12/15/11 MSOP Meeting Minutes

Present: Chuck Carlson, Molly Kennedy, Ann Sullivan (Recorder), Scott Grefe, Matt Stenger, Jeremy Tubbs, Gary Grimm, Bonnie Wold, Nancy Johnston, Cindy Jungers (ITV), Kim Franek (ITV)

MANAGEMENT AGENDA ITEMS Timeliness of Agenda Items In order for management to be fully prepared and able to speak intelligently to issues, Cindy requested having agenda items plus a description or additional details one week prior to scheduled meetings. Scott pointed out that this may not be possible all the time as occasionally issues arise at the last minute. Management understands this and the union will do their best to get this information sent out.

AFSCME AGENDA ITEMS Policy on Coverage of MSOP Nursing Home Clients The union requested policies and procedures for covering the FNH now that there is steady coverage there. Nancy and Bonnie have this information prepared- it is posted on the policy site under post orders and will be effective January 3rd, 2012. Policy revisions are listed on the home page and it is staff responsibility to look them up. Medical and security needs are assessed case by case by management in St. Peter and Moose Lake and the FNH.

Policy on Hospital Coverage This is in the transport policies and is also a post order. Molly will look into this.

Weather-Related Call-In Reminder Molly requested that OD’s remind staff of the 2 hour call in policy when they call in with weather related issues. Gary stated that OD’s usually do this even though it is not their responsibility- they will be encouraged to remind them but it is staff responsibility to be up to date on this info which is posted on the home page. This policy will also be announced at roll call. Scott asked that this policy be sent out with the weather essential list that comes out in the fall.

Forced Cross-Training The union asked that volunteers for cross training are asked for before forcing people. Gary stated that this is a reasonable request but that it is not always practical to take volunteers. Supervisors will establish their needs and ask for volunteers but then they may have to force cross training.

Rotation on Job Postings The union asked that postings state whether it is a 5/2 or a 6/2 rotation. Cindy and Kim will follow up on this. Staff is also encouraged to contact Tim Lokensgard if they have questions regarding specific postings.

Timeline for Chemical Irritant at Green Acres Bonnie stated that this was an oversight and has been taken care of. Molly asked about CPS/ Halverson House having an AED and management said they will look into this.

Meeting adjourned at 10:25am

THIRD STEP GRIEVANCES 2- 3rd step grievances presented