September 2020 MSOP Meeting Minutes

AFSCME MSOP Labor Management

September 10, 2020


12:00 PM


Attendance: Ryan Cates, Annie Jakacki, Nick Weerts, Eric Hesse, Bonnie Wold, Troy Sherwood, Tim Lokensgard, Nikki Boder, Paul Rodriguez, Michelle Sexe, Ryan Kern, Denise Considine



Follow Up Items:

  1. Inverse Numbers – Operations & Health Services: Tim presented the number for Operations for the month of August. 1st Watch staff inversed were 27 staff for a total of 85.33 hours. 2nd Watch staff inversed were 6 staff for a total of 29.75 hours, and 3rd Watch staff inversed were 23 staff for a total of 103.3 hours.
  2. Overtime Numbers – Operations & Health Services: Tim presented the total number of overtime hours for Operations for August was 856.1 hours.
  3. Security Counselor Lead Leveling Process: Eric asked if there was any updates on this. Denise replied that there hasn’t been any update on it but has a meeting next week that she will bring this up.
  4. PPE Supply Stock: Eric asked what the supply of PPE and cleaning supplies were looking like. Nikki and Bonnie stated that everything was in great shape.
  5. Health Services ATLAS Update: Eric asked if there was any update on getting ATLAS running for Health Services. Tim stated that he has e-mailed ATLAS regarding this and asking them to work with the Scheduling Department to get this up and running by the end of the month.
  6. Heath Services Staffing/Schedules: Nick asked what the status of the “shadow RN” position was. Nikki stated she is still pleading her case to fill the position, but no update as of now. Nick asked when the end date is for the contracted LPN. Nikki stated that the contract expires on September 28th. She also said there is no plans on getting a new contract nurse in at this time and they are focusing on working to get all the positions filled. Nikki also stated she is utilizing two temporary RNs to help out until the “shadow” position is filled.

New Agenda Items:

  1. Staff Layoffs: Eric asked if there was any information that management could provide regarding the staff layoffs in MSOP to ease people’s minds since nothing really has been publicized about it except that there was going to be 15 layoffs. Bonnie stated that the staff that are set to be laid off have already been contacted and if you haven’t been contacted, you aren’t going to receive a layoff. Eric then asked if there has been any more talk of future layoffs since even with the 15 layoffs, DCT and MSOP will still be over-budget. Bonnie and Denise stated that they haven’t heard of any discussion about that. Eric asked if there is a hiring freeze. Denise stated that there isn’t an official hiring freeze, but every open position has to be approved to be filled and some move forward, while others do not.
  2. Masking Requirements: Eric asked what the rationale was behind the newest mask mandate that they can no longer wear cloth masks, even if approved, or their own procedural masks. Nikki stated that this was recommended by the DCT Command Post. With the procedural masks, they can’t control the quality of the mask that people may buy on their own. The expectation is from the front door in, a state-issued procedural mask must be worn. If a staff member has issues medically where they cannot wear the procedural mask, they can work with HR for other accommodations or can get their own N95 mask and sign the waiver. Eric asked if someone cannot wear the same procedural mask day after day and would like to get a new mask daily, if that was an issue. Nikki stated they can work with their supervisor or OD on why they need a new mask daily, but need to be mindful of the supply. Eric then stated that several members have concerns over the mandate if they forget their mask that they have to write a Level 1 Report on themselves. Bonnie stated that it was only for tracking purposes and will not talk to someone about it until their third or so time forgetting their mask. Eric asked if the mask breaks or is not wearable, but the staff actually have it when arriving for work, are they also required to write a Level 1 Report. Bonnie and Tim stated no, they do not have to write a report if this is the case.
  3. OASI (Health Services) Position Change: Nick stated there has been some recent changes for this position and wanted to get an update on what those changes were and the rationale behind it. Nikki stated she doesn’t recall any changes in the actual position and that the expectations remain idle for that position. Nick asked if there was a change in hours. Nikki stated that there was and was discussed with that person prior to implementation. It was due to business needs why this change was made. Nick asked if they are required to go to Moose Lake at all. Nikki said that potentially they could, but it would be for training or shadowing only. Nick asked if Nikki foresees this staying the way it is, and she replied yes.
  4. Opting Out of Being Cross-Trained: Eric stated that recently a staff wanted to opt out of being cross-trained in a specialty area but was denied this request. Eric stated that if the person is not utility pool, they should be able to not be cross-trained in an area if they don’t want to be and that people have opted out of being cross-trained in specialty areas before and it was approved, so why the change. He also stated that when management decided that all utility pool had to be cross-trained in a certain area, that they didn’t force current utility pool members to have to cross-train because they did not want to force anybody to work in an area that they did not want to work with. Tim stated that they will try to work with people on this, but in emergent situations due to business needs and overtime costs, they will place someone that is cross-trained into that spot so they don’t’ have to pay overtime or inverse someone. Eric stated that in the post orders for Control for example, you have to work there on a month basis to maintain their competency in that area. If someone hasn’t worked there for over a month, are they still going to force that person to work there. Tim and Troy stated they will have to look at the post orders. Denise also stated that they have to use resources where they are needed even though it may not be their first choice to do this. Eric asked if this is the direction they are going to take going forward that people cannot opt out of being cross-trained and Bonnie stated that is not what they said.
  5. Shift Change Delays: Eric stated last month that there was discussion on staff not getting to units on time to have a proper shift change. Eric let them know that sometimes the ODs don’t get out to the lobby at 15 minutes prior and sometimes arrive at 10 minutes prior or later and with 3 people allowed in the sally port a time, it may take a while for staff to arrive on the unit, so this may be one of the reasonings. Troy said thanks for letting them know. Bonnie also stated that there has not been any complaints about shift change and people not arriving on time since last month.
  6. Batteries: Eric asked if units are unable to order batteries and if so, 1st Watch staff need batteries for the flashlights to perform count and don’t have batteries and the ODs don’t have batteries to give them. Eric asked if units cannot order batteries that a stockpile can be kept in the OD office so staff can let them know if they need replacement batteries. Tim and Troy stated they hadn’t heard that units can’t order them and will check up on this.


