2/14/13 MSOP Meeting Minutes

AFSCME: Andrew Jones, Molly Kennedy, Jeremy Tubbs, Matt Stenger, Scott Grefe, Jason Montgomery, and Jason Anderson

MANAGEMENT: Ann Zimmerman, Melissa Wickes, Elizabeth Barbo, Julie Whited, Cindy Jungers, and Scott Melby


1. Extra Vacation Slot for Holiday on 2nd Watch – St. Peter The union explained that a large number of staff will soon begin accruing 7 hours of vacation per pay period. They requested an additional permanent vacation slot be added to 2nd Watch. Management said there is an upcoming staffing meeting and the topic can be discussed between facility administration and senior management.

2. Staff Call-in Procedure The union asked if it is an expectation that staff from all departments contact the OD when they are unable to make it to work. HR explained that department supervisors for staff other than Security Counselors and Leads have the discretion to decide how and to whom they want their staff to report. Management agreed to remind these supervisors to ensure all of their staff know their reporting procedure. 3. Construction Coverage – Moose Lake Construction coverage is a temporary position and construction will be coming to an end soon. 7 employees (1 lead included) will need to be moved. A few coverage staff will likely be needed through June or until construction is complete.

4. MAD Group-Support Services follow up and direction – Moose Lake The results were given to staff and the local previously. Moose Lake employees should follow up with questions directed to Kevin or Tom, who were not in attendance for this meeting.

5. Electronic posting of rescinded vacation blocks – Moose Lake / St. Peter The scheduler SharePoint will go live February 20th. This will show vacation rescinds and other scheduling information. Basic instructions on how to work with the scheduling program will be on the site. If there are any issues with the site, feel free to contact Scott Melby.

6. A-Team Qualifications The security team has taken this task on to see how many utility staff is interested. Scott Melby stated that many security staff recently has expressed interest, and management wants to give these employees the opportunity to meet A-Team qualifications.

7. Day on The Hill – extra vacation slots – Moose Lake Management stated they are always willing to accommodate the local by offering additional vacation slots, but never received a list of how many wanted to attend Day on the Hill. Management encouraged local 1092 get a list to the scheduler (Rich). St. Peter thanked management for the extra vacation slots, so all whom wanted to attend were able to.

8. Vending in staff break areas – St. Peter There are issues with getting additional electricity and plumbing in the Pexton basement break room. Management is looking at options with the construction in Shantz in progress. The local previously asked about putting vending machines in the Pexton basement break room, so staff doesn’t have to compete with clients for vending items. Management stated the vender doesn’t believe there are enough sales amongst staff to be profitable but this issue will be researched.

9. Coverage for special activities off campus – St. Peter There was discussion around some of the Community Outings happening at CPS. The discussion was centered on “ice fishing” outings, and that staff have expressed they are uncomfortable taking clients out on a lake. The local mentioned that some staff have never experienced ice fishing before, and aren’t educated or familiar on the safety concerns around this activity. Scott Melby indicated the outings are not intended to put staff in inherently dangerous situations, and education can be provided to any staff that may have questions. Scott stated he wants to make sure all staff is comfortable, noting that if a staff were to have a phobia of water we can make arrangements to adjust coverage. Scott Grefe spoke about the many other activities we can provide for the clients that don’t required putting staff and clients in an inherently unsafe situation. Liz commented that every outing there is an inherent risk, and we are never going to get away for that. This is part of reintegration. Scott G. stated the union highly disagrees that these activities need to happen for reintegration. The lakes are very dangerous, and every year people fall through the ice. Just because we have unsafe jobs, doesn’t mean we create more unsafe activities.

10. Agenda items and timeliness of answers Labor expressed concern on the timeliness of getting resolution on some follow-up items. Management stated the goal is to try to get items resolved in a timely manner, but some issues can’t always happen right away.


1. Light Duty Policy MSOP has completed the Light Duty Policy and it should be available early March. This will hopefully help with some confusion around Light Duty, and when it can be used. The local agreed this will be nice for employee’s to have more clarification as to when/if they can return to work during difficult times.

2. Quarterly Meetings The administration team has spoken, and management would like to reduce the quarterly labor/management face to face meeting to twice a year. The Vidyo conferencing would be utilized for the other two meetings. Management expressed the difficultly in having so many of the management team away from the facilities during these meetings. Both locals feel it is beneficial to meet together face to face, as this allows the locals to get together as well. Both locals asked if a conference room at Lafayette would be available for the local’s pre-meeting, and then use Vidyo for the Labor/Management Meeting, because Council 5 doesn’t have Vidyo. The May 9th meeting will be a trial run to see how it works. Cindy will see if room is available at Lafayette.


1. Shantz construction and use of emergency doors – St. Peter The local indicated some staff is confused with the multiple construction doors, and what doors can be used to enter the construction zone. Management is very adamant that the construction doors not be opened as much as possible. Scott stated A-Team has expressed more comfort in how to response to an ICS in the construction zone. A-Team has options based on the ICS scenario, and will use their judgment as to the best response. An A-Team meeting with Scott was conducted yesterday concerning any issues.
2. Post positions with a fixed 5/2 rotation and bumping/days off occur for a vacancy. The local asked about Post positions with fixed 5/2 rotations. Management is meeting contractual obligations with regards to scheduling Holiday’s, but if/when there is a 5/2 vacancy, how are day’s off determined for a Post position? The post positions were designed with particular day’s off to meet facility needs, but if an employee accepts a bid into one on these Post positions, they should be allowed to choose day’s off by seniority within that small group of employees which could include bumping another Post position out of their post? Management agreed, and this scenario hasn’t happened yet, but days off are by seniority, and this could be the result.
3. Transfers between Moose Lake and St. Peter and where they land on the Seniority Roster for their class date This has been a very messy in the past due to the different training start dates. If an employee transfers between facilities, they keep their state seniority, but they will fall to the bottom of lot draw. It is not right to conduct a whole new lot draw for a class when one employee transfers.