11/15/12 MSOP Meeting Minutes

For Management: Kevin Moser, Gary Grimm, Bonnie Wold, Scott Melby, Cindy Jungers, and Kim Franek

For the Union: Jeremy Tubbs, Matt Stenger, Andy Jones, Molly Kennedy, Jason Anderson, Chuck Carlson, Scott Grefe, Jason Montgomery, Dan Williams, Jennifer Montgomery, Cory Vargason, Stasha Sickler, and John Knobbe


Vacation Review – Moose Lake

Moose Lake management shared that they would be adding a vacation slot to 2nd Watch and would continue to monitor vacation on every watch. The union asked if it would be possible for each local to get a report of vacation balances and accruals for Security staff. Human Resources informed the locals that they do prepare such a report and would gladly share it.

Staff Call-In Procedure – St. Peter

St. Peter management informed the union that the process for staff calling in to report they would not be at work will be changing. Staff will be directed to call the Officer of the Day (OD) Blackberry twice. If there is no answer, staff will call Control and ask to be parked and Control staff will page the OD. The union asked why staff will now be required to speak to the OD rather than leave a voicemail. Management replied that it is a protection for staff as there have been situations where staff indicated they left a voicemail for the OD but it was never received.

Local 1092 asked if it is the expectation in Moose Lake that all staff call the OD when calling in to report they will not be at work. Management replied that is the expectation though specific areas may also want their staff to contact the supervisor. Management will clarify with area supervisors.

Construction Update – St. Peter

Bonnie Wold provided an update on the construction delay in St. Peter. Jaime Fromm has also established a SharePoint site to provide construction updates. Local 404 asked if an announcement could be made at shift change encouraging staff to visit the site; Management agreed this would be a good idea.


Hospital Coverage Overtime – St. Peter

St. Peter management shared that they would like to make a change so staff sign up for hospital coverage overtime at roll call each shift. Local 404 asked why the overtime would not be distributed through the advance notice overtime electronic sign-up as it is known in advance. Management shared that, to this point, using the electronic overtime sign-up for hospital coverage has not worked well as the coverage needs can change from day to day. Although the local liked the idea of changing the hospital coverage overtime to start at the beginning of the shift as it frees up the ability to cancel, they raised concerns about the ability of staff whose shifts start at “odd” times within the watch (e.g., 2nd Watch staff who start at 7 am, 8 am, etc.) to sign up. The local also shared that, right now, staff are very confused about how to sign up for hospital coverage. Management agreed to further explore the capabilities of the electronic overtime sign-up site to allow staff to sign up for hospital coverage overtime electronically.

With the recent increase in hospital coverage overtime in St. Peter, Local 404 asked about meal reimbursement for staff as staff on all three watches would be in travel status while they provided this coverage. Management agreed.


Possibility of New OASI Positions Added – Moose Lake

Local 1092 asked for clarification on rumors that new OAS positions would be created in Moose Lake. Kevin Moser shared that, after the MAD interviews and follow-up meetings with managers, a proposal was submitted to senior management in October. A meeting to review the proposal is scheduled for Monday, November 19th. Once that has occurred and conclusions have been reached, management will get the support staff back together to share the response.

Mutualing to Doubles – Follow Up

The Union asked if any progress had been made on an agreement to allow staff to mutual to doubles. Management shared that the answer remained the same; the direction from Minnesota Management & Budget is that a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) would not be approved until a contract has been negotiated. The Union Business Agent reiterated that mutualing to doubles does not require a MoU. The current contract allows for the mutual exchange of shifts and does not delineate between a mutual exchange of shifts and mutuals into doubles. He emphasized that there is no need to negotiate something that is already allowed contractually; all that remains is to develop a procedure that works for both sites. He added that labor had worked very hard to propose a procedure that would prevent abuse of mutualing to doubles. He closed by saying that labor would no longer put this item on the agenda, but they want an answer.

Announcement Regarding Vacation Requests Up to 24 Hours Before Shift

Local 404 asked if an announcement was posted regarding the ability of staff to request vacation up to 24 hours before their scheduled shift. Human Resources replied that an announcement had been posted.

Electronic Posting of Rescinded Vacation Blocks – Follow Up

The union indicated both sites are asking for the 40+ hour blocks of vacation that have been rescinded to be reposted electronically rather than in paper form. Management replied that, although the scheduling program does not have the capability to do this, they are exploring a scheduling SharePoint site that would allow for this. The union asked how, in the meantime, management is fulfilling their contractual responsibility to repost these blocks. Management replied the paper reposting fulfills this requirement. The union disagreed as they feel, per the contract, all postings – including rescinds – should be in one format (electronic, in this case). Management stated that they had asked the local how to post the rescinds and they had agreed to a paper posting. Management went on to say that, although they do not disagree that the posting of rescinds should be electronic, it will take some time to figure out the best way to achieve this. The union requested a link to a basic calendar that shows rescinds as a stop gap measure.

SC Leads Bidding to Days Off – Follow Up – St. Peter

After much discussion, the union shared that they felt management would be fulfilling contractual obligations by changing SC Lead vacancy postings to say “days off by seniority.” Then, if additional Leads are added to an area in the future, staff cannot grieve that they bid to specific days off. Management agreed to discuss this proposal.

Light Pole on Street in Front of Pexton – St. Peter

Local 404 asked if a light pole can be installed on the street in front of Pexton near Old Center as staff have stated it’s very dark in this area at night. Management agreed to look into this request.

Electronic Overtime Sign-Up Issues

Item removed by the union as it was previously discussed in Management items.

Continuing A-Team Qualifications – Volunteers vs Forced Staff

The union indicated that staff who had previously completed A-Team training but had let that training lapse had been assigned to the A-Team over the past few weeks. Management asked if letting the training “lapse” meant these staff had not taken the A-Team fit test. The union indicated this was the case. They went on to say that they were aware of 2-4 staff whose training had lapsed but had been assigned to work A-Team in the past few weeks, and they were bringing it forward as an awareness. Management replied they were working to resolve this issue. Management added that there were so many volunteers for an upcoming A-Team training that they had to turn staff away, so they were hopeful they would not have to “force” staff into A-Team training again.

Local 1092 asked if staff who volunteered to complete the A-Team training in Moose Lake were being required to take the fit test. Kevin Moser replied the issue was with Security.

Management Thank You for Veteran Recognition

The union thanked management for the recent veteran recognition held at each site. They indicated the event was well-received by staff.


Mutual Exchange of Shifts – Change in Practice

The union asked if mutuals had to be approved through the scheduler as there seemed to be some confusion among staff. A recent announcement made by the ODs suggested both staff requesting to mutually exchange shifts had to be at work to enter the request into the scheduling program. Management stated that the agreement is that the ODs or the scheduler can approve a mutual and only one staff has to enter the request into the scheduling program. Management will follow up with the ODs to clarify the process.

Day on the Hill

Day on the Hill is scheduled for February 26th, 2013. The union shared that the vacation calendar is full that day at both sites, so they are requesting additional staff be released to attend. Management indicated they would review the union’s request.