September 2019 MSH Meet and Confer

AFSCME Labor Management MSH

September 19, 2019 1230PM

Administration Building

 Attendance: Adam Castle, Marvin Sullivan, Emilio Florez, Ryan Cates, Steve Wilking, Kurt Crosby, Lisa Vanderveen, Alli Kuhlman, Matt Stenger, Michelle Chalin, Crystal Kreklow, Denise Considine, Roxanne Portner

 Reflection/Celebration: Lisa-Celebrate us was a success. The weather forced us to change locations. Department of Health results came in very good.

Michelle-Greatful to have FSSS helping us out. We have 3 CNAs from transition that started orientation today. An RN was reassigned to the nursing home for a while.

Roxanne-talked to Mel about offering CNA classes. We still need to get more information on it. Matt-if people that are qualified, will they be called for inverses and overtime? Roxanne-I believe so. Michelle-we added a tab on Atlas for people to sign up if they are qualified. Cates-more than likely it will be subsequent shift. Marvin-we had sups that would call, now we have AODS office and they don’t have time.

Standing Agenda Items:

  1. Osha Information-Handouts from Alli.

  2. Overtime Information-Handouts from Alli.

Old Business:



  1. Former CRP units should match MSH units due to inversing/overtime coverage: Cates-wanting to work the same shifts creates problems. More senior staff are getting inversed due to that half hour difference. If they have the same schedule it will be easier. Lisa-I agree with you. We are looking at it. Matt-CRP overnight lately 9 to 7. Roxanne-that was an error. We didn’t want to switch it because then we would violate contract. There weren’t going to be considered tardy if they came in late. It happened before too. There was a glitch.

  2. LPN’s from MSH-where will they cover and be inversed: Cates-looking at LPN inversed and cover in north campus, hickory, elm. Roxanne-similar how it was before. B, C, and D still be where they are inversed and given overtime now. Primary that they work in. e is still e and same with A. cates-b is high control so just c and d? Roxanne-yes

  3. FNH Issues-Management, shifts, bonuses and meetings: Cates-can we get meeting between management and stewards to talk about issues. Roxanne-we can maybe use weekly check in? Cates-that will work so they can express their concerns. We will add carol and Scott. Alli-October 3rd date? Cates-yes. To help OT situation do bonuses for HSTs like what LPNs get? Stenger-it has been difficult to hire into. That is why LPNs got the bonuses. We would like to do the same here. Cates-trying to come up with ideas to help. Denise-I will talk to Mel. Stenger-met with staff and some ideas were ability to mutual to double. To help, they would need more than one in a pay period. Another option was ability to mutual a portion of the shift. 5/2 rotation was also an idea. 12 hour shift option as well. Would also have to figure out inversing though. General ideas. Also working with HR.

  4. IDP for evaluations being required: Steve-talked with Scott and carol yesterday. Came up last year. Confusion in the communication. The message is that it is required prior to review. That communication breakdown. Has to be done with the review then to HR but not beforehand. Denise-we talked about us getting more out of it if supervisor has chance to review ahead of time. But it is not a requirement prior to review being done but it does need to be completed. Lisa-it is not mandatory. Steve-we understand the importance for future reviews but making it required is not accurate. Stenger-employees are under the belief they can be reprimanded. Lisa-oh no that is not the case. It is good for promotions etc.

  5. Family supervising family: Cates-came up multiple times. In the GMW area. All of the emails that come out, the mother of a staff is always the one that’s send these out. Saying they aren’t the direct supervisor is not right. Stenger-it creates a lot of animosity as well. Denise-technically they are in DCT but I will do some follow up with their leadership.

New Business:


  1. Security Counselor Lead expression of interest open: Alli-Open until September 30th at midnight. Listed on announcement. Cates-if they have discipline past the time it could be removed, but haven’t had it pulled, they will be placed on the list, correct? Denise-correct, the discipline is no longer active.

