9/15/11 MSOP Meeting Minutes

Present: Jeremy Tubbs, Chuck Carlson, Scott Grefe, Ann Sullivan (Recorder), Matt Stenger, John Knobbe, Molly Kennedy, Nancy Johnston, Bonnie Wold, Gary Grimm, Cindy Jungers (ITV)

MANAGEMENT AGENDA ITEMS Meeting Date for SC and SCL PD Discussion – Follow Up Jason from Moose Lake is actually who requested this meeting. Molly and Scott will contact him regarding this. Cindy stated that it will be business as usual until she hears differently regarding the position descriptions.

Mutual Shift Exchanges – Follow Up from Joint L/M Moose Lake is looking to allow some mutualing between SC’s and SCL’s. Management once again stated that no other mutualing decisions will be made outside of the bargaining table. Scott pointed out that our contract already allows mutuals and that we should not have to go “back to the bargaining table” on this issue. Also discussed was the mutual to doubles proposal that was presented last February.  

AFSCME AGENDA ITEMS Fourth Vacation Slot Gary said that this would be discussed at the next staff meeting. Management stated that they have not gotten permission to make this slot permanent.

Hospital Coverage and Breaks Management stated that working 8 straight hours is not an established shift and that sending coverage staff over to cover ½ hour breaks is the best decision. AFSCME questioned the fiscal responsibility of having someone drive to Mankato to cover this ½ hour break and also suggested, if this is deemed necessary, having this coverage person cover a one hour break (the 1/2 hour break + the 2-15 minute rest periods). There was discussion at length regarding restroom breaks, the use of restraints, and hospital/nursing coverage of breaks. This issue was discussed in the past regarding Pathfinders and Nancy had written up the procedural solution. Management will be discussing solutions on how to fix this and suggestions on a fix to this issue are welcome to Gary or Bonnie.

Hiring Update There were 10 full-time Security Counselors hired and 1 intermittent. One .8 Security Counselor took a FT position. Some of this new staff will be starting on 9-23 and some in October. The union asked about the roles of hiring in St. Peter and Central office in St. Paul. Nancy stated that St. Paul does the first cut and then sends a list of candidates to St. Peter where interviewing is done. Minimum qualifications for Security Counselors include a 2-4 year degree OR experience. Cindy will get the name of the staffing rep. who does the first cut along with a letter or listing of minimum qualifications and send it to AFSCME.

Schedule Change Meeting – 9/22 Due to Nancy having another meeting on this date she will join the meeting via ITV from St. Peter. Cindy will check with Melissa Gresczyk on availability and Molly will check on room availability either in Old Center or Admin.

12-8:30 Shift Short Notice Vacation and Overtime – Follow Up Management stated that they are more focused on the prorosal for staffing right now but this will be discussed after that. Bonnie stated that management will follow up.

Ability to View Hours Requested Off if Less Than Entire Shift? 

The current scheduling program does not allow the viewing of partial shifts and AFSCME asked for a communication port of some sort (SharePoint?) to be able to view this. HR said that vacation is granted as X number of slots not X number of hours and that supervisors need to be sure not to short staff the facility. The union pointed out the importance of vacation to staff and asked that management re-discuss. Nancy agreed that more discussion is warranted and will take this issue to the next management meeting. Suggestion for a fix to this problem are also welcome.

Knowledge of Inability to Rescind Partial Shift?

When wanting to rescind partial shift vacation, staff must rescind the entire shift then ask for the part of the shift they want. Tim Lokensgard lets staff know this when they rescind but other than that staff in generally unaware of this.

New Hire Orientation – AFSCME Booth

The orientation process for newly hired AFSCME staff has been changed to a booth scenario in the activity building along with other booths such as MAPE, HR and MSRS. Molly stated that the point of this orientation will be lost in such a forum and asked management to allow the previous 30 minute captive audience format. HR stated that this was a staff development directive and suggested that Molly contact Paula Johnson and Eric Christensen and work out a solution. Bonnie said that there was a miscommunication of AFSCME’s needs with new staff and that it would be fixed.

Molly will also be working with HR and Becky Braun regarding he lot draw.

Mutual to Double Agreement

See Management agenda item #2.


2- 3rd steps presented

Meeting adjourned at 11:48am