4/11/13 MSOP Meeting Minutes

Management: Cindy Jungers, Kim Franek, Scott Melby, Bonnie Wold, Liz Barbo

Union: Chuck Carlson, Andy Jones, John Knobbe, Molly Kennedy, Matt Stenger, Joanne Holton


Reintegration Services Liz Barbo stated that a client from MSOP Moose Lake has been court ordered to move to CPS. He will be entering CPS at Phase III but will not have the same privileges in place. There is not a definite date for this move but may occur within the next two weeks. This has created a unique situation in which immediate and long term staffing needs are being looked at to meet client and program needs.

Liz Barbo also stated that Clients in CPS Phase III were approved to be able to apply for work off campus with staff supervision in the future. The process and policy will still need to be developed and potential employers with interest are needed.


CPS Staff to Client Ratios on Outings Employees have expressed concerns about staff to client ratios and wanted safeguards or guidelines for situations, such as bathroom use, a client running, medical emergencies or any other unknown emergency on outings. Liz Barbo stated that it wasn’t any different than working with clients one to one. There were client expectations and they were working with Michelle Sexe to review client training. There are already procedures and policies in place such as the escape policy if a client were to run. Scott Melby agreed to look at the post orders in case there were conflicts with current post orders in regards to remaining with a client.

Scott Melby and Liz Barbo said it helps when employees come forward with their concerns and they were pleased with how respectful the concerns have been presented.

LSI Security Counselor Position Previously a Security Counselor position covered client movement in LSI. Position was recently eliminated from the area and employee reassigned. Currently Work Therapy Assistants and Skills Development Specialists are conducting PAT searches and assisting with client escorts. There is concern that the employees working in the Vocational area are not appropriately trained and that there is a mandatory AM staff meeting which may interfere. Scott Melby stated that the time of the staff meeting may have been an oversight and he would look into it.

Corrective Conversations and Oral Reprimands Removed from Files John Knobbe stated that there was new contract language in which oral reprimands cannot be referenced after one year as long as there was no other disciplinary action within that year. There is also new language in the contract about oral reprimands being removed from supervisory files after one year. There was a question about corrective conversation removal and if they could be removed by request. Cindy Jungers stated that it was the current practice to look at correctives after one year but it was at the supervisor’s discretion if it could be removed.

GRW/GMW Update on CERP Retirement Cindy Jungers stated that this was being looked at in a broader CERP audit and we didn’t know the status. Cindy Jungers agreed to inquire.

Holiday on First Watch Scott Melby stated per union request that the Utility Pool would now be in the same group as first watch Residential staff for holiday scheduling.

Additional Information on Internet Access Molly Kennedy stated that some employees were still having issues accessing AFSCME links. Scott Melby stated that at the March Labor/Management meeting, the direction was given to contact the IT Help Desk regarding access issues. If Molly has employees not getting somewhere with IT, Scott Melby invited her to contact him. Liz Barbo stated that DHS is broadening internet access for employees to Level 3. However, some computers will not allow that access based on where they are located or in client areas.

Short Notice Vacation and When to Do Name Drawing The Union stated that the employees that start at 8 AM cannot get their name in the hat for short notice vacation. The Union and Management are in agreement that the numbers should be drawn at the time the early out is going to be given in order to give all staff the same opportunity. Scott Melby will follow up with the OD’s office and would like himself or Eric Christensen to be contacted if it occurs again.


Lead Leveling John Knobbe said that on June 7, 2013, the current lead leveling list would be six months old. He suggested that MSOP and Forensics carry over the names from this current list and supervisors could notify their staff if they needed to reapply. He also stated that this was previously presented to SOFS and encouraged the MSOP HR office to discuss with HR Representatives from SOFS.

Drug and Alcohol Policy Molly Kennedy asked to discuss the current Drug and Alcohol policy. The Union had concerns over employees being asked to leave the facility but having insufficient sick leave accruals to cover absence. Concerned that employee would need to be given the specifics when they are sent home with expectations given in regards to their return. Chuck Carlson stated that the policy said that an employee would be paid if sent home by using sick leave or release time; it didn’t give the option of no pay. Cindy Jungers stated that she hadn’t been able to obtain a clear definition of release time and did not know if it meant paid time. She agreed to continue to ask.

Transactions List Union requested to have a transactions list which used to be completed by Jasmin Bohnert when she was a Human Resources employee. This list included promotions, bids, transfers, etc. They were going to send Cindy a copy of what they were seeking in order to determine if the union will be able to receive copies of this information again.

MOU Reminder – Vote tonight John Knobbe reminded everyone of the Local 404-SOFS/MSOP vote tonight regarding the proposed MOU. The MOU proposed that vacation requests would go back to six months rather than the current one year. Additionally the MOU will change the supplemental language for bidding purposes, it proposes that staff would have two hours to accept or deny bids and 24 hours to reconsider (vs 24 hours and 72 hours now).