9/16/10 MSOP Meeting Minutes

 Present: Nancy Draves, Melissa Gresczyk, Gary Grimm, Bonnie Wold, Cindy Jungers, Connie Anderson, John Knobbe, Scott Grefe, Matt Stenger, Molly Kennedy, Chuck Carlson, Ann Sullivan (Recorder)


1. Discretionary Probationary Period
• DHS decided to drop probationary periods in the posting language. People in the middle of the probationary period will be contacted and the probation period will be rescinded. Non-certs will be looked at case by case.
2. High Security Area (HSA) Upcoming Changes
• This affects Moose Lake more than St. Peter. The policy/rules for the unit are being looked at, reviewed and adjusted if necessary. Patient directive at this time is covered in the policy (gawking, etc.).
3. Vacation Posting Review Committee
• Management will be revisiting this with Human Resources.
• AFSCME mentioned that .8 vs. FT vacation scheduling should be assigned by seniority per past grievance resolution and per contract. Management said that .8 is scheduled by need. These guidelines are resolved by the use of the holiday sign-up sheet. People requesting off are to be scheduled off and the rest scheduled according to seniority and to unit or capable and qualified status- PT/FT status does not matter. Cindy Jungers will follow up on this and clarify with Tim Lokensgard.

1. Cashing out Comp Time when Switching Programs
• Melissa Gresczyk will discuss the option of buying this back with Tudy Fowler.
2. Business Casual at the CPS sites
• The $300 allotment cannot be used for business casual clothes. The black uniform pants can be worn and bought on the website. The union asked about the availability of an unembroidered polo shirt on the website. Melissa will discuss contacting the vendor.
3. Vacation Committee
• This committee is on hold for now but may resume in the future. The intent of this committee is to help understand vacation requests and contract regulations. The attendance to these committee meetings in the past has been zero people. Management/ Tim Lokensgard will send information to staff asking for questions and announce a forum and go over issues and questions about the scheduler.
4. New Hires - Matching Start Dates with MSH for the Same Pay Period
• The union asked about the possibility of having future start dates coincide. Management will take this into consideration but mentioned that there are many issues to work around.
5. Steward Training Oct 18th and 19th
• There is 3 staff interested in attending. Molly Kennedy will get the names to management and Tim Lokensgard.
6. Transport Team Being Their Own Unit
• Management is waiting to get new staff on board and will re-look at staffing at that time.
7. Scheduling Training for Separate Watches
• Third watch staff (2pm-10:30pm) is being scheduled 8am-4:30pm for training. The contract states that a fixed scheduled shift can be temporarily changed for training purposes. Many 3rd shift staff does not want to come in for training in the morning. The union asked about the possibility of having training scheduled at noon. Management will discuss and do what they can to accommodate.
8. CPS Staff Self Paying for Events When Taking Clients out on Outings (e.g., recently the county fair)
• There was a policy approved last week that takes care of this issue.
9. Issues with ODs not Returning SNV Calls to Tell Staff They Did Not Receive the Time
• Staff was getting assigned a number when calling in for SNV but this is no longer happening. They are also being asked to not call back regarding SNV. Management agreed to talk to the OD’s about giving staff a number when they call for SNV.
10. Reason for Chris Hennek to Sent Confidential Incident Reports
• These reports are not necessarily confidential or protected information but information that does not go in the morning report. This information goes to his email for compilation and not to him for reading purposes. Management is considering renaming these reports.
11. Vacation Slot – 4th Slot Expires this Month; Would like to Continue
• This is under review by senior management.
12. Cell Phone Chain of Custody
• This is discussed in the evidence policy which staff has access to. The union will be checking this policy for legal soundness.
13. DHS Licensure
• The union asked how to get former staff to be able to apply for state positions. Human Resources said there is contact information on the website and follow up information in the letter that is sent out. Management will follow up on a specific former staff mentioned but staff is responsible for this follow up in the future.


One 3rd step grievance presented