7/20/17 CBHH/CARE Meeting Minutes

Present: Adam Castle, Matt Stenger, Luke Frederick, Ashley Samora, Kristine Wahlberg, James Hemshrot, Tim Headlee, Ryan Cates, Krystal Kreklow, Jim Piece. Kristin a smith, Kevin Rislov, Dianne Andrews, Hanna marzinki, Derek Jones

1. Introductions

2. Management Updates a. CARE St Peter: Hanna Marzinski-Ashley filling 1 FT overnight LPN. Tryi8ng to fill for months. Check for candidates weekly. 2 late last week and will begin interviewing. Tim-are you collaborating efforts with MSH to fill these positions? Ashley-Absolutely that is an option. I am interested who can I contact? Matt-go through HR it is last week of September. Reach out to Allison Kuhlman. With the 2 LPN is there anything to do with .8 that want to go full time? That has been discussed. We are trying to fill out staffing, we elected to utilize intermittent positions for the 2/10ths position. Tim-with that direction is it financially beneficial. That is how we start but then we find that these are working close to 40 hours a pay period. After this happens for so long it has shown that it is the need. Do you see this is benefiting as suspected. Ashley-because these are currently vacant I can’t say but it’s been several postings we have been scheduling past the part time and we have been keeping at their 60 hours. We do have the ability for them to flex these positions to fill these spots. When we schedule full time we lose those abilities. We have permanent vacant and you will see them working more towards that working condition. Luke-people may be .8 and may go on for years working full time hours. The flexibility is an advantage to the employer, we are going to advocate to more of a predictable schedule. We have heard this temporary thing into a year to year plus. If it is only a few months, that happens but if it is more than that we would like to go that route. Matt-intermittents cannot be forced to work or have scheduled work week. You are shooting yourself in the foot here. Luke may have received overtime data via email. b. CBHH Rochester: James Pierce-my first opportunity to be here. Movement we have occurs in nursing. Defer to Kristine smith-2 new .7 and a FT LPN will be posted shortly. Plenty of current employees interested. FT LPN being changed from full time? No, still the full time.

3. Labor Questions and Updates


i. Overtime and Inversing: Luke-any questions arise from email we will reach out for clarification. We brought up PT and PT eligible for overtime before hitting 40 hour in a week mark. I feel it wasn’t resolved last time. Recap that an employee works 4 8 hours shifts are able to sign up based on seniority and will be overtime if the schedule is posted. Last time Christine brought up PT should be scheduled full time. Yes, if they are scheduled but if something happens after the schedule is posted, they can be offered the overtime pay. Kristine-in master it talked about PT staff working beyond FTE they would be paid overtime and I didn’t find that language. Luke-if they are scheduled anywhere beyond their .8? No, we are not advocating for that, but that would be great. Someone who hadn’t worked full 40 signed up for overtime and had their book changed that didn’t give overtime. If they sign up via overtime sign up they are entitled to overtime pay. Matt-if someone works 4 days in a row PT then picks up a 5th shift after schedule was posted, this is overtime pay. St Peter this is the practice. Rochester is the same way. Kristine-care St. Peter- do you ever offer at straight time? Yes I have people willing to pick up these shifts who do it voluntary outside of 14 day window as well. Luke-an employee was under understanding they picked up the OT shift and then was told they hadn’t gotten their 40 hours in.  If you could back track that name and make sure that was corrected. Sounds like we are following the practice. Matt- I believe you are we are just bringing it up to make sure.

ii. Follow Up from last meeting regarding overtime distribution and eligibility

iii. Priority for scheduling of shifts above employment condition: Luke-we ask that if 4 .8 employees and established need that one will need 9 days in pay period if able you would give the most senior staff that shift if possible. I have been receiving emails about this and it’s not contractual but if when the schedules are being created that they can work with the most senior staff to be scheduled for these.

iv. Update on when EAP was at CARE: Luke-follow up. I haven’t heard anything so I assume you haven’t gotten anything. We did have several meetings with the rep. he went through culture study where he met with staff one on one and did work as group to talk things out. We did meet as a group and separately to see if they were comfortable with moving on. So we did discontinue these and we have touch base meeting with EAP to check into see how things are going. We have done work with some members with regional staff that have done team building work separate form EAP but parallel to building a stronger team together .2 or 3 different offerings. We had consistently same people part of the group. Did experience some growth. We tried to get multi disciplines represented and then spread as it continued. Consistently filled up tables. It was a time limited thing as cultural survey. Will be back in first part of august and will have one last meeting to see if we need changes. Next group one hasn’t been scheduled yet. Recap august 8th.  Luke-so this grew and grew and this is a good thing. Would be neat if there was a way to continue doing the team building thing. Ashley-we have done team building with Joann Ramirez that is our district trainer. She has come since EAP has left. Some issue that Todd only wanted some to come there. He said keep as same group but I think it should have been everyone. I talked to him and he said he was going to come back. Luke-possible to identify people that would be interested in talking with him? We sent out emails to inform when he would be on site so those options were available and not everyone did take advantage. Outside of the group that was chosen. Encourage everyone to participate. Luke-reach out to me when these are being offered, I can send out an email.

4. Add Ons

i. Next Meeting September 28, 2017

ii. DO NOT LOSE AGENDA ITEM! Deb-wondering when someone on vacation on regular days off. No one else can get vacation on those days. Why can’t another AFSCME have the day off? Matt-we have argued this for years and now they agree. If not offering vacation because someone has the days off, you are eliminating vacation. Violation of the contract. You must offer the vacation if it is on their day off. Days off are based on seniority so if they ever change, that vacation saves it for them. Ashley-makes sense for part time but not full time. Matt-unless you are bumped out of the days off. Matt-here they are based on seniority. With vacation request people would keep their vacation request. Ashley-that’s not the practice here. Kristine-that is not the practice here or St. Peter. Matt-the contract is the same though. You have the right to reduce not eliminate vacation. Luke-let’s say a staff has Fri/Sat off. Only way they would lose is if they chose to bid somewhere else. Ashley-that is the practice. Deb has Thurs/Fri off and sat sun off unless she bids out of facility. Deb-when you put in for 2 week vacation. Your days off are on there. On my schedule it says I have vacation so it’s taken so no one can take it. Matt-this is the situation, you wouldn’t have to put those on the calendar. Just don’t post those 2 days and you can offer to other people. Matt-Greyschk had to come over to solve this over here also so you can talk to her as well. Meeting Adjourned at 215pm.