Thanks to efforts by the Biden administration and AFSCME, many public service workers, 

Many AFSCME members work in high-stress fields such as public safety, health care, emergency medical services and firefighting.

AFSCME mourns the loss of Mildred Wurf, a beloved member of our union family, a pioneering District Council 37 educator and the widow of former AFSCME president, Jerry Wurf. Mildred Wurf died on Dec. 29 at the age of 95.

General Membership Meeting-AFSCME 404

December 16, 2021



Adam Castle, Ryan Cates, Eric Hesse, Kurt Crosby, Jamie Schwartz, Steve Wilking, Annie Jakacki, Marvin Sullivan, Eric Manriquez, Nick Weerts, Jake Schoeneker, Lisa Nordby, Antonino Guerrero, Rick Pitts, Jessica Baler, Rachel Ruiz, Annie Jakacki

Mental Health & Substance Abuse Treatment Services (MHSATS)

 CARE-St. Peter and CBHH-Rochester

AFSCME Labor/Management Meeting


Virtual Meeting Location: Microsoft Teams


Thursday, December 23, 2021 --- 1:30pm – 2:30pm




  1. Introductions if applicable


  1. Reports
  • Overtime
  • Vacancies


AFSCME Labor Management FMHP

December 16, 2021 1230PM

Administration Building


Attendance: Adam Castle, Ryan Cates, Annie Jakacki, Jake Schoenecker, Marvin Sullivan, Steve Wilking, Eric Manriquez, Kurt Crosby, Alex Flores, Scott Melby, Becky Robinson, Alli Kuhlman, Heather Staff, Ashley Shanley, Michelle Chalin, Carol Olsen, Roxanne Portner.


AFSCME MSOP Labor Management

December 9, 2021

Human Resources Room/Conference



Attendance: Adam Castle, Eric Hesse, Ryan Cates, Nick Weerts, Jamie Schwartz, Michelle Sexe, Steve Wilking, Bonnie Wold, Alli Kuhlman, Michelle Breamer, Troy Sherwood, Paul Rodriguez, Scott Halverson, Annie Jakacki


Follow Up Items

General Membership Meeting-AFSCME 404

November 18, 2021

1030 PM Zoom


Executive Board: Jamie Schwartz- Please send me your grievances and responses if you haven’t done so already! I don’t care how old they are. There are several stewards that I never or rarely hear from and I know are filing grievances. We need to do better than this! I really need Chief Stewards to help with this process to ensure I’m getting what I need. I would like to put some stats together for the year, but it’s hard when I don’t receive responses.

Ben-Did you guys asks about taking HSS shifts for overtime? Nurses and LPNs can take SC shifts, can we go to a grove a shift if there is inversing. Ryan-We can bring it up.

Nicole-Any discussion on top out higher LPN? Is there anything LPNs can do to top out higher? We need degrees and other requirements. Leads need 2 years’ experience and GED. Annie-It falls under wage inequity and that goes to negotiations and submit wage inequity proposal. Ryan-Eric has had experience with wage inequities.