  1. Staffing P2N quarantined unit, expectations for filling positions and overtime: Tim stated that he has had some discussion with Nick regarding the quarantine unit and what to do when there’s staffing needs and overtime. For example, if there is a person who can work a specialty area that is the only volunteer to work on Pexton 2 North, and there is a need for that specialty area, do we staff the unit with that volunteer and offer OT/inverse to those that are trained in that area, or do they pull that person and offer the unit as the overtime spot by seniority. Eric stated that there might be a wrinkle in all of this because of the earlier start time of the quarantine unit, so if they were to offer the unit as the overtime spot, that person working in the specialty area would be done early, so they would either have to pay overtime for that specialty person for the rest of the shift, or run the facility short for half an hour. He also said that there is enough people concerned about working up there if they are not a volunteer, so he thought the best would be just to keep a volunteer on the quarantine unit if at all possible and then just fill the specialty area to those that are qualified.
  2. Extended Care Consult (ECC) and Unit Community Meetings update: Troy stated that they are working on starting these up again. With the community meetings, they have been doing it in the morning in Pexton and are looking to expand that to the evening as well next quarter.
  3. Mask Compliance: Bonnie and Paul shared that last week there was 100% mask compliance within the perimeter and at CPS.
  4. GA-West Quarantined: Michelle stated that Green Acres West is now under quarantine for 14 days. Nikki stated that the symptomatic person was moved to Pexton 2 North and that his roommate stayed at Green Acres. This was done because he was active on the unit and if the roommate is not active on the unit and isolates mainly in their room, then they would be moved to 2 North as well. Also, the person is still symptomatic with no underlying reason for the symptoms, so that client will be on the quarantine unit for 14 days as well.
  5. Staff Being Assigned Clients at CPS: Michelle stated that starting next quarter, they will be assigning staff clients to be what was formally known as a PRP. She stated that each staff would have about 3-4 clients each. She also stated that the person assigned a client, if they are a unit vocational worker, they will then become that clients vocational supervisor and will have to fill out the vocational evaluation forms (VEFs) quarterly. Eric asked if this was going to be the case for inside the perimeter as well and Troy stated that it would be.


Meeting adjourned at 12:43pm