8/19/10 MSOP Meeting Minutes

Present: Jeremy Tubbs, Scott Grefe, W. John Knobbe, Matt Stenger, Molly Kennedy, Ann Sullivan (Recorder), Chuck Carlson, Lynn Whipple-Johnson, Jenny Collelo, Christina E. St. Germaine, Stasha Sickler, Kevin Moser, Gary Grimm, Nancy Johnston, Lou Stender, Cindy Jungers


1.Update on Groundbreaking/Work Space at ML Campus by Lou Stender

•Of the $89 million requested, we got $47.5 million. “No new beds” was decided. Many changes will be made including getting rid of previously leased land and expanded dining and treatment/programing spaces. Changes will handle future needs and support space. Groundbreaking will be either the 1st or 2nd week in September with completion expected in the spring of 2012. Additional information will be sent out to staff by Lou.

2.Security Team Update

•Senior Management is working on consistencies between St. Peter and Moose Lake

3.Follow Up on Escape

•Management sends its’ compliments to responding staff regarding the June 19th escape attempt. The public was never in jeopardy and the elaborate plan that the patients had was foiled due to the razor ribbon fence. Staff requests for security system upgrades are being addressed. Management has made many changes already including a linen audit, random laundry/laundry worker searches, door propping in yards eliminated, A-team breaks adjusted, courtyards being closed during mealtime, plastic chairs in yards removed, and anti-climb material for yard fences. The requests for training/tools and communication to staff will be addressed in a forum for staff next week.

4.Vacation Process – How to Address Difference on Campuses – Looking for Local Volunteers

•The schedulers and Sr. Management from both sites are looking at the differences on both campuses and are looking for volunteers to meet and discuss different thoughts. Interested parties should contact Gary Grimm.

5.Non-uniform staff

•Due to CPS staff spending more time out of uniform than in and CPS being non-treatment, the Policy Committee has decided that CPS will be non-uniform. The staff will be expected to wear business casual clothing (no jeans) and will have the same uniform allowance. Coverage staff can bring clothes to change into or can wear the uniform black pants and t-shirt. This will become effective on September 7th.


1.September Convention – Release of Staff

•Molly Kennedy and Lynn Whipple-Johnson will sent this information to Cindy Jungers and she will work with Tim Lokensgard in getting staff released.

2.Union Boards in Secure Break Rooms

•Kevin Moser and Jenny Collelo will meet and discuss dimensions, etc. regarding a bigger bulletin board for union information.

3.Meetings of the Vacation Work Group and the Safety Committee. Should St. Peter have the same committees?

•Management would like to get new staff as well as current staff on the same page. St. Peter does not currently have a vacation committee, they had one in the past but it disbanded. Many changes have taken place in St. Peter and staffing and days off need to be looked at. Staff assessment is to be done by management after new hires around September 24th. The safety committee met in St. Peter recently but representatives need to be replaced and details need to be figured out such as how often to meet (every other month was mentioned).

4.Process for Presenting Grievances

•The union spoke about getting the grievance process “back on track.” Step 1 grievances should involve the attempt to resolve the issue with the supervisor. This informational problem solving step has not been happening. The grievance has been being presented but with no discussion about grievance resolution. Management will need to remind supervisors that HR needs to be made aware of all grievances.

5.Timeframe for Steward Availability/Provide More Notice to Union

•The union requested that management contact Molly Kennedy, Chuck Carlson, John Knobbe or Matt Stenger when needing a steward in St. Peter instead of selecting someone off the steward list. Cindy Jungers will get the phone numbers off the Local 404 website and distribute and use these contacts. The union wants to be sure to have the right steward for the right job. In Moose Lake, management was asked to contact Jason Montgomery, Jenny Collelo, or Lynn Whipple-Johnson. The union understands that if management is unable to contact one of these stewards, they will contact a steward off the list.

6.Labor/Management Meetings and Third Step Grievance Hearings Held at a Neutral Location Off Campus

•Removed from agenda.

7.What Can Be Removed from a Supervisory File and When?

•This is discussed on page 48 of the contract. Corrective conversations as well as oral reprimands can be removed after 1 year as long as the issue has been corrected. If the issue is ongoing, the supervisor can leave it in the file. Cindy Jungers will check with central office HR and work on getting Moose Lake and St. Peter more consistent.

8.LPNs/RNs Competing For Vacation on ML Campus

•Nursing is not on a level playing field due to different contract language. St. Peter currently has 1 LPN vacation spot and 1 RN vacation spot available. Moose Lake does not have this system in place. Cindy will check with Pam Sater regarding this issue.

9.Staff Levels/New Hires at Each Site

•A posting that recently came out in Moose Lake read rotating shift which management said was not the right language. Newly hired staff will be working their probationary period on the shift that has the most patient contact. Following this period, they will go to a specific shift/watch. In St. Peter, all new hires will go to 3rd watch except 1 which was a 3rd round hire. September 10th is the start date for new hires.

10.Cashing out of Comp Time

•Staff in St. Peter that has been bidding between programs has been having their comp time cashed out. The St. Peter campus is one seniority unit and because it is a bid and not a transfer, this should not be happening. Cindy Jungers will do some research on this with MMB and HR in St. Paul.

11.Bid Bans/ Capable and Qualified

•Issues have arisen lately where staff is being required/ mandatorily/ inversed to locations and then told they are not capable and qualified to bid to these areas (from St. Paul HR Bidding). Cindy will check into this with Melissa Gresczyk and Tudy Fowler and send information to John Knobbe.

12.Moose Lake Executive Board Training

•The union requested that the new executive board be excused all day on October 15th for training. Cindy Jungers asked to have the names sent to her and she will work on this.

Next Meeting: Monday November 8th @ 10:00am

Meeting adjourned @ 2:02pm