  2. Nursing home has posted 4 out of class CAN positions. We will be setting up interviews soon. No discrepancy, it is not same pay as HSSS position. Classification is residential program lead. Michelle-full time positions. 7 days on, 3 days off. Work every other weekend. These are for day. Looking to do a panel interview with other staff as well. We didn’t choose HSSS because they could have applied or expressed interest.  If more opportunities come up, they might have been privy to the questions we ask. It may change. Cates-HSSS and leads considered same for purposes of overtime? Stenger-language doesn’t exist. So we have to come up with some understanding with that. 


  1. Overtime being changed last minute/people should be left where they are assigned: Cates-should be left where they are assigned.

  2. Former CRP nurses and FSSS’ power struggles: when FSSS from former MSH nurses go there, other nurses telling them what to do. Is nursing supervising FSSS? Who do you take direction from? Lisa-we can look at it. Shift to groves is new. I don’t anticipate the philosophy changing. It’s about teamwork and collaboration. Directives sounds harsh but as a team we need to strategize. Hard to say black and white. Emilio-it will happen with people they know they can get away with it. With new staff it can change. We need consistency on it. Marvin-staff are frustrated. Cates-if AODS says they can leave at 6 and RNOD says 630 who do they listen to? Lisa-we will work on this.

  3. Nurses covering direct care positions: Cates-been told that LPN no longer take overtime or cover HSSS position in nursing home. They are still being inversed. LPN to HSSS. If they can’t take overtime, they shouldn’t be able to be inversed. Roxanne-when those needs arise we have to provide the services so we need someone capable and qualified. Management can decide. Emilio-but that has come up before with nursing. Stenger-you have said that you don’t want to take someone out of class because it limits the pool. You are asking for it both ways. Cates-that’s the argument. If they have one, they get the other.

  4. LPN overtime unfairly being given to RN’s: Cates-LPN calls in sick, only one or none working. They don’t call OT out of building like they used to. AODS goes directly to RNs so LPNs aren’t getting overtime. All afscme OT is going to RNs. They make more and get a bonus. It costs you more to do it. Kurt-we need to take a look at this LPN situation and how it has been tough for them. We need to sit back and look at it.

  5. FMHP FSSS’ covering FNH-How long will this last? Michelle-unknown. We have fewer vacancies and CNAs from other areas on the list. Hard to say. Emilio-we want to help but we are getting complaints about way it’s being done is an issue. Kurt-we are trying to help but things are being circumvented to make it worse. Marvin-frustrations we are hearing is unwillingness to give our staff breaks up there. A staff was sick and was not given a break. Michelle-the directive is to help give breaks. Cates-problems with sending floats to give breaks but will now send extras. If something happens and they need help, then they are left short and no breaks.

  6. Grievance timelines need consistency for both sides: Cates-what constitutes days. I file today. 7 days for me is every 24 hours. Not dates. HR considers it by date, not days. I would like this consistent. Alli-inconsistent among HR? Cates-yes, amongst HR. Steve-there is a problem with how we apply it. Denise-I agree as well, Thursday to a Thursday. Cates-we need to come up with consistency. Denise-the following day is day 1. That’s how I do it. I totally fine with that and we expect the same. We talk about so many days from when it’s known. I think if there are situations where something comes up where the person wasn’t given OT, and then has the day off. I think the timeline issue can be helped if you put the circumstance why it wasn’t filed or that there was a delay. That would clear things up for us. Alli-being able to talk through the timeline does help.

Add Ons:

  1. HIMS Administrative Leave: Steve-staff on paid admin leave from. Investigation was short. She did things in the scope of her job. She provided all documentation to prove it was in scope. Why can’t she come back while its ongoing? Denise-I will have to follow up with DCT to get you an answer. We aren’t handling this one. I will get an answer to you today.

  2. Cates-Grove C and Grove D. Cates-Grove C doesn’t have enough nurses to cover because they are Bartlett as well. Grove d seems to have extras. Roxanne-staffing hasn’t changed. Same pattern. Cates-4 units have 5 nurses. Roxanne-6 nurses. Grove d we look at where vacancy is needed based on plan. Have moved from D to C also. D is former high acuity. C is former low acuity.

Adjourned at 123pm