received: The Appointing Authority interprets the definition of Class Seniority on page 2 of the contract to apply to positions in Unit 4 since the Forensics Supplemental Agreement states Article 4, Section 1, of Master is changed as follows: . . . Security Counselors and Security Counselor Leads in St. Peter only will refer to Class Seniority.

3. Contingency plans for following the results of the law suits? a. Scott Grefe stated that there is a ruling from the judge that overall states, in his opinion, “I will rule on it but don’t make me.” There is a possibility that business as usual will be no longer so AFSCME asked management if there is a plan if that does happen. Bonnie Wold stated that they do not have a contingency plan but rather are waiting for definite direction as a result of the rulings.

4. Number of WOC positions and number of open/dead positions. Staffing numbers in general. a. There is 1 WOC, 2 dead positions, 6 posted open, 9 SC’s in training/non-coverage, 3 SC’s starting in September, 1 on LOA. 5. AFSCME Council 5 Convention a. The convention is September 11th – September 13th. HR said they will work with Scheduling to look at staff numbers on each watch during that time and let AFSCME know if they can time off for those who are unable to mutual.

Follow Up Items:

1. The employee engagement survey results and moving forward. a. AFSCME expressed concern with how low “my opinion is valued in the workplace” is. Management is putting together a committee to work on the survey results and come up with solutions. There will be members from all departments. The Security Counselors on this committee will be Justina Roach and Jon Hibbard. Not sure on the first date this committee will meet yet. b. Employee Response rate: 53% (2,457) Highest Positive Responses DCT Mean DHS Mean % Negative Neither Agree or Disagree % Positive Prefer not to answer I strive to do my best at work every day. 4.5 4.5 0.9% 2.4% 95.8% 0.9% I believe I do good work for DHS and for the people we serve. 4.4 4.4 1.4% 3.0% 95.1% 0.5% I understand how my work helps to achieve the department’s mission. 4.2 4.2 5.1% 7.2% 87.3% 0.5% I believe DHS’ work helps people in Minnesota 4.2 4.2 3.1% 9.8% 86.2% 1.0% I take advance of opportunities to continually develop my skills and improve my work performance. 4.1 4.1 2.7% 11.2% 85.7% 0.4% Note: “% Negative” combines the responses of those who Strongly Disagree or Disagree. “% Positive” combines the responses of those who Agree or Strongly Agree. Mean is calculated based on a numerical value assigned to the scale (“1=Strongly Disagree”, “2=disagree”, “3=neither agree nor disagree”, “4=agree”, “5=Strongly Agree”)

Lowest Positive Responses DCT Mean DHS Mean % Negative Neither Agree or Disagree (3) % Positive Prefer not to answer DHS’ management effectively communicates the goals and priorities of the agency to employees. 3.5 3.4 19.4% 23.0% 57.0% 0.8% I hardly ever think about leaving DHS for a job in another organization. 3.4 3.3 24.4% 21.2% 52.9% 2.0% My opinion is valued in the workplace. 3.4 3.5 23.0% 21.7% 54.6% 0.9% I often get so absorbed in my work that I lose track of time. 3.4 3.5 22.1% 29.1% 48.3% 0.6% I can influence changes in my workplace. 3.3 3.3 24.3% 23.0% 52.1% 0.8% Note: “% Negative” combines the responses of those who Strongly Disagree or Disagree. “% Positive” combines the responses of those who Agree or Strongly Agree. Mean is calculated based on a numerical value assigned to the scale (“1=Strongly Disagree”, “2=disagree”, “3=neither agree nor disagree”, “4=agree”, “5=Strongly Agree”)

Job Satisfaction DCT Mean DHS Mean % Negative Neither Agree or Disagree % Positive Prefer not to answer Overall, I am satisfied with my job. 3.7 3.7 13.6% 14.6% 69.9% 2.1%

Note: Respondents were asked to rank their top three choices. Other choices included: better relationship with immediate supervisor/manager and co-workers, greater clarity about agency needs and why, greater clarity about their own work preference and career goals, variety in work, and more challenging work.

2. Having staff be more aware of clients with medical conditions, especially when transporting them. a. This is with Nancy and Shelby and is in the research process right now. b. If staff are on an outing with a client and something does happen either call an ambulance or drive the client to the closest hospital. 1. There are no plans to identify client’s w/medical conditions (such as coded badge, etc.). Staff have been notified to talk to Health Services, primary therapist, etc. An email was sent today asking about the many layers of clicking required to access records per instructions on the home page. Will keep you posted as to whether or not there is a more streamlined method.

3. Additional vacation spot on 1st watch a. There has been a need for an additional vacation slot expressed by 1st watch staff due to 1 of the 2 vacation slots this summer being occupied by a staff with a lot of seniority. AFSCME asked that the number increase by 1 from May – September. Management stated that they will continue to assess vacation. 4. Security Counselor Addendum a. Jannine Hebert has written a revised position description for Security Counselors. Please read below: MSOP Position Description: Addendum


The person in this position is expected to support and demonstrate the MSOP principles of personal accountability, respect for others and community responsibility through their position responsibilities and professional relationships with clients, MSOP and DHS employees as well as community colleagues.
In order to provide a consistent and therapeutic environment, the incumbent will interact with clients in a professional manner which models pro-social and therapeutic behavior, utilizing warm, empathetic, rewarding and directive interactions.

b. AFSCME offered two suggestions for changes. 1st – The 2nd paragraph be deleted. 2nd – There be a period after “behavior” and the rest be deleted. “Warm, empathetic, rewarding and directive interactions” is more of a training than position description. This is not consistent with State of Minnesota position descriptions and leaves an open space for interpretation. c. There will be a CBT based off of this and the matrix cards. d. HR shared the direction for this PD addendum came from Jannine Hebert, MSOP Executive Clinical Director and is based on mandatory training that all MSOP employees must take. HR agreed to take AFSCME’s feedback to MSO Senior Management. Management is not sure if this can be changed. Scott Grefe requested that they let him know by September 5th if this will be changed or not because if not, the next avenue will be taken. 1. Follow Up: MSOP Leadership does not plan to change the wording of the addendum.


1. Veteran’s Day on Tuesday (heavy day) a. A head’s up that there will be a lot of staff scheduled off this day.