10/21/10 MSOP Meeting Minutes

 Present: Chuck Carlson, John Knobbe, Molly Kennedy, Scott Grefe, Jeremy Tubbs, Ann Sullivan, Melissa Gresczyk (ITV), Cindy Jungers (ITV), Nancy Johnston, Gary Grimm

1. Negotiations Assembly – November 19th & 20th
• Chuck sent a list of delegates to Melissa which she will check for. Alternates are Jeremy Tubbs and Jamie Sheppard.
2. Business Casual Available on Uniform Website
• Melissa did some follow up and spoke with Tudy Fowler about this. There will be no business casual added at this point. Business casual clothing is worn throughout DHS, not just MSOP and other staff is responsible for purchasing this clothing.
3. 4th Vacation Slot Added
• Gary said that since the 7 new staff have been hired there has been some discussion but no decision has been made yet. Gary will be meeting with Dan Storkamp to discuss this further.
4. Mutualing to Doubles Conversation
• The union filed a step 3 grievance and further discussion was promised. Melissa stated that she will be meeting with Dennis Benson and Dan Storkamp for discussion and to put a group together including representation from the union. A meeting is slotted for November 8th. The intention is to use corrections as a basis and change according to our needs. Scott Grefe mentioned that this has already been arbitrated by corrections eliminating the need to spend money on this issue again.
5. Timeliness of Completing Requests to View Files
• Cindy Jungers will communicate to supervisors that they have a 48 hour time limit when staff request to view their files. Staff should contact Cindy and she will contact the appropriate supervisor so that she can track who is viewing their files. This file will be seen in electronic format as paper copies do not exist- it is all electronic now.

6. Overtime for Mid-Shift Staff and Hours Between Shifts Worked
• There has been some miscommunication regarding enough hours between shifts and enough hours between scheduled shifts. Gary will talk to supervisors and straighten this out.

1. Bid Awards
• Central office staffing is taking over this process. An email will be sent out explaining this process. Staff should be verifying that their contact information is correct on the I-net. Bidders can contact the appropriate unit supervisor with specific questions regarding the position they are bidding on.
2. Holiday requests
• Staff is to be using the holiday sign-up sheet. When using the 21 day holiday language, some requests can be done before 21 days but at 21 days the final staffing will be determined.
• There have been some issues with this and the master language is being applied differently. The process is being looked at as it needs to be cleared up across the board.
Step 3 grievances: 1 step 3 presented
Next meeting: Monday November 8th at 10:00am in St. Paul
Meeting adjourned at 10:52am