12/20/12 MSOP Meeting Minutes

AFSCME: Molly Kennedy, Andrew Jones, Scott Grefe, Matt Stenger, John Knobbe, Jeremy Tubbs

Management: Cindy Jungers, Liz Barbo, Bonnie Wold, Scott Melby, and Melissa Gresczyk


1. Electronic Posting of Vacation Rescinds (40 hours blocks)

Management’s plan is to create a section for vacation rescinds on the MSOP homepage for Moose Lake and St. Peter. For now the solution is to have a paper posting in the sally port between the key boxes. Management asked for any ideas or feedback as to what employees would like to see on the Sharepoint, before it is running. Grefe added that a section for holiday sign-up would be helpful.

2. Light Pole in Front of Pexton

Lighting has been installed on Old Center to address the pedestrian crosswalk in front of Pexton

3. Electronic signatures on Grievances

The current electronic grievance form does not allow the typing of the grievant and date in field. The form is in the process of being amended, and the grievant line will be removed when completed. John suggested creating a grievance email mailbox, similar to what is being used at MSH. Management asks that stewards submitting grievances are informed of the process.

4. Shantz Construction Update The comfort room is moving from Shantz to Pexton.



1. Removing SC/SCL on WOC from Vacation Calendar

The local brought concerns by the membership about Security Counselors whom are currently Work out of Class (WOC), but holding spots on the SC/SCL vacation calendar, when it appears the WOC assignment will be lasting for awhile. The local commented that the scheduler doesn’t seem to be dropping WOC employee’s vacation days until 4 weeks out, which makes it difficult for other employees to pick these days up. The local asked if there may be more of a forecast on these positions, so they are not holding vacation days on two calendars. Management stated that the WOC may end sooner, depending on the needs of the facility, so it is not always easy to forecast the duration. Management will discuss and follow up.

2. Permanent AMS Position

Bonnie stated that she is unsure if this position will become permanent at this time.

3. 2013 Labor/Management Schedule

Discussed changing the Labor/Management meeting dates for 2013. Both parties will check schedules, and figure out what works best. January 17th meeting will remain.


1. Lead Leveling The local asked when the lead leveling list will come out. Melissa stated Kim Franek is in charge of the list, and she will follow up.

2. CPS imprest cards The local indicated problems with the imprest card not always working or having money on it, and employees paying out of pocket on outings. Discussion ensued about management’s interpretation of “travel status” versus labor’s in the contract.