11/17/11 MSOP Meeting Minutes

Management Agenda Items
1.Uniform Invoices – New uniform policy will be available soon. Management looking for cooperation by staff to make sure pink order slips are signed. There is 14 days to get them signed or it could result in discipline. MSOP will be in contract with same vender until 2014 then will go to all USA made.
2.Forced Overtime Call-In Coverage – There was a request from an MSOP steward to have multiple staff take an overtime shift from an inversed employee. Management stated that this will not be an accommodation. This was discussed that in St. Peter this was done on an individual basis. Moose Lake is stating that this will not be considered at this time. The expectation is that if an employee is forced for a shift they can ask one other person to take all or part of the shift.

Labor Agenda Items
1.Expense Reimbursements for First Day of Orientation – Looking for solution for staff that are hired and then required to travel on a Sunday to be at orientation on Monday morning. It is stated that the reimbursement is not being applied on the Sunday before as the employee is not on payroll until the following day. Management has been working towards correcting this as they have now scheduled first day of orientation on Friday at the employees local work area. When they report to Central site for training they will be considered employees and the reimbursement will be applied.
2.Ability to View Partial Vacation Requests – Labor suggested a share point site for the employees to view the open hours or shifts. Management stated that the option for viewing open shifts on other watches was not an option at this time and the shifts will be offered as short notice. Some discussion from Labor that the shifts are not being properly offered at this time. Management stated that there would be a discussion with OD’s to have better communication with staff.
3.Ability To View All Schedules – (This item was discussed along with item 2) Labor is asking that stewards or certain union officials have access to all watches schedules for the purpose of requesting stewards and making sure they are available for investigatory reasons. Management stated that the access to schedules in not an option as the software does not allow this. Management will look further into a possible change to software or other ways to utilize what they have.
4.Discipline Process – There was much discussion in regards to Letter of Expectations in conjunction with an Oral Reprimand. The question or concern from Labor is if this is going to be an automatic action. It is apparent that an oral reprimand should not be given in writing and this is the reason for the letter. Management stated that a LOE is not a form of discipline and that the letter just gives the employee guidance. Management did state that this will not be an automatic action and that it will be on an individual basis. Labor suggested that the LOE be given before a discipline so that the action can be corrected. Cindy Jungers will work with Central Office with a possible rephrasing of this letter.
5.One Disciplinary Action for Multiple Attendance Violations vs. Multiple Disciplinary Actions – Labor states that some employees are not receiving progression the same. Employees who have the same type of scenario may receive different discipline depending on the Supervisor. Management stated that there are different reasons for different disciplines and that HR will continue to individualize considering the circumstances.
6.Expectations of OD’s to Contact Staff Not at Roll Call – The question from Labor is if OD’s will contact an employee who has not reported to work at the time of Roll Call? The reason for the question is out of concern for the wellbeing of the staff member. Management states that the Policy states the OD will attempt to call. Labor requested that the OD’s please be reminded of this policy. Management agreed to do so.
7.Shantz Remodel – Labor requested an update on the progression of the remodel. Management stated that the remodel will start the end of January 2012. Clients will be moved from 2W to 1E after Christmas. The Shantz remodel is expected to be completed by summer 2013. After West side is completed then the East side will begin All departments centrally located will be involved. A diagram was brought by management for review. Much discussion regarding the details of the diagram. Management stated that if there are any questions at all regarding any of the details to please contact Jaime Fromm for this information.
8.Client Population Numbers / Current and Anticipated – Labor requested updated population numbers for both sites. They are as follows: Current St Peter 158 clients including CPS and Current Moose Lake is at 477 clients. MSOP has 751 licensed beds. The projection for growth at this time is 2011 53 per year and 2012 will not be available until end of November. We carry the projection on to next Joint Labor management.

Also all admissions will continue to stay in ML.

There is a Client Profile Sheet Link on the Share Point site that staff can review.
9.Site Visits – Labor requested to have site visits between sites. There is a possibility of new union officials coming onboard and it may be beneficial for those new officials and some that are not so new to be able to have this opportunity. Management stated that once new construction opens that this would be a better time.

Meeting adjourned

Next meeting is scheduled for February 23rd, 2013 10:00am