7/10/14 MSOP Meeting Minutes

Present: Tim Headlee, Scott Grefe, Molly Kennedy, John Knobbe, Matt Stenger, Amanda Mathiowetz, Troy Sherwood, Tim Lokensgard, Bonnie Wold, Liz Barbo, Cindy Jungers


1. Overtime found by OD 10 minutes into the next watch. Inversing vs subsequent shift sign up a. For example, if a staff does not show up at 6am the OD has been inversing instead of looking at the subsequent overtime sign up list. Tim Lokensgard said that this will be cleaned up and fixed.

2. Making the overtime and inversing list visible for AFSCME employees a. When an overtime issue is grieved it is difficult for the union to get all of the facts. Would like for information like dates and names to be more accessible. Management stated the requests need to be submitted as a data request to HR and the relevant information will then be provided. AFSCME said that there is a current request that has not been responded to and HR said that would be taken care of.

3. Last name on badges a. As of July 10th this was with DCT leadership. They are looking at if they can make a decision themselves or if this has to go through all of DHS.

4. Survey Results a. The staff survey results are with the Senior Management Team and DCT. They are looking to identify 2 or 3 areas that need improvement and will then form a small group to work on these areas. This group will come up with a plan. b. Results are not available for release yet and management has not heard when it will be ready. Human Resources will look further into this.

5. A way to make staff more aware of clients with medical conditions a. This has been sent to MSOP leadership and legal. b. Bonnie Wold has spoken to Health Services about this and received the answer that this is on a need to know basis. The Kitchen and Health Services does have access. c. It is up to the client if they would like to wear a necklace to identify their health issues. Health Services have made the clients aware of this. d. Are staff on trips liable? Per management they are not. If something should happen, staff should call for an ambulance or take the client to the hospital. There will be more to come on this issue. e. Clients are allowed to carry EpiPen’s. It is a SAM able med. If the client does not have these privileges that information would be in their individual plan.

6. NOCS shift gaining 1 vacation slot a. Management will look into this.