5/8/14 MSOP Meeting Minutes

Cindy Jungers, John Knobbe, Matt Stenger, Tim Headlee, Molly Kennedy, Scott Melby, Scott Grefe, Tim Lokensgard, Bonnie Wold, Liz Barbo, Amanda Mathiowetz, Kim Franek


1. Event Letters for a grievant a. In order for things to run smoothly, if a grievant is coming in and needs an Event Letter AFSCME should put that through.


1. Ability to mutual to a double shift a. Management has no further information on this. At Joint Labor Management Scott Grefe requested a reason as to why this is not happening in writing. Management and HR had no answer except that it should be negotiated. AFSCME has negotiated this in the past based on the current language that employees may agree to mutually exchange shifts. b. John Knobbe asked for a reason in writing again. Human Resources said that they would not provide this but will forward the request and provide follow up. c. Scott Grefe informed management that if we do not receive an answer on this, AFSCME will have to take it to arbitration.

2. The process in which a lead position is offered a. A reminder to management that when a staff is offered a promotional lead spot, it should be offered by seniority and then put into that position based off of seniority. When management asked if there were any current situations that didn’t reflect this request, AFSCME said there was not.

3. Releasing staff to leave in order of seniority when on volunteer overtime and on site a. Management will implement this based on staff being capable and qualified for the overtime situation. The most senior person on voluntary overtime will be asked if they would like to stay or go and then move down. First, staff inversed will be sent home. Then if all voluntary overtime staff want to stay, the least senior staff will go home.

4. Update an additional positions a. There was one 4 10hr shift position added to the outings team with Wednesday, Thursday, Friday’s off. If everyone from the Outings Team is here, there are three staff every day from 12pm-10pm except for Wednesdays with 2. b. There is no need for additional positions at this time.

5. Update on the opening of Shantz east side of Control Center a. We are moving ahead. Clients are moving to Shantz 2 East May 8th, and 1 East the following Thursday (May 15th). No additional Moose Lake clients will be coming the week of May 19th. Moves from Moose Lake will pick up the week after in groups of 3’s or 4’s every 2 weeks until a total of 20 have moved. Watch the homepage for updates. b. Shantz Control Center went partially live today, May 8th. This will be a process to troubleshoot. Clients will begin to conduct all movement through Shantz once the Count Coordinator is moved, Transport Team is moved, and Shantz Control Center has completely transferred to Master Control. c. Transport Vans will most likely be parked in front of the Shantz Building by the front pedestrian gate.

6. Sunrise update a. The East Wing will be CPS. There have been rumors of this not happening but it is going to happen. There will be 10 additional beds, 2 bedrooms with 5 beds each. This is not considered a construction project because it was minor changes like paint and cameras being added. b. These updates are anticipated to be finished mid-June with licensing July 1st. c. The team has identified 8 clients who will be moving to Sunrise. Bids have been filled to this area as well. d. Clients who do not have full privileges will be able to go back and forth between CPS only unaccompanied. When this happens, staff will call the other area to make them aware. e. Requesting bonding for additional construction on lower campus for Green Acres West and Sunrise East for 7.4 million. Nothing has been approved yet.

7. Prices of uniforms unlimited and yearly allowance increase a. It has been 5-7 years since they have increased their prices. Management will not be increasing the yearly allowance. The date for full compliance was extended to 2016 because of the increase in price. b. Mentioned in April to look at a cotton blend shirt. This will be brought up to Jaime Fromm.

8. Eliminating positions seen on the home page. Are there plans for a lay off? a. There has been staff who reported seeing something on the homepage about a possible lay off. Management has not heard anything about this. This could have possibly been an email from the Commissioner.

9. Staffing numbers in Control Center. Issues giving breaks on the NOCS shift. a. On the NOCS shift it has happened repeatedly where staff are unable to receive a break in the Control Center and must take a half hour overtime instead. Management will be looking further into this. It should not be normal practice. b. As of right now the plan is to staff 2 in Shantz Control, 2 in Pexton with 1 reporting to Zone 5 as needed. Pexton Control will still be fielding calls from the public, have tool inventories, visitors, etc. Will the Zone 5 staff still be reporting to Zone 10? Management stated that this will be a process and will have to evaluate as we go. Open to feedback. Suggested that Control Center staff review daily with Jamie DeAtley as to how things are going who will in turn report back to Tim Lokensgard.

10. Who to contact for the Safety Committee? a. Bryan Weinzierl is the Safety Administrator