12/16/10 MSOP Meeting Minutes

 Present: Chuck Carlson, Scott Grefe, Molly Kennedy, Ann Sullivan (Recorder), Jeremy Tubbs, Cindy Jungers, Melissa Gresczyk, Gary Grimm, Nancy Johnston

1. Additional Vacation Slot
• An additional slot was added on 2nd and 3rd watch thru March 30th and will be reviewed again at the next quarterly meeting.

1. One Transport Team Staff for Pathfinder Transports
• Staffing has been adjusted down to one staff for certain outings with specific patients. Management stated that this is being looked at on a case by case basis. Staff are wondering what they should be doing for bathroom breaks, rest breaks, and ½ hour lunch breaks. Nancy is going to check into this but said that if staff is unable to leave the area for their ½ hour lunch break they will be paid overtime. She also stated that staffing is generally set up in advance so staff would be aware and can bring food with them- as far as ordering food she is going to check into this also.
2. Ability to View Days Off by Floor and Watch
• Tim Lokensgard is continually working on scheduling issues, but Gary said that he can check with him on this also. Molly Kennedy will send the information to management.
3. Non-Overtime Hospital Coverage – Follow Up
• Gary spoke to Tim Lokensgard about this and Tim said that this is generally assigned to Transport Team or where there is extra staffing and generally not an overtime situation.
4. Control Center & A-Team Verifying Keys
• Removed from agenda
5. Removal of Documents from Files
• This has again become a concern with lead leveling being done. Some staff have sent email requests and gotten no response and others have gotten mixed responses. In this situation, supervisors should be contacted. If the request is contractual- Melissa Gresczyk wants to be contacted. AFSCME asked management about emails being removed from files as well. Management stated that emails should be removed along with the specific discipline as long as the discipline is no longer an issue. Anything that is undated should also be removed. Management also stated that anything older than 2 years old that specifically references the discipline will not be used anyway. Cindy Jungers will check into the requests that have gotten no responses.
6. Electronic Overtime Sign Up
• This was being worked on by Chris Hennek. Gary stated that he wants to be on the same page as Moose Lake and is looking into the scheduling contract and support from the vendor. Gary stated that it is not out of the realm of possibility and that management will continue to look into this.
7. Electronic Sign Up for Additional Hours for Part Time Employees
• See #6 above.
8. MOU to Revert to Vacation Sign Up Six Months Out
• AFCSCME stated that the year out vacation requests came about because of RN/LPN scheduling and this is no longer an issue. Union members and forensics management no longer want this. Melissa would like to discuss this with Dennis Benson and Larry TeBrake. It is also important that St. Peter and Moose Lake are on the same page. Chuck Carlson will contact the union officers in Moose Lake and try to get them on the same page and re-contact Moose Lake human resources.
9. Day On the Hill – March 22, 2011
• Molly has spoken to Tim Lokensgard about this and Tim is working with Eric Christensen to hold off on training for this date.
10. Schedule Meeting for 16-Hour Shift Discussion
• This meeting was scheduled for February 10th at 10am along with the joint labor management 1/4ly. There was discussion at length about the amount of mutuals in St. Peter vs. Moose Lake; St. Peter having 3 times as many. Management of this process is huge and there are many issues that will need to be flushed out.
11. Schedule 2011 Labor/Management Meetings
• The 3rd Thursday at 10am seems to work well for both the union and management. These meetings will be in February, May, August, and November.
12. Basement Post- breaks
• Vocational had concerns with the basement post having food and pop and management has decided to allow staff to have pop but no food. The union asked about relief for 15 minute breaks. Management said that relief should not be needed because vocational staff is there but they will check into it further.
13. Emergency weather situations- meals provided
• Management is working on this and has already purchased sleeping bags and pillows so that staff could sleep in the activity center in case of emergency. They are also working with the kitchen to help plan for food.
• After the storm last week, management also adjusted staff schedules so that they had 7 ½ hours between shifts.
• Staff is to call in every 2 hours in a weather emergency situation.

1. One third step presented and withdrawn.