11/8/10 MSOP Meeting Minutes

Present: John Knobbe, Jeremy Tubbs, Molly Kennedy, Matt Stenger, Chuck Carlson, Ann Sullivan (Recorder), Jason Montgomery, Lynn Whipple, Stasha Sickler, Jason Anderson, Jenny Collelo, Scott Grefe, Ann Zimmerman, Melissa Gresczyk, Cindy Jungers, Nancy Johnston, Greg Carlson, Kevin Moser, Bonnie Wold, Gary Grimm


1. Postings on Home Page
Jobs are currently posted on the homepage -> human resources link-> job postings, and then a separate email is sent out. This has allowed too much room for error and excessive emails. The proposal to fix this would be to eliminate one step and includes a link to view postings on the I-net. This information on the I-net will be seen by all locations (MSH, MSOP, CARE, CBHH) and will be grouped according to location, watch, and date. New postings will be denoted NEW! An email explanation of this change will be sent out. Any problems should be addressed as they arise and we will re-visit this at the next quarterly meeting.
2. FMLA Earn Code
There is a human resources site announcement for a new earn code for scheduled overtime to come out of FMLA hours.
3. Follow-Up Discussion on Mutualing to Doubles
Dennis Benson spoke at length about his experience with this process in corrections. It was formalized to allow less senior staff time off. It helped reduce sick calls also. Several issues arose such as having junior staff all on one shift and book work issues. Arbitration in corrections put limits but spiraled out of control and became an unmanageable issue. Dennis stated that he is sensitive to this need, but that we need to be careful and that this is, “A management issue that belongs at the bargaining table to be negotiated in good faith.” His hope is that we can set up teams to discuss proposals and to meet in the middle. AFSCME understands the need to have limits and hopes to use corrections as a template. The union feels strongly about this issue and the need to have a reasonable and manageable fix to this.
AFSCME representatives that will be meeting on this issue include Chuck Carlson, John Knobbe, Molly Kennedy, Jason Montgomery, Jason Anderson, Jen Collelo, and Scott Grefe. Scott will be contacting management and setting up a meeting for some time after the holidays.


1. Vacation – How Processed, Use, Disbursement of Days After Schedule Is Posted
There are some concerns about this process and how short notice vacation (SNV) is being granted. Some people are being granted SNV while others are not and there appears to be some issues with vacation being scheduled around training. There is a vacation committee in Moose Lake and they have had some forums to discuss these issues but there has been NO attendance. St. Peter also asked staff to ask questions and voice concerns and management stated that no questions were put forward. The scheduler, a human resources representative and a union representative plan to meet to gather and answer questions for a forum or possibly a webinar.
Another issue to be discussed at the forum will be the use of the holiday sign-up sheet and the requirement to ask for a block of 5 days not just the holiday.
2. Maintenance Workers Uniform Allowance – Request for Increase
Removed from agenda
3. Light Duty Accommodations – Current Practice, Who Is Affected
Jenny Collelo from Moose Lake intends to follow up on this issue locally but also voiced some concerns regarding restrictions- mainly work comp vs. non-work comp restrictions. Management explained that there is a work comp coordinator that decides issues surrounding work comp cases. There are other issues such as lifting restrictions, and a physical restrictions test. There is a 45 day window wherein staff must have a return to work or work hardening date. The union requested to be notified when staff is placed on work comp or light duty. Management agreed but stated that they can only notify the union in cases that do not involve permanent ailments or restrictions for people that have been hired and passed the test.
4. Forcing – How Force and Un-force in Same Shift
Removed from agenda
5. AFSCME Staff in HIMS Supervising Other AFSCME Staff
Removed from agenda
6. Non-Overtime Hospital Coverage
Different OD’s have been assigning this differently and the union asked for some consistency in this process. Gary Grimm will discuss this with the OD’s and come up with a fair and consistent process.
7. Ability to Mutual to Doubles
See Management agenda item #3
8. Mutual From 2nd or 3rd Watch to 1st Watch Without Creating 16-Hour Shift
Moose Lake has the ability to mutual with 1st watch, not just 2nd and 3rd. Gary Grimm thought this was currently happening in St. Peter and will check with Tim Lokensgard (the scheduler) about this issue.
9. Job Postings in All Three Programs
This issue was discussed under Management Agenda Item #1
10. Statement that MSOP Procedures/Protocol Cannot Be Printed
John Knobbe received an email stating that Shantz 1W and CPR are supposed to be following MSOP policies and protocols but that they are not to be printing them out. Nancy Johnston stated that these policies can be printed for review but that they should not be put in a binder and kept because they change often. John will find this email and forward it to Nancy and she will clear it up with the sender of the directive.
11. St. Peter Lead Vacancies & Lead Leveling
There are now 6 or fewer names remaining on the lead list. There is a forensic agreement to do lead leveling every 6 months or as position’s open. The current list is more than 6 months old. HR noted this request and agreed to meet with forensic HR and decide how often this should be done. The union mentioned that this would be good for morale.
12. Adding Another Vacation Spot in St. Peter
Gary Grimm has been working on this with Dan Storkamp and we can re-discuss at the next monthly meeting.
13. HST in Secure Perimeter in Moose Lake
HST’s in Moose Lake are working inside the secure perimeter next to Security Counselors but are not receiving corrections early retirement. Management stated that they can do an audit of the job classification but that there are two separate issues being raised. The 1st issue being a change in job classification and the 2nd being added to the Corrections Early Retirement Program (CERP). In corrections staff must spend 75% of their time having patient contact in order to qualify for CERP. Melissa will check with Connie and into the corrections template and report back.