2/1/12 MSOP Meeting Minutes

For Management: Nancy Johnston, Gary Grimm, Cindy Jungers, and Kim Franek.

For the Union: Molly Kennedy, Scott Grefe, Jeremy Tubbs, Matt Stenger, Ann Sullivan, and Andy Jones.




New Executive Assistant

Nancy Johnston announced that a new Executive Assistant has been hired. Jasmin Bohnert filled the position vacated by Vicki Gruis and will be on-site beginning Monday, February 6.


Forced Cross-Training

The Union asked for a ratio of those who were forced (i.e., did not volunteer) versus those who were not forced (i.e., volunteered) into cross-training as there are concerns about staff who were forced into A-Team cross-training being more hesitant to get “hands-on.” Management replied that they did not track that specific information but, as the employer, they are tasked with running the facility, including having the necessary levels of cross-trained staff. The Union asked that, whenever possible, Management request volunteers for cross-training.

Chemical Irritant Availability for Transport Team

The Union requested that staff on transports be allowed to carry chemical irritant in specific situations. Management indicated that they would have concerns about decontamination, but they agreed that they could take the issue back to the Security Team for further discussion.

Spending Limits for Client Outings

The Union indicated the spending limits imposed for staff meals on client outings are insufficient, and the debit card provided often does not work. Management replied that issues with the debit card should immediately be brought to their attention. Management also indicated that they will not raise the spending limits as staff are not required to eat while escorting clients on outings.

The Union asked how Management arrived at the spending limits that are currently in place. Management replied that they needed to set reasonable limits. The Union argued that, contractually, staff are allowed $14 for the dinner meal. Management stated that the contract limits do not apply as staff are not in travel status when escorting clients on outings. Furthermore, Management has the ability to set spending limits and these limits are determined before the outing is scheduled. The Union asked that Management verify their interpretation of the contract as there is no mention of travel status in relation to the dinner meal.

Time Entry Due - Clarification

The Union asked for clarification when time entry must be completed as it varies among work areas. Management replied that, although they can try to be as close to standardized as possible regarding deadlines for completing time entry, the supervisors must have discretion for providing deadlines to staff in order to also accommodate their own schedules.

Lockers for Utility Pool Staff

The Union thanked Management for providing lockers for Utility Pool staff in a centralized location.

Break Rooms

The Union asked Management what could be done to improve the staff break rooms. Management indicated that there are already plans in place to make the break rooms more attractive and comfortable for staff.

1st Watch B-Team

The Union indicated that there was a directive from a 1st Watch Officer of the Day that only A-Team trained staff could be on the B-Team; this is not the case on the other Watches. Management indicated they would follow up with Security Program Manager Scott Melby.

Staff Employment Expectations Policy

The Union expressed concerns about the Staff Employment Expectations policy as they feel it violates personal privacy and/or civil rights by requiring staff to share information that does not violate Licensing and thus does not bar them from employment with MSOP. Management replied that, prior to this meeting, other Unions had expressed concerns regarding the policy. Due to those concerns, the policy would be further reviewed by the Executive Team.

Staff Satisfaction Survey

The Union requested that another staff satisfaction survey be conducted with Labor and Management jointly discussing the results. Management felt this could be accomplished.

Day on the Hill – March 27, 2012

The Union requested the ability to have more staff scheduled off on March 27, 2012, to attend Day on the Hill. Management replied they would work with the scheduler to accommodate this request.

Process for Filing Step One Grievances

The Union informed Management that they would continue to follow contract language regarding the filing of grievances. Although they agree that copying Human Resources on grievances is acceptable, they will not “funnel” all grievances through Human Resources. Management replied that in no way are trying to take away the Union’s contractual rights regarding grievances. Human Resources is charged with tracking grievances and disciplines within DHS and explained their involvement also helps facilitate the process between Union stewards and front-line supervisors.


Master Instructor Training

The Union questioned the decision that formal discipline disqualifies staff from being trained as Master Instructors. Management replied that the decision was based on policy and in line with the eligibility requirements for other opportunities such as Lead leveling.

Vacation for Temporary Reassignments

The Union indicated that staff who are temporarily reassigned to the 1st Watch can submit vacation requests one year out. As temporary reassignments are not to exceed five months per contract, the Union questioned whether the vacation should be granted on the Watch they are currently on or on the Watch they will be returning to at the end of the temporary reassignment. Management replied this would require further discussion.

Electronic Vacancy Postings

The Union reported they are not satisfied with the way job vacancies are currently posted as it does not meet the wording or the spirit of contract language. Management asked if this was a concern for the seniority unit as a whole or just MSOP. The Union replied that it was only MSOP.

A-Team Gloves

The Union reported that the gloves currently used by the A-Team have been tearing during client take-downs. They asked that Management either order gloves specifically designed for tactical take-downs or add additional money to staff’s uniform allowance. Management agreed to address the concern with the Security Director.

Computer Access for Coverage Staff

The Union asked that a computer be made available for coverage staff. Management indicated they would look into it.