1/20/11 MSOP Meeting Minutes

Present: Chuck Carlson, Jeremy Tubbs, Molly Kennedy, John Knobbe, Ann Sullivan (Recorder), Nancy Johnston, Gary Grimm, Melissa Gersczyk, Cindy Jungers, Bonnie Wold
1. Grievance Process
All 3 steps of the grievance process are going through HR and Gary. The union feels that at some point of this process the information should be heard by a fresh ear. HR will bring this back to the managers and supervisors to discuss.
2. Days Off- Follow Up
There has been a continuous change of days off with bidding and openings. Management stated that this is hard to manage in terms of consistency but said that it continues to be done by seniority and by the contract. They agreed to take a look at days off to make sure there is equal distribution.
3. Removal of Information From Files
It is not contractual that corrective conversations be removed from files as they are not considered formal discipline - it is up to the supervisor’s discretion. If a supervisor is not removing something from a file they should be letting staff know why it is not being removed. Only formal disciplines can be used in lead leveling and promotions.
4. WIRC/Investigation Process (Work Incident Review Committee)
Not all incident reports go to this committee. If an incident is considered less than major it does not go to them (less than an oral or written reprimand). The decision of who is to review an incident is made by Nancy and the Investigators. There is a MSOP specific policy on the HR site under Policies and Procedures- Internal Investigations.
5. Vacation Requests Time- Follow Up
HR would be willing to discuss this if Moose Lake 1092 is on board. There are many players at the table that would need to be involved in this decision.
6. AFSCME Flyer on Client Units
When things like this go up- staff should take it down or let the Unit Director know about it so they can take it down.
7. Lead Leveling
There were several staff that applied for their lead that had issues, possibly due to migration? IT was contacted but unable to help. Melissa took down the names of the staff and will check into them possibly still being able to hand in the paperwork and be considered. If anyone else had issues please contact Melissa.
8. Temporary Re-assignment
The union asked if management would consider re-assignment between work/area when someone is moving to a different watch. Molly will forward specific information to Melissa for her review.
9. MSDS Sheets/ Bleaching Requirements
A GMW brought information to Shantz 1 West regarding the bleaching of commons areas and dayrooms. The union posed many questions about this… Who is to be doing this- patients, security counselors, or GMW’s? Who generated this requirement? What is to be used for protective equipment to avoid getting bleach on clothing and or uniforms? Nancy will look into this and get clarification ASAP. She will contact John K. or Tony O. on Shantz 1 West specifically with answers to these questions.
10. Shantz Remodel
The dining area, control center, plumbing and sprinkler systems and possibly windows are areas looking to be covered by the remodel in which $7 million was requested.