3/17/11 MSOP Meeting Minutes

Present: Jeremy Tubbs, Matt Stenger, Chuck Carlson, John Knobbe, Molly Kennedy, Ann Sullivan (Recorder), Bonnie Wold, Gary Grimm, Ralph Schmidt, Melissa Gresczyk



1. Employees Scheduled to Bid Unit
The schedule is currently posted according to work area instead of bid area which is affecting long standing mutual agreements for some staff. HR stated that the watch is the work area, holidays are scheduled by work area and that the schedule will be posted by work area per watch. Melissa stated that it is not a reasonable agreement to adjust the schedule according to the basis of mutuals. Matt asked if staff could opt out of cross training in order to accommodate their mutualing needs and management stated that this is not an option. Cross training is needed in order to grant vacations, allow meetings, training, etc.
Staff is now forced to do 3 way mutuals which AFSCME feels should not have to be done. Gary stated that this issue along with the issue of staff not working on their bid unit the majority of the time should be resolved with the hiring and filling of vacant positions.
Management will monitor these issues to see what is happening. Supervisors have attempted to get staffing back to their bid units- AFSCME asked that supervisors check this more closely. Gary will discuss this with supervisors and try to resolve this before posting the schedule.
2. Additional Vacation Slot
This was not discussed at the last supervisors meeting due to time. Gary will follow up with Ralph before the next quarerly management meeting.
3. Stewards Released for General Membership Meeting
Some stewards have requested a schedule change to be able to attend monthly meetings and have been denied. Contractually (P. 274) this should be done according to work area. Management stated that this was a mis-read of the contract and the scheduler will be contacted. It was also stated that this is not done in Moose Lake because they go by the watch.
4. Stipulation and Grievance Clean-Up Discussion
The first step of the grievance process as described on P.49 of the contract should be a discussion amongst the employee and the supervisor with or without a steward. Nowhere in the contract does it say that this first step needs to be in writing. As Melissa stated, this has been discussed and has gotten better. She did request that this step still be in writing for tracking purposes and timelines. If issues arise with timelines, management agreed to look at granting extensions. Management is in favor of the supervisors handling the 1st step of this process but stated that they will still need to be involved and oversee the process. Supervisors have not been instructed to ignore 1st steps and let them go to 2nd steps. In one particular case the supervisor did not have all the information.
The 2nd step of the grievance process will still be presented to Bonnie, Gary and Scott.
The 3rd step of the grievance process will still be presented to Melissa/HR.
The union and management agreed that stipulation or discussion can be requested at any step.
5. Short Notice Vacation – Tuesday and Wednesday
Molly asked to have OD’s take a look at granting SNV specifically on these days as there are sometimes 4-5 staff on some units. Gary stated that the OD’s are using their judgment and trying to balance the needs of the facility but that he would discuss this with them.
6. Line Staff Subpoenaed to Court
The union stated that subpoenaed staff is nervous and concerned about testifying in court and requested that they be contacted by the legal department to ease these concerns. Management will contact staff and show support but staff needs to let them know when this is happening as they are not always made aware. Management cannot tell staff what to say in court and have to be careful about not guiding testimony.
7. CPS Solo Outings
Several issues or scenarios were discussed regarding these outings such as females using the restroom and staff becoming ill. Staff understands that these patients are to be trusted but they are also told to keep them in their sight. Trailing staff is sporadic and should not be considered coverage. Management said that they are working on this policy. Chuck expressed concern about something happening before the revisions to this policy are done and stressed the need for something to be done ASAP. Ralph stated that he will work on this.
8. Purchase Card for Outings
Eligibility for reimbursement for meals and activities is looked at on a case by case basis prior to the outing. Staff will know this before departure and if they do not get their breaks they need to bring it to the OD’s attention and they will be paid overtime. There was discussion at length about if staff is there for therapy or supervision and participation in activities. Ralph will discuss this with the director of CPS.
9. NEG Assembly – March 26
This information was received by MMB.
10. Investigations- Timeliness
Some investigations are taking 4-6 weeks from start to finish. The union would like to see them addressed more timely. Concern and stress to staff being investigated needs to be considered. Ralph said that he understands this concern and that supervisors will be given the tools and training needed to get investigations under way.